Victoria Secret Fantasy

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I am in victoria’s Secret..looking around..touching & feeling the silky
> >fabrics..taking my time..looking around.. you are the undercover officer
> >they have hired to find out who’s been stealing inventory right under
> >their start to watch me.. I pick up a white lace bra & pantie
> >set; red see thru nightgown; & a black bustier with matching
> > a couple of other things along the way.. I enter a dressing
> > sit outside pretending to be waiting for someone.. I come out
> >wearing the white lace bra & pantie set..”Is this okay?”
> >nod..speechless..I go back into the dressing room & come back out
> >wearing the red see-thru big, beautiful, creamy breasts
> >peeking out..standing at turn as red as the
> >nightgown..nodding yes.. I leave once again..when I come back out I am
> >wearing the black bustier, matching fishnet stockings
> >being held up by two black & red garter high heels..”Do you
> >like this one?” smile, “Yes, I do!”..”Then this one is a
> >keeper!”..I smile, then turn to go back into the dressing room..I come
> >back out..”Could you help me out of all this?..Please?”, I ask…You
> >smile & follow me into the dressing untie the
> >breasts spilling into your touch them gently, circling the
> >nipples..then drink from them..I tremble..”Could you please help me out
> >of the stockings too?”..your hands caress my legs as you unhook the
> >stockings from the garters..sliding the stockings down my quaking
> >legs..then you slide down the drop to your knees..parting
> >me gently..then touching..then drinking from my slide me
> >down your body..kissing put me atop of rock back &
> >forth..exploding passionately..your mouth covers mine to keep my cries
> >muffled as I orgasm..I’d forgotten where I was.. when we were finished,
> >you helped me get dressed..touching my body, carressing it..”Stay, you
> >whisper..”Play with me.”..I gather up the clothes, kiss you passioantely
> >& leave.. it’s only later that you realize that I had not paid for any
> >of those things..and I was the woman you were supposed to be watching
> >out for..

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  1. fantaman

    As a guy who loves ladies in fancy undies, I appreciated your story very much. Your style is interesting and erotic. Please give us more.

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