tonya hunger pt 2

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it has been six months since tonya left her husband and i invite her to live with me she had told me that he was more into his job than her and was not spending any time with her she was very happy today her sister had come in from out of town and she had gotten moved up the ranks at work so i decided i would take them out to dinner to celebrate i asked her sister how long she would be in town and she said she came to try and find a job since i had been moved to the head of personel i told her to come into the office tomorrow i could not help but look at her body she is 3years older than tonya bigger breast and ass i began to wonder what she would be like in bed little did i know i would find out that night my cell phone began to ring so i excused myself from the table when i got back they were smiling i asked what was funny they said nothing once we got home and tonya and i was in our bedroom i asked her what they was smiling about when she told me she had told her sister how well i bang her i said you did huh come here i began kissing her and removed her top then her bra i began to kiss her breast she then unbotton her pants letting them fallshe stepped out of them i began to kiss my way down her body stopping just long enough to slip her panties down and off the smell of her hairy pussy gave me a raging hard on i stood up and quickly removed my clothing we were so much into what we were doing we had’nt notice that we never even closed our bedroom door once i had all my clothes off i went back to doing what i was doing i now layed tonya on the bed spread her legs wide and began to eat her pussy for all i was worth she really enjoyed having her pussy eaten she has really gotten good at sucking dick to i ran my tongue over her clit taking it into my mouth and sucking hard she began to buck wild and screamed that she was cumming we did not notice her sister standind in the door until i got up tonya asked her would she like to join she said yes if i did’nt mind i held out my hand to her and pulled her to the bed tonya had allready taken my rock hard dick in her mouth and was sucking on it like she was a hungry kid i began to kiss her sister who’s name is lisa tonya came up off my hard on and said i want you fuck her in the ass like you do me i said sure but i want to eat her and fuck her pussy first i layed her on her back she spead her legs her pussy was hairy but not as hairy as tonya i went right to eating her pussy while tonya stroked my cock i took her enlarge clit into my mouth she grabbed the back of my head ann began to hump and grind wildly she cry out i’m gonna cum yes yes eat my pussy make me cum then she started gushing i lapped up her sweet tasteing love juice i then climbon her and slid my dick into her to the hilt she wrapped her legs around my back and we got into baging match i knew if i kept going i would not last long and i had to stick it up her ass i looked over at tonya she was working her pussy over with the dildo i had bought her i pulled out of lisa pussy and lubed my dick real good i then pour some in the crack of lisa ass took my finger and worked it in i could tell lisa had taken it up the ass a few times i told tonya come over here and watch me fuck your sister in the ass i put the head at the crack of her ass ipushed in she let out a low moan oh yes cj fuck my ass shoot your cumm in my ass i began to pump in and out with force ahh oooooooo eeeeeee yesss oh yeah fuck fuck me she was moaning yes yes yes give it to me at that time tonya was ramming the dildo in and out of her pussy with brut force as she sreamed she was cumming lisa began to cum i then tightened my grip as i shot load after load into lisa’s wanton ass later that night tonya and i made love the same way i had to her sister i ended up giving lisa a job tonya and i will be getting married in three months and lisa comes over once a week to get a good ass fucking .

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