The Work Place (4)

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Chapter Four

When Angie came to, she was lying naked on cold cement in a dark room that smelled like metal and dust. The only light was coming from the flickering fluorescent light bulb that swung back and fourth, back and fourth. Angie stared, transfixed, at the swinging ball of bright. She was lying calmly on the floor, shivering only slightly. Her concentration broke, however, when she suddenly felt a scurrying up her leg. She froze, and the scurrying stopped just above her knee. After a few moments, it started again, and reached her upper thigh.

Still groggy and disoriented, Angie very slowly sat up and searched her legs for the creature that made her feel like a million tiny legs were quickly scuttling over her skin, making her tiny hairs rise. She felt the tingling again, and it was right beside her bleeding, exposed vagina. Jerking in fright and deep disturbance, Angie jumped up. Still weak from the beating she had just received, she ended up leaning heavily on the wall, legs spread wide, scratching at her crotch, trying to drive the tiny creature away.

The small, many-legged thing, however, could only find one enclosed space to seek refuge, and quickly scurried up her sore pussy.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!” Angie screamed in outrage and frustration. She clawed at her burning, itching cunt, stuffing two or three fingers in to pluck out whatever had violated her sensitive place. She couldn’t get a grip on it however, and a few minutes later, she was going crazy as her vagina burned like wildfire, and itched so bad that she gave up scratching and fell onto the floor. She twitched wildly on the wet cement, her arms and legs flailing wildly, her pelvis pumping up and down, and her torso twisting this way and that.


After a few more moments of extreme pain and discomfort, Angie felt the twitching in her pussy stop, and her right leg felt scuttling once more. Shaking whatever it was off, Angie stood up and leaned against the wall, her strength zapped. In the shadows, scurrying away, was what had so grossly desecrated her vagina: a large cockroach, about two inches long and a centimeter wide.

Angie’s eyes flew wide open in horror and complete disgust. She felt involuntary gagging in her throat, and she was soon doubled over onto the floor, retching what felt like everything she had inside her. Her shoulders jerked from the force of it all, as if she was trying to drain away the filth and dirt that the cockroach had put inside of her. As she finished, coughing and sputtering, with tears leaking out of her eyes, her throat closed up and she could hardly breathe.

Gasping, Angie crawled to the other side of the room, where she had spotted a wooden staircase. She slowly made her way up, clinging to the banister for dear life. Her head was swimming, and everything around her was disfigured and blurry. Angie reached the top after what felt like hours and turned the knob; it felt like thick fluid in her hand.

Looking up to examine her new surroundings, Angie saw a bright, yellow kitchen with both Anthony and Mary sitting across from each other around a small, square table. A little baby was beside them, sitting in a high chair. The two spouses turned to look at her, and Mary’s eyebrows came to meet at the center.

“You should have stayed down there, if you knew what was good for you,” she hissed.

Anthony remained silent, but swiftly grabbed the baby in his arms and brought him up the stairs.

Angie noted that the clock on the far side read nine o’clock. She had missed her job interview. Feeling intense revulsion and despair at the same time, she let go of the door knob that she had been using to support herself and collapsed onto the floor. First, her vagina and asshole had been severely beaten and bruised, then a cockroach decided to use her pussy as a hiding place, and now she found out she’d missed her interview. Without the new job, she would basically be unemployed, and wouldn’t be able to pay the bills.

Her whole body was wracked with sobs, and every time she breathed, she could feel wheezing in her chest. Every second, it got harder and harder to catch a breath, and she started coughing.

Mary, who had been staring hard at Angie in contempt, suddenly felt alarmed. She ran over to Angie’s side and knelt beside her. Putting a hand on her hot shoulder, Mary said, “Okay, okay, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. What’s the matter? Does it hurt? How bad?”

Angie was unable to answer in complete sentences, and the words she spewed out where incoherent and impossible to understand. She collapsed on her back onto the linoleum floor, and wheezed in and out.

“Okay, um… Angie.” Mary said, trying to stay calm. She had often found her husband sleeping with other women, and had done the same things to them as she had just done to Angie. Never before had she gotten a reaction so severe. “I can’t understand you all that well, but just try to speak clearly. Just for a while, so I know what to do.” Mary’s hands were numb and shaking, but she managed to lift Angie’s head and put it on her lap.

“Cock… roach… entered… violated… pussy… h-h-hurts!” Angie managed to spew. “C-c-can’t… air… it b-burns…” Angie stopped twitching, and her eyes closed. She lay still.

Heart pounding, Mary plucked the phone from the wall and called for an ambulance. She recited her address and hung up. Realizing suddenly that the unconscious woman before her was completely naked, Mary went into the living room and picked up the scattered clothes there. She found Angie’s skirt and tank top, but her underwear was nowhere to be found. Deciding that the sick girl couldn’t be brought out in a micromini, with her ass and cunt hanging out for all the world to see, she picked up her own panties, which she hadn’t minded to put back on, and returned to the kitchen. She dressed Angie quickly, slipping on her panties last.

Angie started to twitch and mumble as the ambulance could be heard in the distance. Mary gently stroked Angie’s burning cheek, but the other woman just wouldn’t stop fidgeting. Guilt welled up inside Mary, and she bent down and pressed her lips gently onto Angie’s. Immediately, the small pressure took effect, and Angie stopped squirming. Her tongue pressed intently upon Mary’s lips, and Mary opened her mouth to welcome it. They explored each other’s tongues and teeth not hungrily or roughly, but almost sweetly.

Mary pulled away when she heard the loud knocks of the paramedics. She left Angie’s side and opened the door for them. While the paramedics were setting up the stretcher to load Angie onto the ambulance, Mary wrote a note to her husband, who was upstairs napping in a chair next to their child’s crib, waiting for her to come up. She said that she had to take Angie to the hospital, and that she’d explain everything when she came back.

Climbing into the ambulance after Angie was wheeled onto it, Mary tried to rephrase the jumble of words that Angie had managed to string together. She also shamefully explained the embarrassing happenings beforehand, but the paramedics didn’t seem to be bothered. Their job was to save lives, not to mull over tragic and perverted events.

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