These things happen

I live with my partner, Damon, and our housemates, Mitch and James. Damon and I first met six months ago, love following almost immediately, preceded only by sex. He’s a beautiful man, tall with a medium build, milky white skin, dark brown hair and startling blue eyes. He’s got the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, cut and thickly veined and I love to toy with the long, thick appendage, teasing him mercilessly. Alongside him I’m tanned and muscular, with thick, mahogany hair and dark eyes.

Our housemates are fantastic, good-humoured guys and not lacking anything in the looks department; Mitch is short and stocky, with blonde hair and an aquiline nose, and his lover, James, is tall, thin and has the most brilliant white teeth I’ve seen. They’re both nineteen years of age, the same as Damon, whereas I’m four years their senior at twenty-three.

We get drunk one Friday night, for no better reason than ‘we want to’ and the conversation turns to sex. It’s here that I should confess that I’m in my first male/male relationship, being bisexual by nature, and the sex, to date, has been more than a little vanilla. Put simply, I’m terrified of being fucked by a guy as well hung as my boyfriend, and so I’ve spent my time topping him, without allowing him to return the favour.

I’m drifting off into silence, thinking about sex and not much else, when the next thing I know, Damon and I are lying on our waterbed. It strikes me as odd that James and Mitch are with us, but I can’t be bothered speaking. Damon lies on top of me, kissing me, working his hand under my shirt. Out of the corner of my eye I catch James watching, lying alongside me and staring at my body. Mitch is lying behind his boyfriend, his hand on James’ hip, waiting patiently.

As I try and figure out what he’s waiting for, Damon breaks our kiss and pulls James into our embrace.

‘Kiss him,’ he orders gently, pushing my head towards James’. Our lips meet awkwardly, James midori-flavoured tongue pushing into my mouth, forcing me to respond. His hazel eyes hold my gaze and I’m lost in their multi-faceted colours as his hand moves to my stomach. His palm circles it’s way down, sliding over my jeans, brushing over my hard-on and I can hear myself groan within the confines of our kiss, thrusting towards him, craving more.

‘Brett,’ Damon whispers, pushing on my shoulder so that I’m lying on my back, separated from James. ‘Are you okay with this?’

My eyes drift towards James. His lips are kiss-reddened and his hair is tousled. It would be a lie to deny that attracted to him and after sharing the same house with him for two months, I’ve had the pleasure of accidentally catching him in action, I’ve overheard his climaxes and I just want the opportunity to see what it’s like to be with him.

‘Are you going to be mad?’ I ask childishly.

‘Nope,’ Damon kisses me quickly. ‘Brett, I’m gonna fuck Mitch, okay? Are you going to be alright with this?’

I think about it for a while. I know he wants this, he’s been trying to edge his way towards another attempt at anal sex and if I’m not willing, and he really wants it, I’d rather be with him while he does it. I want to be able to kiss him afterwards, reaffirm our love. Slowly, I nod my head and wrap my arms around his shoulders. ‘I love you.’

‘I love you too,’ he replies tenderly, chewing on my lower lip. ‘If you want to stop, just let us know.’

The second Damon pulls away, James rolls onto me, his erection digging into my groin. It’s impossible not to lose myself to the moment and I forget about Damon, about Mitch, about what they’re doing together. My only thoughts are of James and removing his clothing. He wriggles out of his shirt and jeans, exposing smooth hard flesh, his ribs protruding but not so much as to be unattractive. He’s wiry of build and for the first time I realise his left nipple is pierced, a silver ring through the red nub. He neatly flips us over so he’s on his back and I’m splayed over him, my mouth on his chest. He pushes me down as he removes my shirt, the dual move awkward enough to make us pause for a second.

In the few seconds we’re fumbling, I check up on Damon and Mitch. Damon looks – because he is – practiced at the act. He’s slowly biting his way along Mitch’s torso, the pace almost indiscernable. A stab of pain bites at me and I’m confronted with the knowledge that that particular act is not reserved solely for me. There’s no trick he’s pulled on me that he hasn’t already pulled with countless other men and the knowledge is saddening.

‘Hey,’ James whispers, pulling me up and manevouring me so I’m wedged between the edge of the bed and his body. ‘……

As he goes to speak I kiss him viciously, tangling my fingers in his hair, forcing him into intimacy. I’m so angry, wanting to, I don’t know, prove something, but James is too dominating to allow me to ruin this with aggression. His hands trace over my body, gentle and reassuring and provocative and his fingers slide under the hem of my jeans, tracing the top few centimetres of hidden flesh, increasing my desire.

His torso is hard to the touch, responsive underneath my roving hands, squirming and thrusting in a dance of lust. I press my hands down his chest, down to his hard-on, enveloping it in my palms. The second cock, not including my own, that I’ve touched and it’s owner falls back as I stroke it, my mind fuzzy with lust and alcohol.

‘Christ Damon, stop,’ Mitch groans, alerting us all to my boyfriend’s actions.

Damon removes his mouth from Mitch’s cock and gauges my and James’ reactions. James snickers, reaching over and patting Mitch’s arm understandingly. The action relieves me, reminding me that as much as I look at Damon as ‘mine’, James and Mitch view each other in the same way and we return to our respective, temporary lovers, with me no longer uncertain about our actions.

James eases me out of my jeans and entwines our legs, our hands all over each other’s bodies and our cocks pressed together. Even in my inebriated state, I recognise that the sexual act will be exceedingly short if James continues his teasing. Panting, he moves us onto our sides and spoons my body in his, one arm flung over my shoulders as we come face to face with our boyfriends. As Damon squeezes a puddle of lubricant into his palm, James reaches out his hand, requesting the tube. It’s passed over and re-opened and as Damon preps Mitch, James liberally coats my inner thighs and his cock.

I realise there’s a distinct, voyeuristic pleasure to watching your partner fuck another man, observing him parting Mitch’s legs, lowering himself between them and slowly penetrating. Only when I exhale do I realise how tittilating I find the experience. My mood is entirely lascivious, I want to see, feel, experience and share every carnal delight ever thought of, I want to know and have it all. James’ hard-on slips between my thighs, buried in the slippery warmth, reminding me of his presence. His arms are tight around me and his tongue traces the shell of my ear, frustrating to the point where I want to grab his head and make his tongue caress my other, more needy, areas.

As Damon commences the age-old rhythm of lust, one hand gripping Mitch’s erection, my back presses needfully into James stomach and I’m aware that my legs are being parted. James’ hands probing my entrance and I’m confused as to what he’s doing until I feel his fingers against my prostate. He’s panting heavily, his fingers twisting and squirming within me, taunting me to the point where I want to scream at him to finish what he’s started. The fingers are withdrawn and as Mitch approaches climax underneath my boyfriend, a burning pain alerts me to what James was preparing me for. Mitch cries out as James slowly pushes into me, my body pleading with him to continue. James is half-way in when Damon cries out, roughly thrusting into Mitch, ha
rd, harder, as hard as he possibly can, engulfed in the power of his orgasm.

their bodies still and Damon withdraws, James blindfolds me with a hand. Needy and subservient, I shut my eyes behind his hand. When he removes his hand, Damon and Mitch are in the bathroom, the water running.

‘Wait,’ James whispers, biting down on my shoulder.

There’s a degree of embarrassment experienced when your boyfriend enters the room with another man to see you naked, horny and vulnerable. I lick my lips nervously as the pair settle themselves on the bed, Damon lying all over Mitch, the pair of them nude.

James takes Damon’s hand, leading him down to his half-buried cock. Their gazes meet and we await Damon’s response.

‘You okay sweetie?’ Damon whispers, stroking my face.

I nod mutely.

‘I’m jealous,’ Damon confesses in a whisper, laughing softly at himself. ‘Can I masturbate you while he fucks you? Would either of you mind?’

James and I shake our heads and we shuffle into a better position, Damon propping me up off the bed with one leg, James balancing on top of me, Mitch holding onto Damon, preparing to masturbate him as Damon wanks me. James completes the entry as Damon strokes my hard-on, his blue eyes meeting mine.

I cry out as my prostate is stimulated in the same rhythm as my cock, pre-cum liberally coating the head. I can smell Mitch on Damon and it turns me on to see the former playing with the latter while his boyfriend slams into my ass, his sweat dripping onto my back. My world consists solely of the assault of sensations I’m receiving and I thrust desperately into Damon’s hand, his face pained as he attempts to pleasure me without giving into his own climax.

‘Wait,’ he gasps, removing his hand and leading Mitch’s hand away from his erection.

James and I pause, aroused beyond measure, perplexed as to why it is my boyfriend’s decided to take a break. My heart races as Damon forces Mitch onto his back, kneeling over his face, his cock in his hand. His back is arched as he masturbates himself, letting out a strangled moan as he cums over Mitch’s face, copious amounts of sticky white fluid splattering beneath him. My hand strokes my hardened, sensitive nipples as Mitch glances over, his tongue slipping out to lap up the cum from his lip.

‘Your boyfriend tastes great,’ he whispers.

I swallow hard and shut my eyes, feeling Damon’s hand again grasp my cock, re-commencing the rhythm. James is fucking me mercilessly, and Damon increases the speed and pressure of his grip, bringing me to the edge of climax.

‘I’m gonna come,’ I yelp, feeling my eyes roll back as the first waves of release hit. Nothing makes sense, other than my urge to revel in the pleasure of orgasm, ejaculating over the hands of my boyfriend as James lets out a strangled moan, signifying he’s joining me in climax. We thrust and buck furiously, drawing maximum pleasure from our releases, our hot, sweaty bodies melded together as he lets out one, last cry and falls onto my back.

Panting, wide-eyed with exertion, we lay there, staring at our partners, waiting for their approval.

‘Nice,’ Damon grins. ‘My turn, James.’

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