The welcum home

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I was very tired from my long trip to the coast for business. All I could think about was coming back home to my husband and sliding in bed next to him and feeling his hard cock inside of me. I had already spent the whole trip fucking my dildo and finger fucking myself. Even in the middle of the afternoon, I would feel my pussy getting wet. Going away was the worst and I missed him so much. We had a great sex life and fucked all the time. Marriage did not to dimisish our libidos at all. In fact, I had never felt more horny or sexy.

After a very long flight delay, I boarded the plane and was satisfied that the seat next to me was empty. I ordered my cocktail and put the pillow behind my head. After a couple of minutes, as the final passengers boarded I felt someone take the seat next to me. The smell of perfume, sweet and strong filled my head. I opened my eyes to see this beautiful brunette sitting next to me. Her brown hair, fell over her face and her beautiful lips peaked out from them.

She leaned over and introduced herself as Allison Carson from New York. Her hand gently squeezed mine leaving her index finger rubbing the inside of my palm. Smiling and settling back in her seat, she remained silent.

Woman usually only turn me on in porn films, but there was something about her. Plus, I was feeling horny and I wanted her.

Soon enough we were talking about our husbands, our work, and the loneliness of travel. A couple of drinks later we were talking about what we like to do in bed with our husbands and how bad we wanted to fuck them when we got home.

Allison mentioned how much she loved to be fucked from behind, I couldn’t help but picture her getting pumped from behind and that beautiful smile over her shoulder. My panties were wet and Allison could tell. She smiled and asked me if I wanted to follow her to the bathroom for a little fun.

We walked to the bathroom and instantanously, she pushed me against the wall and pressed her full lips over black sweater and searched for my nipples. Allison found them and bit down gently and then cupped her hands around them and squeezed them tight. Her nails dug into my hard firm tits and it felt so good.

My hands trailed her pussy as I pulled up her skirt and ripped a whole in her pantyhose to reach around her panties to her pussy. Just like me, she was wet and hot. My fingers rubbed her lips and circled her clit until she moaned.

This was unreal, we were both kissing and dry humping our pussies together until we both decided to take our panties off. All I wanted to do was feel her pussy on mine.

We stripped in the small bathroom and sized each other up and down. She was beautiful and told me that I was the hottiest thing and that she wanted her husband to fuck me. I told her to fuck me with her fingers in the mean time. Leaning back on the sink, she bent over and dug her tongue into my pussy. Her tongue flicked my clit as her fingers fucked my pussy. My pussy squeezed her fingers as I came time and time again.

“You like it when I fuck you with my finger, right whore”, she talked dirty to me just like my husband. “Are you my little whore, with the wet pussy?”

“Yeah, my pussy is wet because you are fucking me so good, so good, oh yeah”. My pussy was pulsing and pulsing as I came. “Fuck me, Allison fuck me, rub your pussy on me”, I begged her.

She rode me on the sink and I could feel her dripping on me. Her moans were in my ear and she whispered that she wanted me to finger fuck her now. I couldn’t wait for it. I turned her around and bent her over the sink and drove me fingers right into her wet tight pussy. She roared with delight and pleasure and begged for more. I added another finger as I reached around to the front of her pussy to rub her clit and massage her DD breats. I moved closer to her so I could feel her ass on my pussy so I could come again. And again I did, she begged for me to fuck her hard until my arm hurt, she loved the pain.

“Veronica, fuck me in the ass with your fingers,” she begged me. I took out my dripping wet fingers and explored her tight asshole with one and than two and next with three. She rubbed her own pussy until she was in another state of climax. Allison took one hand and grabbed my ass as we moved together. It was steaming in the bathroom and the other passengers must’ve heard something even though it was 3AM.

We fell in exhuastion and got dressed and walked back to our seats and went to sleep for the rest of our flight. By the time we landed, we just smiled at each other and went our separate ways.

I saw in the parking lot with her husband and son. We just smiled and got into our perspective cars.

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