Thiana Does Anal For The First Time

As you know by now, I had been living with Thiana, an extraterrestrial female that chose me as her mate for more than a month. Her appearance changed my life in more than one way. Not only she gives me the best sex I had in my life, but she decided to become the perfect housewife, keeping the shit hole I call my apartment clean and organized. She learned to cook and forced me to eat healthy and exercise – she convinced me by saying it was better for our sex life, which was completely true – so I am in the best shape ever while enjoying the company of the sexiest six-foot tall Asian woman alive (Thiana took the form of an Asian woman to match my preferences).

Well, lets stop talking nonsense… You are not here to learn about my domestic life. You are reading this for the sex, aren’t you? So lets go there…

Thiana loves to learn about everything related to humans, especially sex. She loves to watch porn with me during the weekends, commenting on the scenes while stroking my chest and teasing me until the end of the movie. Then, as soon as the movie ends, we “reenact” the scenes she liked the most. Of course, I am more than happy to oblige!

Still, there are two things she does not like about porn: the cumshots and anal sex. Thiana’s race depends on extracting DNA from their male mates and they do that through saving the mate’s sperm – swallowing it or keeping it on their equivalent of the human uterus. For her a cumshot is a waste of genetic material and she looks at those scenes with anger and disgust. Imagine you are starving and then watching two other people wasting perfectly good food. That was Thiana’s reaction to cumshots!

Now, her reaction to anal sex was a mix of complete disbelief, disgust, and curiosity. The first time we watched porn with anal scenes, Thiana asked if humans had sexual organs there. She understood that the anus was our excretory organ, not a sexual organ. I had to tell her that many humans – both male and female – found really exciting to be penetrated by the backdoor. I had to explain that humans have a lot of nerve endings on that area and because it barely touched, the sensations can be extremely painful or very pleasurable depending on how the anus was touched. At first she was in disbelief, but watching more and more anal porn picked her natural curiosity. She often asked me if I enjoyed fucking a woman in her ass and I told her the truth: I only enjoyed it when the woman really enjoyed it. She understood that as “I will fuck your ass only if you want to”, so she backed up. I am not really a fan of anal sex, so I did not pushed much on the issue. After all, I was having more sex than ever!

A few weekends ago, we went shopping. I wanted Thiana to go with me to a business trip I had and she needed appropriate clothes, so we went to downtown’s fancy boutiques. We went to store after store were Thiana would pick some clothes to try and model each one of the outfits to the amazement of anyone in sight. Thiana has such a hot body that you can make her wear a potato sack with a cord as belt and she would look as if she is modeling the latest designer’s clothes. She looked amazing in everything she tried, but finally decided on a couple of long formal dresses and two other casual outfits.

Tired after all the shopping, we went back home and took a shower together. We normally bathed together before having sex in bed, but that day I was so horny after watching her model dress after dress that I began fingering her from behind after we had rinsed the soap from our skins. Thiana felt my finger in her pussy and bent slightly to allow me easier access, so I was able to began a rhythm. I could feel the now familiar vibration of her pussy, so I decided to tease her, fingering her pussy slowly while grabbing her firm breasts with my free hand. She was moaning deeply when I knelt behind her and began licking her pussy, surprising her and making her groan while she got closer to orgasm.

I decided to surprise her even more. I fingered her now dripping wet pussy to lubricate my finger and once well lubed, I placed it at Thiana’s asshole while assaulting her pussy with my tongue. My finger was just teasing her, caressing her tiny virgin asshole but that was enough to drive Thiana over the edge. She howled when the orgasm hit her violently, so hard that I had to stand to hold her. When her orgasm subsided, she turn to face me and grabbing my hard cock asked me to go to bed with her.

We did not even dry ourselves. I lied on the bed and she climbed on top inserting my steel rod in her wet vibrating pussy. She barely moved, teasing me with vibrations, allowing me to play with her breasts and those nipples that looked like pencil erasers. After a few minutes I wanted to cum badly, so I grabbed her hips – something Thiana knew I was close to cum. She smiled and began slamming her pussy against my rod. Just a few strokes and I was shooting jets of cum inside her – just like she prefered. We were totally spent, so we put the covers over us and fell sleep.

A few hours later, I woke up with Thiana giving me her back. My cock was ready for round two, so I decided to repay Thiana a favor. Often, I would wake up to find Thiana having my cock for breakfast, giving me the slowest blow jobs a woman can give. Those orgasms were intense and brutal, so I thought of doing the same to her.

Her pussy was easily accessible, so I began caressing it, just like I did in the bathroom. Even asleep, Thiana’s body responded fast to my administrations, her pussy getting wet almost immediately. I took that as my cue, so I lowered myself and began licking her asshole. Her pussy juices were flowing freely, giving me the chance to insert two fingers while my tongue was busy with her third eye. At that moment I felt Thiana waking up moaning.

“What are you doing? That feels so good!” she said, still groggy with sleep. I told her I was fucking her asshole with my tongue and her response was “Don’t you have a cock to do that? Why are you using your tongue?” I laughed and told her I was just preparing the area. I took a few pillows and placed them under her belly to raise her firm ass. I got a bottle of lube from the night table (from my days of masturbation) and pour some inside her asshole. I slowly fingered her asshole, which surprised me at how relaxed it was. I got my signal and lubed my cock. Thiana was going to loose her anal virginity…

I positioned my cock’s head on Thiana’s asshole and slowly inserted the purple head. Her asshole was so relaxed and we were so well lubed that the entrance was easier than I expected. What I did not expect was the tightness. It was smooth, but extremely tight. As soon my head popped the anal ring, I felt as if my cock was inside a tiny pipe connected to an industrial vacuum cleaner! Her body tensed and she growled – Thiana was having yet another orgasm! When her third orgasm of the day calmed down, I was able to insert my cock inside her ass. I went slowly – after all it was her first time – but I could feel her body asking for more.

“Are you enjoying this, dear?” I asked knowing the answer.

“Shut up and fuck my ass!” Thiana responded in a deep, husky voice.

“As you wish, commander!” I answered before ramming the rest of my cock inside her ass. Thiana growled and pushed back, asking for more, so I complied. I grabbed her hips and began fucking that ass as if it was the end of the world. Thiana buried her face into the pillow, panting and growling with every thrust. We made so much noise that I believe my next door neighbor was jerking furiosly in his apartment – and he is 70!

Thiana came again, and again, and again. I lost count on the times I felt her body tense and her head shooting up from the pillow to scream in pleasure. As much as she was enjoying that, I was enjoying even more – and my body was asking to shoot a huge load. I positioned myself and began hard, deep thrusts into Thiana’s ass. I felt my balls bouncing on her body with each thrust, making her grunt with each slap of our bodies. I grabbed her breasts, and pinching her hard nipples I told her I was going to cum in her ass. Before she could say anything, my hips were fucking her ass like a jackhammer. I could see her mouth open, looking for air when I felt that sensation of an epic ejaculation. With a hard squeeze on her breasts and a final animal thrust, I delivered buckets of hot cum inside her ass. Thiana tensed and bent her back, howling so loud that she could wake the dead. Our bodies collapsed on the bed , completely covered in sweat and my still erect cock impaling Thiana’s ass, shooting the last drops of sperm inside her.

Does she likes anal sex now? Lets say we have yet another way to enjoy ourselves…

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