The Work Place (12)

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Chapter Twelve

“Hey, what’s your name?” The man asked Angie as they made their way to the clinic.

“Angelica,” Angie answered bemusedly. “What about you?”


“Damn it, my head is throbbing.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Huh?” said Angie. “Oh, yeah. Sorry. It’s just my head feels fucking awful. Nice to meet you, too. And thanks.”

“No problem,” said Jack as he pressed for the elevator. “So how exactly did the bookshelves end up, you know… falling? On top of you guys.”

“Well…” Angie stepped into the elevator after Jack, thinking of a good story. “We were fighting, see, and things got… violent. A little. I don’t know how the hell we didn’t get out in time.”

“Violent, huh?” said Jack, his eyebrows rising.

“It wasn’t anything huge, though,” Angie said quickly. “Just an argument.”

Jack turned to her and said, “Listen, if you’ve got any problems with that guy—”

“What? No!” exclaimed Angie. “No, no. He’s not, like, abusive or anything. To tell you the truth, I was about to do more damage to him. Hah.”

Jack nodded and said no more. The awkward silence between them seemed to stretch on for hours as they walked to the clinic. Angie now wished she’d thought of something less controversial. Finally, they reached their destination. Jack called for a nurse who led them into a private room. She clucked her tongue and asked, “How did you get this, then?” She prodded the sore spot gently.

“A book fell on my head.” Angie stated, planting herself on top of the examining table. “Accident in the library.”

“Oh, dear,” said the nurse. “Unfortunately, you’ll be walking around with a big, ugly shiner for about a week. Five days, at least. Wait here while I get the cream. It’ll take a while, though—I think we may be out of stock. If I can’t find any here, I’ll have to go all the way down to the basement where the storage is.” With this, she stepped outside.

Angie sighed and swung her legs, wondering how long this was actually going to take. Jack sat down beside her and mimicked her swinging.

“How’re you feeling?” he said softly, almost muttering.

“Okay, I guess,” she replied, leaning her head lightly on the man’s shoulder.

Jack was soon holding her around the shoulders, letting Angie lean her body against him. He rubbed her shoulder with his thumb and burrowed his nose in her hair, inhaling a huge breath.

Angie suddenly jerked in his arms and pulled away demanding, “What are you doing?”

“I—I’m sorry,” Jack said, not sounding sorry at all. “You’re just so…”

“Yes…?” Angie placed her hands on her hips.


A look of outrage passed across Angie’s face and she made as if to slap Jack, but his hand deftly grabbed her wrist before she could move. He tugged her forward and she fell onto his chest.

“What’re you—?!”

“Sh…” shushed Jack. “I just want to kiss you.”

“What? No way!” Angie tried her best to pull away, but Jack had an iron grip on her wrist. His arm was now traveling up her thigh, under her skirt. Angie took her free hand and shoved him away to no avail; this guy, whoever he was, was strong. “No! Stop it!”

Jack’s hand removed itself from Angie’s skirt and covered her mouth. “Now, you keep quiet,” he said, “Or else you’re gonna have more than a black-eye when I’m through with you.” He then pushed Angie into a lying position, straddling her on the examining table. Angie squirmed, but Jack now had a firm hold on her hips with his knees. His hands gripped her wrists, planting them onto the table. Angie was about to scream when his mouth enveloped hers. His tongue darted inside and clashed with hers.

With a mixture of terror and loathing, Angie bit down on Jack’s tongue hard, making him pull back, howling. “You bitch!” he said, blood flowing from his mouth. Angie shoved him off and stood up, running for the door. She got it open, but Jack, who was quicker, slammed the door shut and locked it. “You’re not getting away—not now.”

“Get the hell away from me!” wailed Angie, dashing across the room, as far away from him as she could.

Jack lunged toward her and, before she could move aside, pinned her to the wall. “This is how you like it, don’t you?” he snarled, ripping open her blouse and unlatching the hook of her bra. “I know what you’ve been up to with Michael Riles, you whore. I just wanted to see how well you perform to deserve such attention from him.” He grabbed Angie’s left nipple and twisted it.

Angie emitted a squeal of pain and moaned, “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“Don’t you lie to me! I heard the two of you in his office yesterday, banging each others brains out. That’s how you got the job. Now I want to see how fucking you made him hire you instead of me. I needed the job more than anything, and you got it by giving him a few cheap thrills. I want to know if you really are worth the fuck.”

Angie started to yell again, but Jack clamped his hand around her neck, cutting off any sound she could make. She hit any area of Jack’s body she could find, but her attempts were feeble. Purple dots flashed in her eyes, and she felt herself weakening. Angie found herself flat on her back, unable to move from exhaustion and lack of breath. Jack finally took his hand from her neck, and she breathed in huge gulps of air.

“Don’t move,” growled Jack. He quickly pulled up the hem of Angie’s skirt and jammed his finger up her cunt.

“Ah—!” Angie cried.

“Shut up.” Jack grabbed a gauze kit from the shelf and took out the tape used to keep bandages in place. He ripped off a long piece with his teeth and slapped it across Angie’s mouth. He grabbed the roll of tape again and unstuck two long pieces, winding the first around Angie’s wrists, and the second around her ankles.

Angie was sobbing now, her shoulders shaking and tears streaming down her cheeks.

“This is what you get for whoring your way into a job.”

Jack sucked on Angie’s right nipple and bit down on it.

“M—Mmh!” All Angie could do now was weep.

“I don’t see why you care so much, really,” Jack said matter-of-factly, unzipping his pants and setting his cock loose. “You probably fuck dozens of guys a week. What’s so bad about this?” he wrenched Angie’s panties down and aligned his hips with hers. Forcefully, he entered her, going faster and harder after each thrust.

Angie was giving short, muffled screams as Jack raped her. It felt like a long time before a knock came at the door.

“Excuse me?”

It was the nurse.

“Could you please open the door? I seem to have accidentally locked it.”

Jack stopped for a while to answer, “Oh, just a minute. We’re just… discussing something. We’ll be out in a while.” He turned back to Angie, a malicious gleam in his eye. He carried on.

Angie couldn’t help herself; she came, and liquid spurted from her hole. This gave Jack new energy, and he humped her harder and harder. Angie’s pussy was starting to ache. It felt raw and hot, burned by such rough handling.

“Is everything all right in there?” the nurse called from the door. “Please open the door now.”

“Just a minute!” Jack yelled.

Probably more out of annoyance at his tone than actual concern, the nurse rapped loudly on the door and demanded, “Open this door right now!”

Jack ignored her shrill voice and kept right on fucking. Angie had already cum twice more, and she felt exhausted. All that could be heard from her now were inaudible whimpers.

At last, Jack’s penis gushed a thick spray of his fluid into Angie’s leaking opening. Angie gave a rough, muffled howl at this. Fortunately, the nurse outside heard and quickly had the sense to finally get her keys and unlock the door.
Jack and Angie heard the door open, followed by a clatter as the nurse dropped the bottle of cream she had brought for Angie.

“You get away from that woman right now!” the nurse bellowed, grabbing a scalpel from
the counter across the room. She sped over to the two and raised the weapon. Jack tackled her, exiting Angie at the same time. He wrapped his arms around the nurse’s knees, sending her crashing to the floor, dropping the scalpel. It skittered away, out of her reach. “HELP!” she screamed.

Jack slapped her hard across the face, leaving an angry, stinging, red mark. He was about to hit her again when his hand was held back. Looking up, he saw Luke’s face, distorted with fury. With one swift kick to the face, Jack keeled over, unconscious.

Luke helped the nurse up and quickly rushed to Angie. He removed the tape from her mouth, wrists, and ankles. “Angie, what did he do to you?” he asked.

But Angie could only stammer and shudder. She wrung her arms around Luke’s neck and clung to him. He felt her heart pounding rapidly.

“Sh….” he said, trying to soothe her. “We’ll take care of this.”

Angie buried her face into Luke’s neck as he rocked her.

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