Unexpected Fun with Dr. Sam

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It all started one bright beautiful day. Sally was feeling a bit under the weather and decided to pay Dr Sam a visit.

When Sally arrives nobody else is there except the people at the front desk.

She signs in and quietly waits to be called.

“Hi Sally I’m Dr Sam! Come on in”

Dr Sam was a tall handsome man he was tanned and had beach blonde beautiful green eyes and a 100 watt smile.

Sally was gorgeous too. She was average height and thin. She was tanned with crystal blue eyes and long brunette hair. She had a tight round ass and perfect C cup breasts.

Sally told Dr Sam she was feeling under the weather and he instructed her to get undressed. Normally Dr Sam would leave the room but how could he miss the great opportunity to see Sally get undressed? She seemed to be struggling with her top and so Dr Sam gladly removed it for her. Without saying a thing Dr Sam also unhooked her bra and let her amazing tits hang free. He then pulled down her pants leaving her thong out to admire. Now Sally was only in a thong and felt a little embarrassed yet turned on at the same time.

She layed down on the exam table and Dr Sam approached her. he told her he was going to do a ‘quick’ breast exam. He took his hands and rubbed up and down her tits he squeezed her perfect pink nipples slightly and Sally couldn’t help but moan. He massaged them ever so gently and rubbed her nipples between his fingers. He was starting to get hard now and she could see the bulge in his pants. Sally squirmed a little but didn’t say a thing. She could tell Dr Sam loved boobs more than anything. At this point Dr Sam started flicking her nipples with his tongue he started to suck and Sally let out a loud moan of pleasure. “MMM harder harder more more MMM!!!”

Dr Sam pulled off Sally’s thong with his teeth and went for the pussy he licked and rubbed and Sally was clearly loving it. She orgasmed everywhere and was moaning and squirming.

He whole body was shaking and her nipples were fully erect. She unzipped Dr Sam’s pants and rubbed his big thick cock she started sucking hard and licking all she could handle.

By now both Dr Sam and Sally were on top of each other. Dr Sam was tugging at Sally’s tits and she was moaning and shaking the feeling was extraordinary and Sally couldn’t keep quiet.

Then they heard a knock on the door. They quickly put their clothes back on and acted as if nothing happened. the lady who sat at the front desk told Dr Sam he had a patient waiting for him. They quicky evacuated and Sally felt soo much better.

Two days later, Sally came back for more……….

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