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Jack had answered an advert in the local paper to tidy up a large garden in the countryside on the outskirts of town. He had been interviewed by a solicitor, who gave Jack the impression that he was looking for someone with a lot more experience, So Jack was surprised that he had gained employment.
Jack’s first day, was going to be a daunting task, he still had not met his future employer.
Veronica, was in her late fifties, a good looking woman, her breasts were not over big but seem to strain inside a smaller fitting bra , What attracted Jack was her slender legs and the shape of her bum, it was of a teenagers. She was different from anyone else that Jack had encountered, cool calm and she appeared very sophisticated. Jack was never sure how to take this strong willed woman, or was she well out of his league, it became a challenge.
Jack eyed her from afar, making sure that if she caught him staring at her he could glance away and cause no embarrassment to either of them.
This type of watching got Jack very sexually excited and as he was at a distance away from her he could hide his erection.
Jack nearly came in his pants the day he saw her bending over a table in the conservatory, Veronica was wearing the tightest of legging’s, which pulled even tighter up the crease of her bum as she remained bent over. Jack’s instincts were to rush up behind her and rub his hands over the tight material, paying special attention to her sex cleft, Veronica did not appear to be wearing any knickers, Jack’s mind was racing, he had got himself into a dilemma, dare he follow his instincts or back away, forget about her, Jack, being Jack, found himself standing not more than a foot behind Veronica’s bent torso, he could almost feel the warmth radiating from her oh so sexy bum. Jack was deep into his fantasy world.
Then Jack became aware that Veronica was talking to him, it took a few moments for it to register, but he was sure he heard Veronica say, I bet you want to put your hands on my bum. Jack was now out of his fantasy and into reality, Oh yes….. Veronica then said what are you waiting for. Jack soon had his hand outstretched and was following the contours of her cheeks, Veronica eased her legs open a little wider and Jack’s left hand nestled into Veronica’s sex cleft, Veronica was not just a little damp she was truly awash with her own pussy juice, Veronica was so hot and horny , knowing that Jack was starring at her, she had been so sexually turned on she had a self induced orgasm.
But now she needed more, As Jack’s fingers settled into Veronica’s sex cleft he could feel her swollen sex lips , proving that she was not wearing anything below.
Jack put a finger and thumb on each side of her waistband and began slowly rolling Veronica’s leggings down her legs and onto the floor, where Veronica stepped out of them and turned to face Jack. Jack’s eyes lit up as he was now inches away from the baldest pussy Jack had seen, not even a wisp of pubic hair and no shaving redness. Veronica’s sex lips were pouting at him and her swollen clit was visible. Veronica sat upon the table , opened her legs wide and beckoned Jack to delve his tongue into her glistening pussy.
Firstly Jack followed the outline of Veronica’s sex lips , they were swollen and hard, but very wet and slippery. Then Jack pushed two fingers inside Veronica saturated pussy and began to tease her clit with them, this was driving Veronica mad with sexual excitement, she could hardly contain her next multi mind blowing orgasm that felt like it was going to rip her apart. Jack pushed his tongue deeper inside and as he began to nibble at Veronica’s extended clit with his teeth , that did it, Veronica could not suppress her orgasm .
Veronica’s body convulsed and went into spasms of pure sexual pleasure, her mouth opened and shut making deep gurgling noises, moans of sheer sexual ecstasy . Veronica’s pussy lips twitched in turmoil as Jack continued to lap up the river of cum that was flowing from deep within Veronica’s sex .
It was obvious to Jack that Veronica had not had this type of sex for a long time , maybe never. was she using him to make up for what she had been missing in her life? Jack did not care , all he knew was he was going to enjoy every minute in sharing Veronica’s sexuality.
Veronica took sometime to come back down from her high, her breathing was still quite erratic as she tried to talk, but Jack got the gist of it . Veronica was trying to say that if that was just the beginning she did not know if she would be able to last until the end.
Jack put his arm around Veronica’s shoulders to steady her, as she led him to her bedroom, Jack removed the rest of Veronica’s clothes, when he removed Veronica’s bra he could not help but notice that her nipples were long and pointed and still extremely hard, Jack leant forward and took one into his mouth and sucked on it, the other he rolled between his fingers and thumb, while Veronica tried to remove Jack’s clothes. In the end Jack reluctantly released her nipples and franticly tore off his remaining clothes. Laying Veronica on her bed, Jack lay beside her taking up the same position as before , this time he had her right nipple in his mouth and was sucking and nibbling on it like a baby, desperately trying to feed. Veronica loved to have her nipples chewed and sucked, they never seemed to go soft they were always very erect . ( They tasted so…..good. )
When Jack reluctantly came up for air, he lay on his back. Veronica kissed Jack firstly on the forehead and then proceeded to kiss him all over the face down his neck and onto his chest, as Veronica kissed she left a trail of saliva which ran in rivulets around Jack’s nipples, then Veronica would greedily lick at Jack’s nipples and suck them until they were as hard as her own. Veronica licked her way down Jack’s body until she reached her goal.
Cupping her hand under Jack’s ball sack, then slowly masturbating Jack’s already erect cock ,Veronica took the head of it into her mouth ,covering it in her own saliva, then began to nibble her way along the rigid vein, the sensation for Jack was out of this world. Jack could have ejaculated there and then. But Veronica was not going to let him off that easily. As Jack had released Veronica’s sexual prowess from deep within, she was going to give Jack some of his own medicine. Gently squeezing his bollock’s Veronica took Jack further into her mouth, she only stopped when Jack was sure he could feel her tonsils resting against his cock tip. Veronica closed her mouth around Jack’s cock and Jack could feel Veronica’s teeth digging into his cock flesh, Squeezing Jack’s bollocks and nibbling at his taut member Veronica began to slowly pull Jack’s cock out of her mouth. When the tip of Jack’s cock met with Veronica’s teeth she sucked it back down her throat. Veronica did this several times, Jack was quickly coming to the boil and was sure that any moment he would shoot his pressurised semen down Veronica’s throat. As Jack tried to pull his cock out of Veronica’s mouth, Veronica would grip a little tighter with her teeth, making sure that he got the message that she wanted Jack to fill her mouth up. Veronica did not anticipate just how much cum that Jack had stored up. Jack took hold of Veronica’s head and pushed and pulled his cock in and out of Veronica’s mouth , using it as an extension of her pussy. Then Veronica felt Jack’s body go rigid and what seemed like gallons of hot salty creamy cum shot out of Jack’s cock filling Veronica’s mouth to overflowing, Veronica swallowed as much as she could and what she could not swallow dripped out between her lips and dribbled down over her chin and onto her tits, which Veronica eagerly rubbed into them.
Veronica held Jack’s cock in her mouth long after it began to go limp and only released it when she was sure that she had licked every trace of Jack’s cum from all its nooks and crannies.
Jack was so exhausted that he fell asleep. He did not know how long he
had slept but it was dark outside. Veronica
was not about to let Jack get up and go. She was using one hand to masturbate Jack’s cock into a full erection and her other was deep inside her own sex. When Veronica felt Jack’s cock begin to twitch she new it was time, straddling Jack’s chest Veronica lowered herself down and impaled herself on Jack’s erection. Veronica liked to be on top, that way she could control her lovers, as Veronica manipulated Jack’s cock deep inside her womb, Jack stretched his arms to enable himself to play once again with Veronica’s erect pointed nipples. Soon Veronica was quickening her pace and grinding her hips into Jack’s groin, when yet another orgasm ripped through Veronica’s body, not quite as powerful as the first, her body still went into spasms and her pussy juice flowed out of her coating Jack’s bollocks and soaking the bed sheets.
Jack rolled Veronica onto her back keeping his cock buried deep inside her sex, lifting both her legs onto his shoulders, Jack began to thrust even deeper inside Veronica’s wanton hole, pistoning his cock in and out Veronica’s pussy, Veronica was soon exuding even more of her sex juice, which in turn Jack was rubbing it into Veronicas bum cleft, When Jack’s fingers slipped easily around Veronica’s tight bum hole he began teasing it, , Veronica was extremely tight as he pushed a finger up inside, Veronica let out a little gasp, but did not object. Veronica’s pussy juice was flowing like a river into the valley of her bum cheeks, Jack used her sex fluid to lubricate the sides of her puckered hole widening it which enabled him to push another finger up inside, that was the next turning point ,Veronica began to thrash about as the build up to an orgasm that can only be described as the biggest body explosion of Veronica’s life ripping through her body as fast as an express train, the rush was so intense that Jack had great difficulty in keeping his cock buried in Veronica’s pussy.
Veronica’s pussy muscles contracted with such varicosity that she nearly broke Jack’s cock in half, stemming his flow of semen, Veronica’s orgasm seemed to last for ages as rivers of her cum oozed out . With beads of sweat dripping from Jack’s forehead, the pressure on his now extremely tight ball sack was getting to the stage of being painful. Veronica’s pussy muscles relaxed ever so slightly and Jack began to ejaculate. the pressure was so great that it shot deep inside Veronica, stinging the walls of her cunt.
When Jack eventually pulled his fingers out of Veronica’s tight bum hole the rest of her body began to relax. It was Veronica’s who was now so exhausted that she could hardly get off the bed.
Not only were her pussy lips bruised and battered but every muscle in her body ached having succumbed to such sexual pleasures, of the like, that for many years Veronica had only dreamt of . Both Veronica and Jack had definitely abused eachother’s bodies for sexual gratification.
Veronica although very sore and extremely tired wanted it to go on, it had been many years since , if anyone, had made her feel this way and she did not want it to end. Jack eased himself off the sodden bed sheets and dragged himself into the shower room , turned on the shower and literally crawled under the water spray and let it dance over his shattered body. Veronica crawled off her bed, her pussy still oozing out their mixture of cum which was cold and sticky against her inner thigh, joined Jack on the floor of the shower.
As the water cascaded onto their bodies it appeared to wash away some of their exhaustion, Veronica had soaped her hands and began to lather up Jack’s deflated sex organ, Jack did not use any soap he just bent forward and began licking the spent cum from Veronica’s inner thighs.
Veronica had Jack’s cock stiff within a few minutes, what she was going to do with it , she was not sure… Her pussy lips were red raw and her well fingered bum was tightly closed and although she loved Jack’s fingers up it, she was not sure if she could accommodate his cock at this moment in time.
Jack’s tongue was having a cooling affect on Veronica’s bruised and battered cunt lips. And how she craved to feel Jack’s seed dripping out of one of her orifices.
Although Jack had stiffened up with Veronica’s manipulation of his flagging cock he was not sure if he had anything left inside his ball sack to give her, Veronica had drained him, so he suggested that although he thoroughly enjoyed his fucking of a life time and that he was eager for it to continue could they postpone any more action until later, Veronica reluctantly agreed then bent down and kissed Jack’s cock ……… saying I will have it later !!!!!!!

It was hours later that Jack had regained enough strength to dress and then drive the few miles back to his dark and dingy house.

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