To Please Him

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His hands caress her smooth soft skin as he slowly undresses her, his fingertips barely touching her skin. He glances down and sees her brown eyes closed and her lips trembling and he knows what his touch does her emotions. The cool air sweeps across her fevered flesh as he reveals her breast to his gaze and his fingers circle her nipple and she shivers. He grins as he sees her nipple harden underneath his finger and he slowly trails across the breast and then his whole hand cups it and he hears her low moan and his mouth lays against her neck gently kissing up to her neck. Her desire gives away to his touch and he hears the words he has waited for and he smiles. He becomes more aggressive as her desire begins to move her body in response to his touch. With one hand he helps her to her feet and with the other he unclasps the hook holding her skirt in place and it falls to the floor leaving her body almost bare before him. He turns her around and presses his body against hers, she can feel his throbbing hard manhood and his hands caress her breasts as he presses into her buttocks. A low moan escapes her mouth as he kisses the back of her neck and her knees give in slightly,

In a very quiet voice she pleads to him…..”please” , but he wants to hear more. In a effort to make her submit his fingers find her erect nipples and he pulls the out twisting them as she grinds back into his hardness. Her mind has become blank to everything except him, she is lost in his touch. His hands sliding down her stomach slowly and her flesh grows goosebumps as he continues down lower and lower till his hand touches her mound. Her head spins as he cups her womanhood letting two of his fingers spread her open feeling the moisture spread as he searches for her lil bud. Her hips sway back an forth as his fingers dip into her sex.

Then suddenly he pulls away from her and her body shakes and she turns to face him her eyes begging but her mouth refuses to speak. She sees the fire in his eyes but to voice her desire makes her feel weak. Her eyes grow wide as she sees the chair beside him and he reaches down for the leather strap that lays across it. Tears well up in her eyes but her mouth refuses to voice what it is he wants to hear. He tells her turn around and place hands on the bed and as she does his foot spreads her feet apart and her body tenses as the first lash falls across her buttocks. With each lash that strikes her cries become louder but her body still desires his touch and as the pain subsides into pleasure she moans as her body takes over and begins to enjoy the lashes, the blows come faster and faster. Her buttocks on fire as his hand slowly moves over the welps he has left. She is sobbing gently not from pain but for the need burning deep inside of her. He lays the strap down and his hands move roughly over her cheeks spreading her apart and letting the cool air swoosh across her anus. His finger trails from anus to where her juices flow and he flicks the lil bud and her knees bend and he smiles.

He stands back and admires her reddened ass and the control she has over her body, but he still wants to push her to the edge to hear her cry out take me please, take me now, take me anyway you want just let me feel you. He tells her to stand and face him and she does, her tears have streaked her face and he wants to kiss the trail but he stands there no emotion on his face just looking at her body that shivers before him. He reaches down and picks up the nipple clamps with aligator teeth and her mouth opens to form the word no as he steps closer to her naked body , his hand touches the nipple and it hardens at his touch and his lips suckle it for only a moment then she feels the coldness of the clamp as its teeth bites into her flesh. He does the left one the same way then steps back to watch her body quivering hard now and he smiles as he attaches a chain to them then down to her bellbutton ring. Then he goes to the closet and scans for something sexy for her to wear, she refuses to submit to him then he will take her public. She will be humilated into submission and he will enjoy the show.
He pulls out a very sheer light dusty blue blouse that is v-cut and a dark blue mini skirt and lays them on the bed. Then he picks out her undies to him undies are more sexy when you can catch a glimspe under the clothes. He finds a almost sheer lace baby blue bra and matching thong and a pair of tan thigh highs
and her blue heels. He tells her she has 20 mins to dress he will return. When the time was up he returned to find her dressed and ready and he hid his smile. Damn she was beautfiul and he would be proud to show off her, he walked to her and felt her breast thru her clothes checking to see if the clamps were still in place and they were. In the car he told her to keep legs spread wide open, so that his hand could touch if he felt like it. He kept glancing at her, she was so nervous biting her bottom lip wondering what would take place tonight. Then she saw the club and her fears surfaced she knew this would be a punishment for her stubborness and she begged him please no. He did not respond to her pleading but parked the car and came around and helped her out. At the door he presented his membership card and they were ushered in. He shook hands with those he had met before and then he turned towards her and unbuttoned the top three buttons leaving her cleavage open to be seen. He lead her to the main room where he stepped up to the bar and ordered himself a seven and seven then he squeezed her breasts and she gasped as the pain hit her body. They walked around mingling before the show started and on stage came a man with his pet on a leash and he took a cane and smacked her buttocks hard, she didnt cry out but she howled. And the audience was captivated by the woman as she took hit after hit from his cane, you could hear the swooshing sound all over. Then when he was done he step up on the podium and announced that his pet had been punished for her indifference to him and if anyone wished for the next two hours they were in room 28 and she would pleasure anyone that came . With that he grabbed her leash and lead her away.
The next one up was crying hard before anyone touched her. Then she saw why, a machine was being pushed up and attached to it was a huge dildo. The man stepped up on the podium and said…. my bitch said i had no right to expect her to give in to my desires, so we are in room 32 and this machine will be used on her ass, and you are welcome to come watch, and he grabbed her hair as he pulled her off the stage. Others came but her mind wasnt listening she was trying to figure out why they were here, then she heard him speaking to someone and she knew and she wanted to hide. Another male sat with them now there were three at the table and they were discussing her and she didnt like what she thought was being said. The older of the three reached over and grabbed her nipple thru her blouse and pulled the clamp towards him and laughed at the grimmace on her face. The other two just watched him as he pulled her closer and closer till her face was right in front of his and he kissed her lips. Then he twisted the clamp and she let out a yelp, the men laughed as tears formed and the older man said…. Its a deal but lets go where we can enjoy . She panicked as he agreed to the old man words. They drove to a huge house on the outskirts of town and she felt afraid as they entered the house. The younger man went ahead of them and turned on lights to lead them to the “playroom” as the old man called it. Upon entering her eyes widened and she gasped as she saw all the equiptment he had there. She searched for his eyes but he was busy taking in all the things that surrounded them. The old man stepped in front of her his eyes looking up and down and he spoke. Till the time you leave you are nothing more than a mere toy for our pleasure. You needs and wants will not be considered you are merely here for our entertainment. If you feel the need to speak you will call me
Sir, and you will c
all my son Mister and your man will be called Master. Do you understand? Nervously she nods and he said good now remove your outer clothes . She stood there looking at “Master” her eyes pleading about then she felt Sirs hands roughly take her nipples and twist….. she cried out and he said i told her to undress and i meant now. Her hands shaking she removes the blouse wanting so bad to massage her breasts where he had pulled them so hard but she didnt she just undress before the three pairs of eyes. Sir step up to her first and walked around her slaping her ass as he checked her out like you would cattle, next Mister stepped up and his hands roamed over her breasts then down to her hips his hand slipping off her thong leaving her ass and mound completely exposed then he spread her legs and lowered his body down to where his head was eye level with her mouth. His tongue slid across her moist lips and his fingers spread her so he could tease her clit. As Mister was doing this Sir took cuffs and attached them to her wrists then around her ankles too. Mister didnt care his mouth was devouring her juices, Sir told him to stop and he quit and stood back up, his mouth still hungry for her his eyes never left her body. They walked her towards a wheel and Sir attached her cuffs to it spreading her open then he removed the clamps and she screamed out as the blood rushed back into her nipples and the men chuckled. They stepped away from her to let her body regain its shape and fixed a drink while discussing what should be next step. Master smiled as he walked towards her he had something behind his back and he pulled her head down. Showing a leather mask she shook her head no and he laughed…..oh yes my beautiful pet this way you will not now what is coming or who is doing it, and he laughed louder. He pulled the mask over her head and zipped the eyes shut but left open the mouth. She was on the wheel couldnt see or hear and becoming very afraid, then she felt it strike her skin and she cried out noooooooooooo, and it come again. Oh my god its a cat-o-nine tails and it was biting into her flesh over and over, as her cries grew louder the strikes come faster. Then it stopped and hand was between her thighs and touching the wetness and she arched her back…..Please she cried and the hand stopped. Then she felt the sting of a slap on her wet lips and knew it was crop and it was smacking her swollen moist mound over and over. Her body was so tender from all the strikes she sobbed as hands gently roamed over her flesh and then they spread open her ass cheeks and she felt something proding her anus and it was huge. Nooooooo she cried out as it was pushed deep into her anus, and then pushed again and she felt it expand and knew they were preparing her ass for a hard invasion. Then she was released from the wheel and pushed down to the floor and the mask openings over her ears was opened so she could hear. Okay bitch crawl when you get where you need to be you will know. So she crawls across the floor with no sight and she hears them laughing as she bumps her head into something hard…. One of them grabs her head and pulls her to her feet and laughs the stockade for you he says as he pushes her head into the opening and secures the rest, she notices her legs arent attached and she moves slightly only to feel a switch strike her ass. Now bitch no one told you to move and the switch struck again. Someone came to the front and held the mask as they pushed their cock into her mouth forcing her to suck him , deeper and deeper he pushed till she was almost gagging then he would pull back and drive in hard again meanwhile another was pulling out the huge dildo from her ass . When it came out it was replaced with a larger one only this time it was moving in and out of her. She could hear a noise and knew it was a machine that was using her ass. Her mind raced where was Master why was he letting them do this? Then the one in her mouth tensed and he slammed all the way in till he couldnt go any further and let go a stream of thick juice that coated her throat and a loud groan. She heard the others laughing. Then another used her mouth for his pleasure and they just kept coming over and over and her ass was being plummented by the machine she lost track of time then she felt nothing. Her mind faltered and she forgot where she was, then she felt the ground move and her eyes opened to see they were in the car and driving down the road. When they arrived home he helped her into the house and her body was so sore but his touch set her afire and her eyes looked at him and she knew why. She opened her mouth and said in a soft whisper please take me i am yours forever anyway that pleases you, with that his mouth took hers and his hands roamed over her and he laid her on the couch lifting her legs over his shoulder and pounding her wet mound with his hard cock his mouth covering hers and her body soared as orgasm after orgasm flowed from her and his desire reached the edge and he pushes deeper into her and with a loud argggggg he explodes into her their juices flowing as one and as he slows down he looks upon her with pride and love, she gave herself to please him and he smiled.

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