Uncle Dave's First Time

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Uncle Dave’s First Time

Christy Hopper

David Rogers grow up in a small town with his father and sister as the

corner stone of his life. His father Lee Rogers was a very wealthy and

successful businessman, with a taste for fine young women. Dave’s mother

died when he was five years old, Shortly after the birth of his sister


Lee was the publisher of the magazine, Today’s World. When Dave

was sixteen his father hired him part time during the summer. Dave’s job

was to basely be a gofer. His first day at work was one that he would never


At sixteen Dave stood about six foot one, a handsome young boy with

shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes. Dave had a god like body with

rippling muscle and a perfectly hung six-inch dick. The night before he was

to start his job Lee asked his son to come in early to work so he could show

him around. The next morning Dave arrived at the office of Today’s World

at eight o’clock, when he arrived Sam his father’s secretary greeted him.

Samantha was the daughter of Lee best friend. She was a twenty-two

year old green-eyed blond, five feet nine, and one hundred ten pounds of

pure woman. Dave had known Sam all his life. The fact that she was six

years older then Dave never bother them when they were kids, when ever

their families got together for visits Sam would always act as big sister to

Dave, keeping him occupied.

It had been a couple of years since Dave had last seen Sam; she had

gone off to collage. Lee had hired her only a few months after she had

graduated. Dave was very happy to see his old friend, being sixteen and on

the brink of his own sexual awaken the reunion of the two would prove to

be clandestine.

The day that Sam took Dave on a tour of the magazine was as hectic

as usually. Dave was expecting his father to be the one to show him around,

after all it was his idea for Dave to come to work for him that summer. Lee

had gone on and on about how little time they had spend together over the

last few years, and that he had wanted to forage a new relationship with his

children. But Dave was more then happy to be in the company of someone

that he had always thought of as a friend.

When the tour was over Sam showed Dave back to his dad’s office.

Lee hadn’t been in the office all morning. Sam told Dave that his father had

had been called away on business and that she was to make sure that he had

everything he needed. Dave didn’t seem to surprise by the turn of events,

after all it was just like his father to make plans for them but then at the last

minute change them. Sam could since Dave’s disappointment in his father’s

absents. Sam tried to comfort Dave by telling him that his father had been

very busy all week and that she was sure that he wanted to be the one to

show him around. She told him how proud Lee was of him.

No matter what she said to him, Dave refuge to belief anything she

had to say about his father. Sam could tell that she was getting no where

with this young man. As Dave was about to leave Sam asked him to wait a

minute, while she excused herself. While she was gone Dave checked out

where his father worked. The big ebony desk and the big brown lather chair

complemented the white shag carpet. The brown lather couch sat on one

wall while a small bar sat over in a near by corner.

Sam had been gone a few minutes when Dave decided to try out his

dad’s big lather chair, after all Lee was always telling him about how it

would all be his someday. As he sat there with his back to the door, gazing

out the window dreaming of the day he would be able to escape the small

town and his father’s shadow.

While sitting with his eyes half close, he heard the door open and

close quickly. Swirling the big lather chair around, young Dave was stunned

to see Sam standing there wearing nothing but a light blue satin bra and


Sam had that lovely smile on her face, the smile that put Dave at ease.

She walks towards him staring as if she was trying to get inside his mind.

When she reaches the desk she plants herself on top of the desk, in front of

him. She puts her feet on both of the armrest of the big lather chair that he

was sitting in.

“I know you really feel bad about your dad not showing up, while I

was gone he called and said he won’t be back for the rest of the day and that

I should do everything I can to make you feel welcome.”

Dave didn’t know what to say or how to react. He wanted to be cool,

but the fact was that he had never even seen a good piece of ass, never mind

fucking anybody. Yes he had kissed a few of the girls in his high school, and

even then his dick would get so hard, that he could barely stand it. But he

always knew that none of those silly little girls would ever give up the


Sam began by taking her foot and lightly stroking his dick that seem

to be getting harder and harder with every single touch. Sam took Dave’s

hands in hers.

“You have beautiful hands, so strong.” She said as she kissed his


Sam told Dave that he could do whatever he wanted. She turned her

back towards him, Dave unsnapped her bra and it fell to the floor. When

Sam turned back around Dave’s heart nearly stopped at the sheer beauty of

his old friend. Sam’s body was a work of perfected art, her five foot nine

inch frame with her shoulder length blond hair, and green eyes was just the


The very sight of her thirty-six inch tits sent chills though the young

boy. Her soft white skin glowed as the sunshine came streaming from the

big bay window. Dave reaches up and caresses her firm round tits. His

hands roamed all over her sensual body.

“Kiss them; take them in your mouth. ” She instructs the young man.

Dave obeys as she teaches him the fine art of tit sucking.

“That’s right baby you can have all you want.”

Dave’s lust raced through his body as he continued to explore this

new territory. Dave takes her up on her offer, as he slices his hand down

between her legs. Feeling for the top of her panties he slowly worked his

hand inside. The feel of her tight smooth cunt turned Dave on even more so,

he wondered if she felt this good, how much better would she taste.

“Go ahead baby you know you want to eat my pussy.”

That was all it took, Dave pushed her back on his father’s desk,

causing important papers to fly everywhere. Dave ripped her panties off

revealing a freshly shaved cunt, spreading her legs there was no going back

now as Dave buried his face between Sam’s legs. His first whiff of young

pussy give him such a rush that he could not control himself.

Dave buried his tongue deep inside her sweet little kitty, playing with

her clit with his tongue sent Sam into a sexual frenzy. Moans of passion

came from the twenty two-year-old, as erotic pleasure swept through her

body. The wells of her pussy were the sweetest thing he had ever tasted, < br />
That was the day that Dave started to develop a taste for high-quality pussy.

The pleasure that Sam was feeling was new to her, It’s true she had

been with men that were much more experienced then this young boy. But

there was something about Dave that she couldn’t seem to get enough of.

Sam had always loved the taste of good cock, and the very sight of

the big bulge sticking out in
his pants was awesome. She began to rub the

big woody, As soon as she unzipped his jeans his perfectly hung six-inch

dick pops out all hard and ready to go to work.

Sam was more then ready to take this long delicious cock into her

mouth, while Dave teased her by running his dick over her wanting lips.

Holding six-inches of manhood in the palm of her hand she slowly began to

take him in, inch by inch until all six-inches is in her mouth.

The taste of this young man’s fresh dick was so awesome that she

could barely think. As she started to play with the head with her tongue she

feel her heart beating faster and faster, as she began to suck in and out. Dave

tried to contain himself, but watching Sam giving him his first blow job was

the most fantastic thing he had ever experienced.

Dave and Samantha knew that it was time. Dave led her over to the

brown leather couch lying her on her back and spreading her legs wide he

shoved all six-inches of pure manhood into her hairless pussy. Fucking for

almost two hours Dave and Sam took the words job training to a whole mew


More Uncle Dave stories to come

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