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He called me on my way to work. He’s meeting someone for breakfast, blah blah blah. Do I have time to see him before I have to be in the office? Absolutely. We decide to meet in the stairwell between the first and second floors. When I arrive, he’s no where in sight, so I decide to wait for him in the stairwell, only to find he’s already there. I smile and start to say my hellos, but before I can get half way through my sentence, he’s in front of me, with one hand on my waist pulling me closer and the other on my neck, holding me still as he starts kissing me hard. Immediately his hand falls from my waist, underneath my skirt and using his fingers to play with my clit. I can feel him getting harder under my hand’s attentions, and he quickly swats my hand away, not letting have what I want. His fingers are relentless, keeping constant pressure on my clit, driving me closer to cumming. He knows I’m a moaner, so instead of letting me vocalize the pleasure I’m feeling, he keeps his mouth on mine, making sure no one can overhear our game. I’m getting closer, breathing faster, just on the brink when…he stops, steps back, smiles as he licks his fingers and says have a nice day. I’m stunned, my brain still swirling from the lack of climax, and the confusion on my face apparent. He gave his smartass smirk and said “You made me wait, and now it’s your turn to wait. And I’m not giving you permission to make yourself cum today. From now on, you only cum with my permission.” And he was gone.

I tried to compose myself, still shocked that he left me without letting me finish. Frustrated as hell, I put my clothes back into place and walk back downstairs to go to my office. I put my things down in my office, my mind racing with what I should do next. I could go to the ladies room and try to finish myself off, I could say screw it and just try to get through the day, or I could get him back. He’s in the atrium eating breakfast. With a client. This would be good.

With my plan in mind, I walk to the atrium and stop at the coffee machine to get my morning fix. As my cup is filling, I glance around and see him sitting off to the side with another man. I walk over to greet them both with a good morning and begin to converse. His guest gets up and walks away from the table as he and I are discussing business and say we need to discuss that more in depth in the near future. As soon as his guest is out of ear shot, I reply that I also need to suck his cock soon. Seeing him stop moving and hearing his sharp intake of breath made me smile as I turned to walk away. He tells me I’m a tease and that’ll I’ll end up paying for that. It’s my turn to smile when I tell him I can’t wait.

The day drags on, my mind constantly plagued by the frustration I felt this morning. I decide to take matters into my own hands. Locking the restroom door behind me, I strip down to get my hand free roaming access under my skirt. Spreading my thighs I start to massage and swirl around my clit. My other hand runs over my body. Fingertips scraped across my neck, my breasts, my nipples. I close my eyes and see him lying naked in front of me, with one large hand wrapped firmly around his cock, stroking himself, just for me. The knot of arousal returned to my lower stomach again, my hips moved, thrusting against my fingers. My legs parted, my knees bent, and I frigged my clit faster and harder. In my mind, it was him that was down between my spread thighs. I watched him jerk off while he watched me tease myself. I envisioned him shifting closer still. His hands gripped my hips and pulled my hips up on his hips, so the head of his cock brushed against my wet pussy while he stroked himself. My hips jerked and…Nothing. I tried rolling my clit between my thumb and two fingers, more pressure, faster. The image of him in my mind morphed from a daring and eager lover to a dominant, erotic commanding master that dared me to come when he’d said I was not to. Rebellion surged through me and I frigged myself faster. The knot in my stomach tightened and as I was on the brink, but nothing could set me off. I slid a finger into my hole and pressed the palm of my hand against my clit. My other hand pinched and pulled at my nipples, but nothing worked. Dammit. I was so frustrated I was almost in tears. He better make this up to me…

Mid-afternoon, I get a delivery in the office. A small box accompanied with a note. I opened the note and it simply read “Call me.” I played with the box in one hand as I dialed him with the other. His voice was ornery on the other side. With a smile in his voice, he tells me to open the box. Inside it looked like two rubber-tipped roach clips chained together. He commands me to life up my shirt and start playing with my nipples, make them hard. His voice gets low as he hears me playing with myself, a small moan or two escaping when it feels really good. My heart is pounding as he instructs me to pick up the clamps and put one on each nipple. So I picked them up and pressed the end of one, opening it up and fitting the rubber tipped ends over a hard nipple. I held my breath as the exquisite pain washed over me. I did the other one, panting into the phone at the sensations I was experiencing. His laughing tone came through the phone line, “I knew you’d like those. Again, no playing with yourself. I want to make you cum. And keep those on until I come to remove them. Go straight home after work. No messing around.” And he hung up.

The next few hours passed with agonizing slowness. Every nerve in my body was awake and begging for attention. Heightened sensations made even the rubbing of my thighs together seem erotic. Five o’clock finally hit and I was out the door on my way home at 5:01.

I drive like a mad woman to get home, not knowing what awaits me when I get there. I walk in the door and find him standing only a few feet inside. “How do you feel?” he asks. My mouth drops open in amazement, like he has no idea what I’m feeling right now. With one large step, he has me pinned against the wall with his body. His mouth is on mine seconds later. His hands circle my wrists and bring them over my head. He tugs my shirt up with one hand, while the other keeps my wrists pinned. His knuckles drag across my clamps as he shoves my bra aside, sending bolts of pleasure and pain straight to my pussy. As cool air lands on my aching nipples, his hand lifts my skirt. I lift a leg and wrap it around his hips, bringing his hard cock in his pants into direct contact with my aching clit. He thrusts against me, his whole body pressing against me. His chest brushes against mine, as he slides his lips across my cheek to nip and bite at my neck and earlobe. Soon his hand was in my panties, fingers playing with my wet pussy. “You need some attention, don’t you?” he says. All I can manage to speak is a “Please…”

He guides me to the sofa, stopping only when my hips were pressed against the back of it. With a firm hand he presses me forward, until my hands are braced on the cushions below. He commands me to stay, as he finishes stripping me of my clothes and him of his. His hands run over my naked legs, up over one calf, to tickle the back of my knee. I moan aloud and lock my knees. His hot breath floats over the sensitive skin a brief second before his lips touch down. He kisses me there, his lips moving, lightly sucking and then giving a sharp nip with his teeth before he moves up my thigh. I beg him Please again as he continues to touch me. His hands shift, spreading my pussy lips crudely with his thumbs. Immediately his tongue is on me. Firm and agile, he licks the length of my slit and circles my clit. I squirm and he thrusts his tongue inside me. It doesn’t go deep but the stabbing motion hits the right spot. Soon a finger replaces his tongue and his tongue swept back to my clit. My sighs and whimpers fill the room as he eats my pussy. His finger thrusts deep and wiggles inside of me and his tongue circles my clit.

A light pressure starts to tease around my asshole and I pushed
back. “Yes” I tell him, as he shi
fts a bit and slides his finger deep in my ass. I feel the orgasm mounting as he’s moving his fingers inside of me, and as he whispers “Cum for me,” my pussy clamps around his fingers and scream aloud as I cum.

Before I could come back down to earth again, he pulls me up and leads me to my bedroom. He pushes me back onto the bed, and follows me to the head of the bed. Pressing me back into the mattress, he pins my wrists by my head and kisses me deeply. I wiggle and try to spread my legs, to get him aligned so he presses more fully against my pussy, but his legs frame mine, and he doesn’t move. Hard cock pressed into my stomach, rubbing there and driving me deeper into a fog as his lips traveled across my jaw to my ear, teasing me, feeling his hot breath on my ear. He notices my response and breathes hotly into my ear, causing more shivers. I writhe beneath him, my moans turning to whimpers. His hands leave my wrists, trailing my chest to play with my overly sensitive nipples and remove the clamps. He squeezes each breast and rolls a hard nipple between his fingers, as his head dips down to suck on each, swirling his tongue as he goes. Causing me to moan and arch my back farther into the bed and press against him.

He crawls back over me, his forearms resting on the bed alongside my head and shoulders, trapping me as he bent his head and nuzzled into the crook of my neck. His cock slides inside my pussy in one easy motion. Forward and backward, his cock slides in and almost all the way out before filling me up again. With a whimper, I struggle to spread my legs wider, to take him deeper into me, but he doesn’t give an inch. My legs were only wide enough that the slow and steady movement of his hips had the length of his cock rubbing against my clit with every thrust.

He gets me to the brink again and I cum with his cock deep inside of me. Smiling that he’s made me feel so good, he asks me to turn over and get on all fours. I gladly do whatever he asks. I begin to thrust back against him, his cock entering my ass and start riding him. His cock feels so good deep inside me, his hands grasping my hips pulling him deeper inside. He starts picking up speed and strength, and soon he’s shooting him cum inside of my ass. We both collapse on the bed, catching our breath and reveling in the sensations.

I remember him mentioning once that he wanted to shower together and see where that led. I suggest it to him and we stumble into the bathroom, hands never leaving each other. Stepping into the shower, I make him stand under the water. Lathering up my hands with body wash, my hands start to work him over, starting at his shoulders, down his arms and across his back. I make him turn to face me and my hands wash his chest, stomach, and start washing his cock and balls with my slippery hands. I can tell he’s starting to enjoy it, getting him clean while I’m stroking him. I stop, allowing him to rinse off, and make him turn towards me again, as I drop to my knees in front of him. Water’s dripping down him, falling on my face as I lean in the lick the tip of his hard cock. Taking him fully in my mouth, stroking his balls and chest again. With his dick so wet, he slips to the back of my throat easily, letting me take him deeper as he hits the back of my throat with each motion. His hand wraps in my wet hair, holding me close to him, guiding my mouth over him. He’s close to cumming, pulls me off of him by my hair, continues stroking himself with his other hand and shoots his load all over my face. When he’s finished, he takes a wet hand and cleans off my face. We finish in the shower, drying each other off and deciding to take a nap before Round Two…

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