Two men take Julie out dancing

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The three of us had one night of sexual fun the previous week. I thought it’d be exciting to watch my sexy fiance out with us, and dancing with another man. Dave was game for it, and took us in his big Oldsmobile to a country and western bar he liked. It was kind of a slow night at the place, but we danced with Julie plenty of times. I’m sure she enjoyed it, having both us men wanting her to dance with us.

We left early, and Julie rode between us in the front seat. It was too dark in the car, so I couldn’t see well, but I’m sure there was some fiddling about between Julie and Dave on the way back to the rooming house where we lived.

I opened the door to my room. Julie and Dave came in behind me, and right away started kissing and groping. Wow, I hadn’t expected things to go so fast. Evidently they were hot for each other; it had been two days since our first and only threesome together.

They kissed and groped and hugged each other just a minute, and then fell to the floor right on the spot. In a flash Julie had her pants and panties down, pulled one leg out of them so she could spread open her slim sexy legs for Dave. He wasn’t far behind, had his pants down in no time, and they started to fuck right then! Damn!

Damn! I was sort of stunned and didn’t even sit down to watch, just stood there as Dave finished a few strokes into Julie, her fabulously warm and wet little pussy bringing him to the edge in seconds. I remember watching him raise himself up on one arm so he could pull his cock out of her and hand stroke it, send a shower of cum up on Julie’s breasts and firm tummy, big drops of glistening pearly semen all over my fiance’s body. It was a real turn-on!

As she wiped all the cum off her tits and belly, I could see Julie was still very excited. She smiled and looked at Dave with a lot of intensity. What the hell I thought, I’m tired and have to get up early for work; it was Friday night and they both had Saturday off, so I suggested that Julie go upstairs and spend the night with Dave in his room. No problem, they were both into it, so I watched them climb the stairs arm-in-arm, and I went to bed soon after. The next day about mid-morning I got a rush, a thrill, a boner, thinking Julie was probably giving Dave some good-morning head at about that time.

Sure enough, Julie later recapped her morning, and it included a wake-up knobber for John. Fun! Dave was one lucky dude. I was a lucky guy. And Julie, who loved to have cum shoot into her mouth, considered herself the luckiest amoung us.

It was fun to be generous, to share my girlfriend like that. And I knew she really liked being with another guy. I mean, the first time they were together, the sparks really flew. He came in her mouth four times, and in her pussy once that night! And on their second night, Julie got him off again within her pussy and mouth. Once they got to his room she told me “he made me suck him.”

I loved fucking her afterward, knowing those lips of hers had been gripping and stroking another man’s cock not too long before, knowing she would be all fired up, wild to have sex me. She was!

It sure was great having another man being part of our sex life. I just wish Julie was still into it. Marriage and kids have a way of changing attitudes. But there are plenty of rewards with that, and we have great memories of those times with Dave. We still keep the threesome fantasy alive, just for fun. Maybe do it again in the future.

I’m ever hopeful!

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