Trudee Part 1

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She was what society labled as “middle aged”. She was in her sexually triggered playground years…her 40’s. The days of having babies and waiting for whatever her husband had left for her after his work and his play; were long behind her. Yes-she was divorced-her children were both adults..over 18 years old and on there own with their own consciences. It hadn’t been an abusive marriage; he had never abused her in any way, it was a quiet marriage. She did what she had knew had to be done-the wifely things shopping,laundry, paid bills, cleaned the house, but lacked fulfillment in the bedroom. The truth was , for over a decade she was denyed any chance to quench the thirst and curiousity she felt welling up in her at the slightest hint. You know what I am refering to…the causual brush against a strange mans groin with her bottom in the grocery store isle…playing with her own nipples as she drove home from work…looking at a young boys body as he rode his skateboard in the park on her lunch break.
She had been her own best friend for several years. She had begged, bargained and waited for sex. Then one Valentines day she gave herself a gift…she had never even gone into an erotic boutique-but that is where the toys were sold. She was surprised…not shocked, actually intriged and very much excited at all the choices there. Vibrators in so many colors, styles, sizes, speeds, functions, waterproof, non-waterproof, batteries or not, latex, vinyl, or gel, just standing in front of the wall of choices made her panties damp. She wanted so many things…this one had that-but that one had this she rationalized in her head. Finally with the help of the gothic dressed sales lady and her helpful tips, she made her choice. It was a simple white, latex-adjustable speed-battery operated waterproof dildo about 8″ in length. She had considered it rather conservative by all she had seen in front of her. At the sales counter, she must have had her excitement and triumph written across her flushed face, because the sales lady merly opened the package inserted batteries and made sure the newly purchased “toy” worked. She handed her a tube of water based lubricant and with a slight grin declared “this ones on charge, enjoy” as she handed over the lavender bag containing her newly purchased “boyfriend”. She fingered it all the way home in the down-music loud, the buttons on her sweater undone for easier access to her nipples. Her thoughts only made her clit swell with antisapation as she drove home mindlessly rolling her hard nipples between her thumb and fingers, first one then the other. Today as she remembers that day…that drive, she still feels a dampness begin in her panties. So here it was 3 years of being her own best friend-but hey..let’s face it-she wanted surprise that the dildo couldn’t bring her. She wanted to have a mans large rough hands on her.
She longed to have her hugh sensitive nipples sucked on by a mans lips. But who? Where? And god only knows when? Well the personal “I saw you” ads took time: or did they? On line there were several free sites to post your photo and start looking and be looked at. She had an honest profile, nothing made up..a grainy photo so she took a chance. She didn’t use her own zip code.. to keep herself safe is what she told herself. For the right man she was willing to travel to meet him. Days, weeks, even months passed. She had become quite adept at cybersex by this time. She had several men she “played with” on line. Talking to each other, watching each other’s web cams, and in the safty and distance of their own homes-they rubbed, twisted, and licked thier fantasies to the conclusion of a climax. She had watched several men wad after wad of cum into thier own hands and have to take her fingers off her keyboard to quiet the urges she had overwelming her time after time. She twisted and tugged her own nipples and clit. She had taken her penned up fantasies and wet sticky pussy to her bed and with that sweet battery operated “boyfriend” she felt the rush and flush that she needed..craved.
One ad after another, “they were nice”,”no way in hell”,”ummm maybe”–over and over she told of her lack of sexual expermentation and was met with many offers to remedy her situation. Her ad had attracted men from three states-this came as a surprise. After all she was not rich, not a beauty-more of a “cute” varity and definately not a hard body by any means, just average yet slighty heavy. She did love to laugh and was willing and wanted to learn about what really made her reach that “crescendo of peak extreme sexual pleasure.” Then one she had done for weeks and weeks,actually months previously she was merely checking on her e-mails, her personal ads,her instant messages-there was a responce unlike any other. She read line by line as he typed and made her laugh…her honesty matched his own-he too was tired of being his own best friend. As she told him of her yearnings he gave her quick one-liners that set her mind at easy and made her clit throb in antisepation. to be continued

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