Unexpected Sex

A short time ago, my husband Bill and our three children went on vacation into the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho, where we had rented a large cabin.  The cabin was located fifty feet off the shore of a beautiful lake that we loved.  In the quite afternoons we would all put on our bathing suits and swim for an hour before heading back into the cabin for dinner. Tonight, Bill had carved some steaks and we had those and sourdough bread made from our sourdough recipe.

After dinner we sat outside watching the kids enjoy running and playing ball and doing all the things kids do.  Bill and I drank some wine and I was getting just a little fuzzy in the head but it was a very pleasant fuzzy feeling and I suddenly got a tickly hot warmth between my legs and smiled at Bill with that smile he understands.  He said to the children that they could get in the canoe and paddle around the lake if they wanted to.  They were not ready to go and it looked as if our plans with each other would be delayed for the time being.

Later, we sat around the television and watched a pro golf tournament going on and the door opened revealing three large men coming in.  They warned us not to get up and not to try anything.

One of them continued, “We have been in that damn prison on the other side of town for seven years and we aren’t about to go back!”

Bill got up and told them to leave us alone, they could take anything they wanted but to not harm the family.  I got up and stood there, not realizing the sun was showing through the flimsy skirt I had on.

One of the men walked over to me and put his hand on my shoulder, looked at Bill and said, “You said we could have anything we wanted. Well I want this little lady here, right now,” and slipped his hand down inside my blouse pinching my nipple.

Bill reached over to stop him but the other two grabbed him and said, “If you want to stay alive, let Buster here have her.  We have not had a piece of ass for seven years, and I’m going to fuck her too, so get on with it Buster but don’t eat the whole pussy.  Save some for us, or we may just take this little girl of yours and teach her some things.  How old are you sweetie?” he asked, and our daughter told him she was eighteen.  He said, “My goodness, that would be some good stuff now, wouldn’t it Carl?  Carl loves young pussy, don’t you Carl?”

Buster grabbed my arm and led me to the stairs to the beds upstairs.

I heard my husband say, “Don’t you have any decency?  My children have to witness their mother being raped by you bastards?”

Buster said, “They don’t have to look, and when we are finished with her you might have a real bastard to raise.”

Buster tore off my blouse and bra, burying his head between my tits and sucking my nipples and saying that was the best he had ever had, and finally pulled down my underpants and pushed his large finger inside me.  I let out a moan as he pumped his finger in me and I could feel the heat returning to my pussy and suddenly all reality about my family was put aside as he spread my legs and put his mouth on my cunt.  He licked and sucked and my cunt gave up and I came all over his face.

“Wow!” he said, “woman, you know how to explode! Guess you like my tongue, but now it’s time to fuck you good!” With that, he jacked his cock a few times and slammed it inside my pussy.

He was huge and he did not put it in all the way due to its size, but after a few seconds, he was in, balls deep and he did as he promised.  He fucked me hard and shot his wad inside me and picked up the pace and kept on banging away.  I shot my load in a few minutes and he got off again too.  He told me to lay there and let one of the others have their turn.  After they had all fucked me several times, my pussy was raw and sore.  I got cleaned up and walked downstairs to see my daughter naked and laying on the couch with Carl pumping her.  She was not complaining so I guess she was not a virgin.

They got ready to leave and told us they would come back if we told on them.  I looked at my husband and he turned his eyes away.  I walked outside and called to them.  They were about a hundred feet from the cabin, so I walked over to them and said, “I think my family will hate me for what you have done to me, but I have to tell you that that was the best fucking I have ever had and I would love to have you come back sometime.”

Buster walked over to me, pulled me to him, kissed me hard on the lips, reached down and felt my pussy, kissed me again on the tits and said, “Honey, meet me over at the edge of the woods tomorrow night and we will be recharged and ready to show you how to really fuck!”

I went back inside to find Bill packing his clothes and the kids just standing around.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

He replied that he was leaving, that those men had fucked me more today than he had been able to in the last ten years, and he knew I’d enjoyed it.

He left and my daughter Lindsay walked over to me and said, “Mom, I have to tell you that that was really exciting and you saw me under Carl… Well, that was really something.  I climaxed five times and I want to go find him for more!”

So when I told her we would meet them tomorrow night, she was pleased.  My son Mark is also eighteen, Lindsay’s twin, and he said to me, “Mom, why can’t I do what you and Lindsay have done?  I don’t have to tell you that I masturbate, hell, even Lindsay has jacked me off a few times and I stuck it in her once but didn’t cum because you walked in and almost caught us.”

I told Mark to get undressed and said to Lindsay, “Let me see if you can satisfy Mark and if you can’t, I will let him fuck me.”

Lindsay sat on top of Mark and his swollen cock glided right up her tight cunt with ease. She moaned as she rode him to completion.  After they were finished, I grabbed Mark’s cock and jacked him off almost to completion, then I took him in my mouth as he exploded a huge wad of cum.

Next afternoon, the three of us walked over to the edge of the forest and waited.  Almost ten minutes later, Buster walked over to us and said to me, “What the fuck are they doing with you? You know we are going to do you again!”

“I know,” I said, “but my kids have seen what we have done and Lindsay has already had Carl screwing her.  Its no big deal, the kids are old enough to know what they want and are looking forward to being around you guys.”

“Ok,” he said, “come over here to the hut we put together.”

We got there and the two other guys said, “Hell, do we have to fuck all of you?  How about the boy, does he suck or does he take it up the ass?” he continued as he laughed.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “he will find out what this is all about shortly. So Buster, are you happy to see me or not?”

Buster pulled his pants down, grabbed his cock and said, “Come over here and get on your knees.  I ate your pussy yesterday, let’s see how good of a cock sucker you are.”

I smiled at him, pulled my dress off and was completely naked.  I dropped down in front of him as his pole got harder and harder.  I put my lips over the head and sucked him in and bobbed my head up and down and his breathing got harder.

“Faster, bitch,” he said. After a few minutes he grunted, “Swallow this load!” and he shot a wad down my throat.

I pulled away and saw that my son had been sucking one of the other guys and Carl had his cock up his ass! And Lindsay was being eaten out by the guy Mark was sucking!  Carl pulled out of Mark and plunged it into Lindsay while Buster had turned me over on my stomach and proceeded to ass fuck me.  I felt a hot load shoot into my ass and then someone else was turning me over and pushing his cock into my mouth.  I sucked him dry and suddenly the three men told us to go home and they would return to see us in a couple of days.

We returned to the cabin and found police inside.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“We have been told that three escaped convicts are here.  Were you molested by these men and do you know where they are?”

“No, we don’t know where they are but we were raped by all of them, time and time again.”

“Well, we will find them and bring them to justice. How can we be of service to you?”

I told them they were welcome to spend the night but there were eight of them and not much sleeping room.  Anyhow, I cooked up a big meal and fed them and us and I told them they could sleep wherever they could find room. I went up to my bed and crawled under the covers and dozed off.  I suddenly was awake with a man in bed with me, his arm over me holding my tit and his hard cock pressing up against my ass.

He said, “Don’t scream, lady. I know you had those guys fuck you recently cause I can smell it on you, so just be a good little woman and let me fuck you, too.”

He lifted the back of my nightie, lifted my leg and slammed his cock into me.  He fucked me slowly for about fifteen minutes and suddenly rammed it in harder and faster and grunted and shot his load into me.

“That was a great piece,” he said.  “My wife won’t let me fuck her any longer, so any pussy I can get, I take.”

I told him that he did a good job, that I was on the brink of cumming but didn’t cause I didn’t want the kids to hear me.  “I am loud when I cum,” I said.

I got up and looked downstairs to see if anyone was awake.  What I saw was four guys standing around my daughter, she was sucking them off and their hands were all over her.  In the corner, there was my son on his knees with four guys taking turns fucking him.

I went back to bed with this guy that had just had me and we slipped under the sheets again.  This time, we lay holding each other with him stroking my hips and ass.  His gentle kisses on my throat and tits were beginning to turn me on again, so I slid down and put his cock in my mouth and began to slowly suck him.  He grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth and unleashed a wad of cum that flowed down my throat and my chin.

“That was fantastic,” he said, and slid a finger along my clit and around to my asshole. “I am going to get a couple guys to come help me out here,” he said.  “I can’t seem to make you cum again.”

I told him that I was cummed out, but he insisted.  A couple of men came up the stairs and I watched as their cocks swayed from side to side and my pussy began to quiver again.  I couldn’t believe I had anything left, but apparantely was wrong because I lay back on my back, drew my legs up to my chin and felt the first cock ram home time and time again.  I was sucking the other man when I climaxed again so hard that I almost blacked out.  Before I knew it, one man had his cock in my pussy and the other in my ass and that’s the way I remember my week at the cabin with unexpected sex.


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