Ultimate Fantasy

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Just as I had requested, you wore the smallest skirt that you could find in your closet with your halter top. Beings this is the first time I have seen you since you were younger; I am just amazed at the beauty that is lying before me…

Reaching under your shirt, I tug on the clasp that straps your breasts in place. It releases with little effort. I begin to kiss you from head to toe, sucking on different regions of your neck, nibbling just a little. I caress your breasts as I suck and nibble, allowing me to know what turns you on–the rise in your nipples accompanied by the goose bumps under my palms as I caress your stomach tells me so. I run my hands down your freshly shaven legs and up the inside of your left leg, spreading them as I wedge myself in-between you…raising up to my knees in-between your legs I sit you up and slide my fingers up your sides before grasping onto you halter top and removing it over your head. As I lay you down slowly kissing you, I slide your bra away from your body, exposing your breasts before me.

I run my fingers from your collar bones over your breasts slowly, manipulating the nerve endings and goose bumps all the way down to your waist line. Soft and tender I adorn your navel and stomach with the smallest of kisses…parting my lips slightly to allow for more of an intimate contact inside the beginning of my mouth. As I drag my tongue across the real estate you call your body, I listen to the sounds of your breathing, in and out…in and out…I drag my tongue across your nipple, sucking them in gently and for just an instant before releasing them and licking again. The real treasure is south of my current location, and as any traveler would know—there is nothing like finally reaching the place you have always craved.

I slide my body down as I kiss and suck specific parts of your body, never removing my hands from the soft understanding of your torso. I only remove my hands for a moment, as I transition myself to the southern portion of who you are. With my hands stationed on your outer thighs I draw my mouth to your left inner thigh and begin to suck, lick, and nibble the very flesh I thought I would never see. As I lick and suck your inner thigh, your hands find its way to the back of my head, as you play with my hair, I move closer to my goal. The sweet scent of your box tantalizes my sense of smell as I make my way to your inner right thigh…I again begin to lick and suck as I did with your left thigh, moving my way ever so slowly to the wetness of your love hole that you are anxious for me to indulge in….

I am blown away at the taste of your clit as I slide it into my mouth and suck it gently. I remove your clit from my mouth as I lick the inner walls of your pussy, sucking the lips that are wet with anticipation. I wrap my arms around your thighs as I push my tongue into your hole. With my face buried deep inside, you push my tongue deeper in by pushing my face deeper into the wet I am bathing in. As much as it pains me, I force myself away from where I was and suck your clit deep in my mouth…wrestling with the texture with my tongue. As I suck against the ball of nerve endings, the juice of your loins dribbles against my chin. As I abuse your clit with my tongue, you try and squirm from the grasp of my arms…but I will never let you go. The harder I suck, the more your body twitches and the harder you pull on my hair. The harder you pull, the harder I suck…I can feel your body twitching and tensing as you moan loudly for me to never stop. I press my tongue against your clit harder and I feel the sensation delivered to you through the twitch you released…

The force of your twitches have now become full blown shakes as I leave nothing to chance before you are ready to climax under the power of my tongue. As I suck and lick your twat, you begin to buck your hips in my face, begging for my tongue to fuck you. I return from sucking in the lips of your pussy to the engorged clitoris that is begging to be flicked. As I devour your clit, you grab the back of my head and hold me as you fuck my tongue. The panting you exhibit has become deep moans as you release your cum all over my face.

Exhausted you reach for my rock hard cock, but I pull your hand away. You have been satisfied and now I will let you sleep. I wrap you in my arms and cradle you against my chest. In no time at all you are fast asleep. I chuckle at the thought of living my dream with you. It is then, that I too, fall asleep.

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