To Punish A Wife..(Part 1)

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As she hung blindfolded from the ceiling she wondered what kind of punishment her master had planned for her..she thought back to thier conversation and the look on his face when he explained to her that this would be a punishment that would far exceed any other he had ever given her..well..he had already exceeded his limits by hanging her from the ceiling..they had never done bondage before..she wasn’t into it required a level of trust she was willing to give no one..not even her wonderful master..he had always respected her limits and she in turn was very grateful..but she feared she had gone a bit to far this time in her bratting and taking advantage of her Loves tendecy to be easy going..she clicked off her most recent misdemeaners in her head..she cleaned the house when she was good and ready..she stayed on the computer all day..she refused sex most of the time..and when she didn’ was on her terms..the missionary position was the only way she would tolerate it and if he even thought about having any fun he could just keep it to himself..she had overspent on the credit cards and he hadn’t known til he got a call from the company telling him the card was no good..not just visa..but all the rest as well..then there was her attitude..and to top it off..he had found all the B/D sites she had been frequenting on the computer and he lost it..he was big time now he had her trussed up and oiled like a pig hanging from the cieling and she waited to find out what came next….

As he stood there watching her squirm he thought about how much he loved he was way to angry to do this himself..he needed Thomas to give her this whipping..but he needed his help for another reason..this was a two man punish his lady love the way she needed and deserved to be punished..he needed another to swing the strap..and one to to do the rest..he couldn’t do both..and he wouldn’t swing the strap..because..he was to pissed..he needed an emotionally detached man to swing the he wanted his love punished..not tortured (well not much anyway)..or injured..besides..for what he had in mind..he would allow no one to do except him..only he would touch his love in the way he planned on touching her..

She was blindfolded for just this reason..he chuckled as he imagined her confusion when the punishment began..

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