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My wife…what can I say? She is tall and leggy; with thick, naturally wavy orange-red hair; beautiful porcelain skin; and just enough freckles to tell you she is a ginger. Add to that smokey green eyes paired with thin sexy lips and you can see why people refer to her as Gorgeous Gwen. From the time we started dating, my friends all expressed their envy at me landing such a smoking hot piece of ass. She is a freelance writer for fashion magazines and on-line blogs, so she is pretty dressed up where ever she goes.

I got home one Friday evening from an afternoon shift. I knew she was home because her car was in the driveway. The house was dark as I made my way to the second floor and down the hall to our bedroom, only a light from the bedroom as I entered the room finding her not there. There was a sultry voice from the on-suite bathroom as I took my jacket off.
“Is that you darling?” she called.
“It is, beautiful.”
“Why don’t you come in here and join me?” she called in her mischievous kitten voice.
I walked in to see her in the tub surrounded by bubbles, her hair tied up with a big, black hair clip. She was sipping a glass of wine and sunken down into the hot soapy water as she looked at me and gave me a wink.
“Room for one more,” she said as I poured myself a glass of wine and took off the rest of my clothes. I slipped into the tub on the other end, facing her as she licked her lips, ran her delicate foot along my leg, and rubbed my dick with her toes.

Here is where I need to tell you about the other thing that makes my wife unique…she has a cock. A long, thick, seven inch, cut cock. Only her parents and a few doctors know about that; she has lived her whole life as a woman. She never thought of herself as a boy or a man. She has the only cock I have ever sucked, fucked or played with. I do not consider myself gay or bi, except for her. Never wanted or desired anyone else the way I do her, and hers is the only one I will ever pleasure. I would do anything to please her ever since the first time she showed me her big dick and told me I had two choices: walk away and do not look back, or accept it and she would give herself totally to me. That was the first time I had sex with someone with a cock.

She pressed her feet together and began jerking me off.
“You are late, I almost started with out you.”
“Well, you know I have obligations.”
“Here I am sitting here with a rock hard cock and the need to ride your dick till we both come.” She dipped a finger below the bubbles and began teasing one of her pink nipples that finished off a nice pair of C cups. I took her left foot and began kissing and sucking on it as she put the glass down to begin jerking off.
“Fuck, yeah, baby; you know what gets me hot.” I took up the other foot and paid them both great attention. Rubbing them and sucking on each toe as she slowly jerked herself moaning softly. “I have been thinking about you all day, I just want to ride you slow and easy.”
We moved closer to each other and she bent her knees around my hips as I pulled her up onto me; she sank slowly onto me as she moaned with delight. I grabbed her cock tight and tugged it slowly as she put her hands on my shoulders. Her thigh muscles tensed as she rode my pole, slowly biting down on her bottom lip and tilting her head so that our foreheads touched.
“Babe you are the hottest thing I have ever met,” she purred in my ear.
“I just can not get enough of your hot ass riding me,” I said to her.
“Hun, sometimes I stop work and masturbate thinking of you inside me,” she spit back before kissing me. “I almost missed a deadline last week because I jerked off five times in one day.”
“Damn darlin’, you should have waited. I would love to have helped you with that.”
“That’s why we are fucking in the tub tonight.”
I kissed and bit her neck so that she arched her back, sticking her nipples in my mouth as she leaned back and grabbed the edges of the tub to get balance and enjoy my mouth pleasing her tits.
“Oh fuck, baby.”
“Gonna come for me, you stupidly hot, ginger goddess?”
“Like thunder. Oh, fuck me, yeah; like goddamn thunder.”
I had her slide back into the cooling water and got on my knees and took her deep in my mouth, right to the balls; she began breathing faster and faster, finally coming into my mouth.
She looked down and smiled at me as I showed her the spend and then swallowed it as I spread her legs and pulled her hard onto me; she reached forward and ran her hands through my chest hair.
“What are you waiting for? Fill me up, come like you always do.”
I pulled her forward and stuck my tongue down her throat as I sent gush after gush deep into her, causing her to giggle with delight.

We continued making out until the water was cold and the bubbles were gone. I toweled off and was brushing my teeth when she walked up behind me and grabbed my bare ass (we always walk around naked after sex). She squeezed tight as she kissed my neck and shoulder blades.
“Where do you want to eat, sex fiend?” I asked her as we had decided to go out for dinner. She just started kissing my neck, wrapping one hand around my stomach and began rubbing my anus with the other.
Did not take genius to figure out what she wanted.
“Ya know,” she whispered, “it’s a shame you were the only one to get anal sex tonight.” She bit my ear and bent me over the bathroom counter.
“Well, you seem to be ready to rectify that.” She put one hand on my hip and pushed her thick hard cock into my ass with the other slowly. She gave my butt a quick slap then began deep hard thrusts.
“C’mon princess,” I moaned. “Fuck me like you mean it; ya won’t break me!”
She laughed and grabbed my hair and began a fast and furious pace–she really got into a frenzy. By the end she had me pinned right to the counter and I thought she would rip my hair out. She and I watched her in the mirror as she pounded my ass. Her thick hard cock stretching my ass was something I had grown to love and crave after awhile. Her intense love-making made me feel like we were both so hot we might burn up.
“Here I go, slut,” she gasped as she dug her nails into my sides and filled my ass with come. “Oh my god, baby! That’s it; hooooly shiiit.”
She stepped back, slapping my ass, and rubbed her dick in my ass cheeks as she caught her breath and told me to get dressed so I could buy her dinner. It was late and she was hungry.

So that’s my wife, Gwen.
My adventurous, smoking hot, shemale wife.


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