Three girls

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Three Girls
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We lived in another country, far away from the busy UK, I can remember everything nice and all the scenic places we use to go to during the hot summers. Three girls aged under sixteen living and playing together discovering life and ourselves, we as usual met up in the park, at the bottom of the hills, daring each other to see how far we could climb up the steep slopes; before regretting the dare, and running back to the park laughing. As we grew older, the park was to tame, we ventured out over the hills, for long walks, such an occasion brought us together on a hot summers day. We were high up on the hill, the sun was hot and we were very thirsty. Finding a drink isn’t that hard we new the streams in the area, and we instinctively walked towards them, only to drink to much to fast, and get the belly aches; I need to pee, I shouted, knowing no-one could hear me, except Katrina, and Margaret, be quiet Arenas, called Katrina, listen how quite it is up here, but I need a pee, I said, so do I; said Margaret, and me to, said Katrina, lets move away from the stream. We had walked quite a way, when Margaret suddenly squatted down pants in her hand, and started to pee, the noise made us laugh and we joined in with our pants in the air, like we where flying kites, I couldn’t help notice Katrina, lifted herself up higher than us, we were virtually sat on the ground, while Katrina had a hand under her dress, seemingly holding on to some thing. It would be years later before I really got to know Katrina, my only regret. I wish I’d known her a lot sooner. It took us to university before we were all together again in the Uk, studying to be career girls. We shared a room in a private house, three girls together was nothing to us we had done this all our lives, living together but allowing space for each other’s needs.
I arrived in the flat late one evening to find Katrina, and Margaret engaged in a little love play, both trying to lift each others skirt, while slapping each others bottom, laughing like they use to in the park. I joined in, slapping Katrina bottom hard, and could feel the heat from her body, Margaret took the opportunity to pull me onto the bed, and we all ended up in a heap. It’s been a long day said Katrina, Margaret suggested a shower, looking at me then Katrina who said, it’s time she found out. I was a bit puzzled, but it seemed a race was on to strip off, to be first in the shower. I never did wear a great deal of clothes the usual pants frock, bra and shoes, so it wasn’t to long before I was getting wet, and rubbing my body with bath shampoo. Katrina, joined me, Margaret came in to, making all three girls together again, only this time in the shower. I turned and gave Margaret a hug, then held Katrina tightly, pulling her towards me, Katrina didn’t hesitate at all and pulled us both very close together, I could feel something between us, and it was hard hot and pushing between my legs. Katrina, what, I screamed, don’t panic she said it’s only a cock, and it’s mine, it’s real feel it, I touched Katrina’s cock, it was indeed hard hot and nice to the touch; have you had a sex changed I asked, No Arenas, like I said it’s mine and I’ve had it all my life, but you’re a woman I said, yes I am, but I’m a woman with a cock. Margaret and I have been lovers for a years, we didn’t want to upset you, so we left it until you made the discovery for yourself. I stared at Katrina, from head to toe, dark long hair, dark eye’s, lovely breast, and a shape any woman could be proud of, her legs were perfect, no bodily hair like a man.

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