Three girls continued

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Three Girls
I turned to Margaret, looked her in the eyes, then she laughed, and said you have to try it Arenas, I love Katrina, and she loves me, nothing in the world could separate us, we have wished for years you would find out and join our secret circle. We didn’t even dry off, all three of us dropped onto the bed; Margaret screaming me first, opening her legs wide, I could see she was ready for sex, her pussy was wet and slightly open, the pink inner showing the way into her cunt. Katrina touched her very lightly, Margaret curled up, exposing her little bum hole, does this make us lesbians; I asked, how can it Arenas, I have a cock, you have a cunt, said Katrina, lets do what is natural, Katina’s placed a finger into Margaret cunt, and my hand on her cock, don’t ask how I knew what to do, but I dropped on my knees, placing Katrina’s cock in my mouth and started to suck. Katrina pulled my head back and forth, like she was face fucking me, then she took her cock pushed it hard into Margaret’s cunt, making her jump a little, pushing down giving all six inches into her. My legs couldn’t hold me any more, my thigh’s were hot, and I felt myself sinking, Katrina held my head, pushing it into Margaret’s cunt, it was hot wet with a hit of musk coming from her, lick it Arena’s, lick and suck it, I did as I was told, and Margaret squirmed and begged to be fucked. We’re three naked women, Katrina taking the lead; as a man does, pushing six inches of hard cock into Margaret’s cunt, then into my mouth, I could taste both of them, cock and pussy together. Do you want me to fuck you, said Katrina, will I get pregnant, I said, my voice trembling with anticipation, No darling I may have a cock, but I can only squirt lubricant; I’m a woman inside and out, except for this, at that I felt her cock, being pressed between my breast, and sliding up into my face, I eagerly sucked on it, and panted fuck me Katrina, fuck me. We both lay on the bed, Margaret and I, legs open, my left leg on Katrina’s right leg, letting Katrina have a full view of two very wet cunt, she entered me, I shut my eyes feeling her cock being pushed slowly into my cunt, I couldn’t open my legs wide enough, I started to buckle my knees coming up to my chin, Margaret followed my movements, showing two very wanting cunts begging to be fucked. I laid their, knees up under my chin, with a six inch cock entering me, the smell of women’s perfume, I turned my head to see Margaret, looking into my eye’s, we kissed and then I was empty, Katrina’s cock was being pushed hard into Margaret’s cunt, a lot more aggressive than I had experienced, she bit her lip, held onto me, pulling me into her, our breast pushed together our legs over each others body, while Katrina, pumped her hard cock into Margaret’s cunt; I’m cumming said Katrina, I’m cumming screamed Margaret; do you want to taste me Arenas, screamed Katrina, I heard myself saying want you, I want to taste you both. I felt a hot squirt of fluid hit my belly, I slipped my hand down my feeling the hot fluid stick to my fingers, lifting my hand to my mouth I sucked the cum from my fingers, remembering the taste of cock and cunt forever. Katrina shrank to the floor, with Margaret, kissing and squeezing each other’s breast, I love you said Katrina, I love you to Margaret, she whispered. Leaving them to kiss, and touch each other, my thought went back to the day we were on the hills in our home land, wanting to pee, I guessed Margaret and Katrina, had knew from that day on she was different. We all graduated with honours, and started our own company, living and sharing as three girls do. I hope you enjoyed my story. ARENAS

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