turning point

it all began when i was still in high school. i had been flashing a number of women and girls in the small town where i lived. i had even grabbed a few girls asses at school and it looked like i was getting away with it all. i was getting more bold and flashed a nun and grabbed her tits and ran. i was feeling uncatchable and on the way home saw the daughter of my next door neighbor and i ran up behind her and tried to pull her pants down, i dont know what i would have done if i had succeeded. she ran home crying and i went into my house and hid in my room in fear. nothing happened so i thought i had gotten away with it again. later that evening i was delivering newspapers and was on my last deliveries when a police car pulled up to me and told me to halt. he arrested me and took me to jail. my parents didn’t have the money to bail me out so i remained in jail until my court date. i was found guilty and sentenced to 5 years in prison. there wasn’t that many people in the small jail that i was in so i had had a cell to myself. after my court date i had been put into a cell with another older man waiting for his day i court. it was going to be a few weeks before they transfered me. i had been the aggressor with all those women and girls but now that i was alone with another man i found myself shy.
after a few days of being in the same cell the othe man started making me understand that he was the alpha male. i found that i was starting to like having another man be in control. it started out just him letting me know what i could do and when like eat or watch the tv or what program. i had seen him naked a few times and found i liked seeing his naked body. one day i was sitting on my bed in just my underwear reading a book when he came over and sat down beside me. i casually looked up and saw that he was naked. he put his arm around me and asked had i ever sucked a mans cock. i said no. he said well there is always a first time, and put his hand on the back of my head and grabbed a handful of hair and forced my face down to his waiting cock. i fought but he was stronger and looking back now i see i really wanted to do what he wanted. slowly at first i started sucking his cock and found i like the taste and feel of a mans penis in my mouth. as is the case with most young men he was quick to come to ejaculation. i found my mouth filling with his cum and didn’t know what to do. his hand was still holding my head in place. i guess he realized i didn’t know what he want because he said swallow it bitch, so i did. it was my first time giving head and my first time swallowing, it wouldn’t be my last.so between then and when i was transfered i sucked his cock and licked his hairy balls a few more times liking it more and more.
the day came when i was transfered and i never saw him again.
i was shy and scared when i was finally placed in a cell with three other men. i soon learned that my choices were fight or learn to service the men, not just in my cell, in whatever way required of me. i chose i life of service and have not changed my mind even now. i started off by giving blow jobs and hand jobs. then there came a day when the man that i was sucking said lets see just how much of a pussy you are ed. he said drop your pants and bend over the bed i did as i was told, i didn’t know what to expect but when i felt the head of his cock against my asshole i knew and was scared but tried not to shy away. he forced his hardened cock into my virgin ass, it hurt so much. i started crying because it hurt. after a few minutes of feeling him slowly thrust deeper and deeper into my ass i began to enjoy being his pussy.
after a few weeks i was bought by one of the other inmates. he wasn’t so gentle as the men before him but i learned from him. it was while i was him that i began to learn that i was only as good as the man that owned me was. he started off by whipping my ass until i was bawling like a fucking baby, and told me that this was what i had in store for myself unless i obeyed those who my masters. some of the guards like to play with some of us inmates and my master rented me out to them for certain privileges. these were some of my darkest times but i learned to enjoy them. the first time my master told in no uncertain terms that i was to do whatever i was told or else. well there were 2 black men and 1 white woman. it started off with me giving blowjobs and being fucked, but then it changed was being fucked in the ass by one of the guys when the other one cme in front of me and offered his cock i obediently started to take his cock into my mouth when all of a sudden i realized he was peeing into my mouth and onto my head and face the girl started to laugh. she was next she came up to me and said you like toms piss didnt you sweety. i could only nod. she said well i have something even better, and bent over and shoved her ass into my face. she lick it bitch you’ll like it i didn’t believe her about liking it but i knew i had no choice. so i started licking her ass. the guard who pissed on me grabbed my hair and held my head steady, i didn’t understand why until i felt something warm, moist and hard against my tongue. i looked and saw that the woman was shitting and i was being forced to eat it as it filled my mouth. i didn’t have time to turn away so i did what i had to and ate her shit. afterwards i licked her ass clean like a good piece off toilet paper. the guard that was fucking my ass pumped his full load of cum inside and then pulled it out and came around and let me clean it with my tongue. meanwhile the female guard had put on a strapon and took her turn at fucking me. after i had licked the guards cock clean he started peeing into my mouth and i without thinking started using it to swish around in mymouth so that i could wash the shit left in my mouth down.
by the time i left prison i had learned that my place was as a slave. i have learned that i am best used as a faggot pussy human toilet. returning home after prison is an interesting story in itself. maybe some day i’ll tell it, but not today.

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  1. blowhard

    this is a really disgusting story

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