To Protect and Serve

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Sunday,another 6 hours of this shit and I’ll be off for two days.Igot screwed again having to work 12 to 12.Nothing ever happens on Sunday.The night shift is still at the station screwing off.If they ever get on the road I’ll skate for the rest of the shift.Base to 545.What the fuck do they want now!I answer them 545.545,a citizen complain ofa female screamming in the backyard of 1610 Clairmont Ave.No contact needed with complainant.545 to base,enroute to 1610 Clairmont.
Great another bullshit citizen complaint from a citizen who don’t want to get involed.Why the fuck won’t night shift get into service.I pull up to 1610 Clairmont and stop short of the house.Everything looks alright.It’s proably kids playing in the yard.Why won’t these fucking citizens mind there own business.Well guess I’ll go impress the citizens.
I get out of my patrol car and start to walk to the door.Shit,I forgot.we now have to carry these useless PR-24 night sticks.I walk back to my car and get it.Some asshole in admin. made the decision to take our collapible night sticks from us.This side handle night stick is worthless.I go up and knock on the door.No answer.I look thru the storm door,everything looks alright.I hear laughter comming from the back yard.I step off the porch and go to the gate and start to open it. My luck,the damn thing is locked from the inside.It will be a cold day in hell before I pull my ass over a privacy fence.
I go back to the front door and knock again.No answer,so I try the door handle and I find the door unlocked.I step into the living room and announce myself.Police,still no answer.I walk through the house but find no one.I step out the back doorand onto a deck.I immediately see a naked woman straddling a water sprinkler.I watch as she directs the jet of water up into her pussy.I can tell she’s getting off on it.I quietly step down off the deck and walk up behind her.I get about 10 feet from her and stop.She still has no clue that I am watching her water show.As I am watching her,she stands up and bends over.As she bends over,the cheeksof her ass part revealing a nice little brown asshole.I feel my cock starting to swell and get very hard.It’s tearing up the front of my new uniform pants wanting to get out.Great here I am watching a naked chick fucking herself with a water sprinkler and I have the mother of all hard on’s.I better let her know I’m here so she don’t freak out.
I shine my flashlight on her.I can tell that she is finger fucking herself very hard.When the light beam hits her,she freezes.I ask if she is alright.She stammers out something I can’t understand.I still have a bich of a hard on.I only hope she don’t notice.The lady turns around to face me.She makes no effort to cover herself.I see some of the biggest tits I’ve seen in awhile.Her nipples are rock hard.As my light shnes on her,I see she shaves her pussy.I tell her that we had a call of a woman screamming and ask if she is alright.The lady says she’s fine.I’ve got a major hard on tearing at the front of my pants.Great I think to myself.I’ll get a citizen complaint about me eye fucking some chick while having a hard on.As I talk to her,I see the lady looking down at the bulge in my pants.As she stares,I see her licking her lips very slowly.I ask if I can do anything for her.She tells me that she could use a towel.I tell her that I will be right back.I go inside and find a bathroom in the master bedroom.Looking around,I don’t see anything to indicate a man lives here.I open the linen door in the the bathroom to get a towel.On the shelf I find a huge water powered pulsating dildo.I pick it up and look at it.The damn thing is at least 10 inches long and 3 inches thick.I laugh to myself,the lady likes watersports.I find a towel and go back outside.I step down off the deck and approach the lady.Her back is to me and I can tell that she is finger banging the shit out of herself.I walk up behind her and wrap the towel around her.As I do,I startle her.She quits finger fucking herself and steps back.Her ass brushes up against my now screaming cock.I reach around her to hold the towel in place.I ask her to let me help.She only nods her head ok.I very slowly start drying her back with the towel.As I touch her I can tell she likes it.I dry down her back and ass.I tell her to spread her legs.As I kneel down the towel falls away.I can see her pussy between her legs.I reach between her legs and slide my two fingers into her pussy.When I do,she lets out a gasp.Her pussy is on fire.It’s so hotand wet from her fingering herself.I slowly begin sliding my fingers in and out.I can feel her pussy juices flowing down my fingers and hand.i push my thumb up against her asshole.She lets out a low moan and I watch her tilt her head back.i can tell she has her eyes closed.Her breathing is becomming rapid as I finger fuck her.I push my thumb against her asshole and I can feel her muscles tighten.i lean forward and lick my thumb wetting it.I slowly push my thumb into her asshole.When I do,she explodes.Her pussy juices are pouring out all over my hand.I watch as her body jerks repeatedly as she keeps cumming.I pull my fingers out of her pussy and ass.I lick her juices from my fingers.I find them very tasty and creamy.As I stand up behind her,I see her body going limp from her orgasms.I pick her up and carry her up to the steps of the deck.I sit her down and she lays back.She has her feet resting on the steps.I look at her and remember the dildo.She likes toys so I just thought of a new use for my night stick.I pull it off my belt.I slowly rub the tick handle against her pussy and watch her reaction.I see that she is getting off on that.I slowly begin rocking it back and forth.The short top of the stick is rubbing between her ass cheecks and hitting her asshole,This chick is really getting off on this.She is now slamming her hips hard against the night stick.I continue to fuck her until she suddenly arches her hips upward and screams.I watch her as she jerks and her pussy is pouring as she cums.I pull the night stick out of her pussy.It makes a popping sound like a cork being shot of a bottle.I then kneel down on the steps,I reach forward and get ahold of the lady’s legs.I lean down and begin licking her pussy.I slide my fingers into her swollen pussy and she moans loudly.I spread her pussy lips apart to reveal her very swollen pink clit.I lean down and take the clit into my mouth.I bite it.When I do,she slams her pussy into my face,I hungrily bite and chew on her clit.I can feel the heat of her hot pussy as her juices flow down my chin.I slowly stand upand take off my gun belt.Iunbutton my uniform pants and let them slide down.As she watches I slide off my underwear.My cock burst forth,freed from it’s cage.The lady smiles as I tease her with my swollen cock.I reach down and take ahold of her legs.I spread them apart and rest them on my chest.The lady’s pussy and ass are raised off the deck.I slowly slide my cock into her awaiting pussy.She moans as I slowly begin to fuck her.The lady matches me stroke for stroke.Our hips are slamming into each other in a feverish pitch.I watch as she sqeezes her nipples and bites them.I feel my cock swell as I explode inside of her.We cum at the same time.I can feel her warm juices covering my cock and balls.I let go of her legs and slowly lower her back on the deck.I step up onto the deck and help her to her knees.Her face is even with my spent cock.The lady reaches out and takes my spent cock in her hand.She slowly begins licking her juices off my cock and balls.She takes my cock into her hot mouth and beginssucking it.I watch as she sucks my cock back into a hard on.I watch as she moves her head back and forth as her mouth devours my swollen cock.I have to grab ahold of the handrail as I explode in her mouth.I watch as a small amount of my hot creme pours out of her lips.She takes the towel and wipes it off her lips.She tells me its a snack for later.I pull my underware and uniform pants back up and fasten them.I put my duty belt back on.I follow the lady back inside.She slides into a robe.I tell herthat she needs
to be mor
e careful about leaving her front door unlocked.I guve her one of my business cardswith my pager number on it.I tell her if she needs any further assistance,she can page me.As I drive away I tell dispatch to reclassify the call as a public service call.I then think to myself that the sergeant is going to be pissed,I did not get the lady’s name for the comment section of the dispatch card,

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