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The first time that I ever had a big black cock was when I was 23 and on a trip to remote area of Jharkhand to do some philanthropy work for an NGO for whom I used do part time work. I was staying at a very remote area and staying outside a tribal village in a hut. Near the hut, there was a small outlet, which used to sell country made wisky to the other near by villages. I was on the 2nd week of my tour when one night I was feeling alone. I looked out and I saw the whisky shop was empty. I did not have any drinks for quite some time. I thought of trying some from that shop. I was in my nighty without any undergarments. Since I had to go out, wore my blouse and Sari without any bra, Petticoat and panty. I thought I will just go there and buy some and come back and no one will notice. It was very very HOT outside. I went to the shop. There was no one in the shop. Within the shop there 2 tables and few chairs for people who wanted to drink there. It was empty. I decided to wait inside. There was no fan or light. I was sweating a lot. After some time shop owner came. He apologized that he was late. He offered me some GIN, which he got as gift from some one, but he told he can not give me the bottle as its only bottle he has. So he served me there. I had couple of drinks and he served me the third one and I told him it’s the last. When I was having the drink, he also came and sat near me. I asked what his name was and he said Raghu. I noticed he was a tall and a broad body. I asked him to have a drink also. I started to get drank a bit. I told him I am feeling hot here.

Then Raghu asked me to go outside for some air. The only other buildings were grass huts. I he holded my hand when we were outside. His hands were now touching my body parts. I liked it. He took me around to the back of his shop. He was kissing me and I was really drunk and just having an awesome time kissing him back as I was being groped by this very handsome and exotic, tribal man. We and lay down on the straw. He tore my blouse and I let him suck and squeeze my breasts. The I stood up and removed my saree and I was full naked now. He laid me again and kissed me hard. My legs were spread and he was between them. I knew what was happening when I felt his hard cock brushing along my inner thigh; and I loved it. I was longing to feel his cock start to penetrate me. I remember it felt really good as it slipped inside. He was kissing me and pumping his lovely huge cock into me. I was just moaning and holding on. It was very warm and steamy outside and we both were sweating and breathing heavy as we kissed and rubbed and fucked. I was very close to having an orgasm when I opened my eyes and looked over his shoulder to see three tribesmen watching us.

My first thought was panic, but just then Raghu really started to fuck me hard. He was groaning and slamming into me. I knew he was cumming. Then I could feel his hot cum flood my pussy as he squirted it deep inside me. I was lost in passion and I just closed my eyes and thrust my pelvis into his. I was still very close to cumming, when he started to slow down and he whispered some things in my ear that I didn’t quite hear as he finally stopped. He kissed me and smiled as he pulled his cock out. God I felt so empty as I felt his cum seeping out of my pussy. He got up and pulled his pants up. I was still lying on the ground. I sat up a little and closed my legs and covered my breasts with my hands. As I opened my eyes, I could see that there were now six tribesmen, who were wearing only loincloths; looking at me and smiling and discussing me in their own language. I knew I was really drunk, but I must have been completely insane too, because instead of screaming, I exposed my naked breasts to the tall huge natives and, as I looked down at my breasts, I let my leg fall open slightly; I knew they could all easily see my pussy.

I looked up and all I really remember is the necklace of ‘lion’s teeth’ that the 1st big tribesman had around his neck, as he was pushing in between my legs. I laid back and closed my eyes as I felt his cock find my pussy. He rubbed it up and down in my pussylips before he finally slipped it inside of my grateful pussy. I must have been the first city girl he had ever been with because he fucked me hard for about one minute before he was groaning and shooting his spunk inside my cunt to mingle with Raghu’s spunk. I loved it. All I remember is that the men were older; much older than Raghu. They all seemed like wild tribesmen, so they must have loved getting between the legs of such a young girl. A couple of them were brown and a couple were jet black, but they all loved fucking me and everyone of them pumped a load of spunk deep inside my pussy. As the last man fucked me hard and finally shot his load inside my completely loose and sloppy pussy, I just laid there in a pool of cum, sweaty and exhausted. The man was still on top of me breathing hard and I could still feel his pulsing cock inside me as his cum spurted out around it and down over my arse. I never really had an orgasm during sex before. But that night, after the second man fucked me, I swear I never stopped cumming. With each new cock, my orgasms grew stronger and stronger.

I was moaning and kissing and letting these savages fuck me and suck on my nipples. God, I was in cock heaven! When the last one had finished fucking me, I noticed that Raghu and his friends were still looking at me and smiling. Somebody said something and Raghu nodded. Then Raghu pulled me to my feet. Raghu walked me a little further through the village huts and away from his shop. I was completely naked. I could feel all the men’s spunk pouring down my legs, running down my inner thighs and calves, and down onto my ankles and bare feet. I was still very drunk and shaky from that unbelievable sexual experience. The tribesmen followed along behind us. We entered a long hut. It was quite dark inside and I could barely see. There was a slightly raised platform in the centre of the hut and I could see a couple more tribesmen in the shadows. Raghu walked me to raised platform. I looked back towards the entrance of the long hut and I saw the men there. I guessed that there must have been at least 10 or maybe even more. I felt Raghu kiss me and reach down and squeeze my cum smeared ass cheeks. He told me that today I will be fucked by every man in this tribe and they all will seed their cum in my womb.

I felt hands from behind and mouths kissing my neck, hands on my tits and groping my pussy. I don’t know, the next thing I knew I was on my knees on the platform, sucking huge and dirty cock like a complete slut. I loved tasting those sweaty cocks. Some were pretty big and others average. A couple of the men came in my mouth before they lined up to fuck my sloppy, cum dripping pussy. Men were fucking me and I was sucking cock after cock, men sucked and rubbed and pinched my nipples and I just started to cum again. I swallowed a couple more hot sticky loads and I felt a couple more men cum deep inside my cunt. I had a thick cock all the way down my throat, I could feel his cum pumping right down and I barely had to swallow his thick wads, when I felt someone trying to slip his cock into my ass. I’d had anal sex a few times before, but I wasn’t too sure about this but they weren’t asking my permission, they just used me any way they wanted to and the next thing I knew he was fucking me in the ass as some other man gave me his cock to suck. I must admit, it felt really good. A cock in my mouth and one deep in my ass and one in my cunt. I was just a complete slut at that point. I felt so full. So full of lovely big cocks.

My pussy was still tingling from all the cock and cum I’d had earlier, I was just delirious. I was sucking and moaning, I could feel a huge cock slipping in and out of my tight little ass, his cock felt so big that it hurt a little at first, but he fucked me real slow and easy before he let out a groan and shot hot cum deep in my ass. The next man fucked my pussy and got
his cock nice and slippery,
then he fucked me in the ass too; and the next man and the next man and the next man. I don’t even know how many of them thrust and pumped my asshole full of their cum, it must have been at least 7 or 8 of them. I just sucked cock after cock and swallowed load after load as the tribesmen banged my ass until it was pretty loose and sloppy too. After about the fourth or fifth man, my asshole felt kind of like my pussy but just a little tighter, so as each new man fucked my ass, his initial penetration wasn’t uncomfortable, in fact, it felt good. I could have easily satisfied 20 men with my ass. I don’t know where it ended or how long I was gone, but at some point, the last man moaned and squirted his load into my mouth and I swallowed it down. I never even saw the tribesmen leave.

I don’t even know how many men I gang-banged that night. I certainly didn’t ask. I just wondered if they ever got to fuck any other girls. I was a cum covered mess, my legs and face and stomach were smeared with dirt and cum, my hair was destroyed. But I was wrong, I saw the tribal women coming in and they were naked. They came near me and started to lick my cunt and asshole and licking all the cum from there.

After some time, one girl got her cunt near my mouth; I thought she is asking me to lick, but no, one huge man came with his huge cock and started to fuck her just above my mouth. The man deposited all his cum in her cunt. It was so much that it started to leak and fell in my mouth. I opened my mouth. As soon as the man removed his cock from her cunt, I grabbed her ass and locked her cunt with my mouth. All the cum from that man’s cock which was in her cunt started to flow in my mouth and sucked all of it. Then she got up and another woman sat on my face with cunt above my mouth. She started to push her fingers in her cunt. And I started lick her. After some time she screamed and I could see that she was cumming. Her cum was flowing out of her cunt and I started to drink> for next few days I was roaming like those tribal women with completely naked and any man could fuck me any time.

After some time, I became pregnant an I told Raghu to help to get to city so that I can delivery my child safely, but Raghu told me tribal women will make it very safe for me. I was sacred, but stayed. When I was 6 month pregnant, I had a huge belly and big nipples. They still used to fuck me but with care

One day 2 women came to me and told me some thing, which I could not understand, they looked very excited. They hold my handed took me to deep into forest. After some time we reached near a pond. There were many monkeys there. As soon as we reached there, one of the monkey jumped over one of the females lap> she took him into her arms and made him sit around her neck with his legs at her back and font on her face. The monkeys cock was right in front of her mouth. She opened her mouth and took that cock in her mouth. Then she got that monkey near me and asked me try it. I took that monkeys cock in my mouth. It was very hot. I went mad. I laid and pushed that cock in my cunt. I felt as it a red hot burning rod is going into my cunt. I took care while fucking not to hurt my child.

After 9 months, I gave a birth to a girl in front all men and women and tribal women knew how to take care. They all saw baby coming out of my womb and helped to take care of me. For one month they all took care of me and after a month I was ready to get fucked again. They even used to fuck me when my girl was drinking my milk from my nipples. After 2 years, when my girl started to grow up, I told Raghu that I need to leave for the sake of my child. He also agreed. I promised them that I will come regularly to meet them and get fucked. Finally the day came when I had to leave and I fucked with every man and women one by one non-stop.

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