walk in the park

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As I was walking threw the park about 9pm, Thinking of the lonely self married but with no passion. I was tiered of not getting to release my lust upon my wife. When this sad puppy dog came up to me, I sat there and petted it for a few minutes. Not seeing the owner watching me. She was a striking woman with a body full and figured. She walked up to me and said she like the gental side of me petting the lonely puppy. I said I think he is lost like me. She said how so? I said I am searching for the perfect passion. With that she said me too! She sat down next to me and strarted to touch my thighs. The shorts I was wearing were losse and made it easy for her to start stroking my cock. I reached around her neck and pulled her face to mine and kiseed her deeply darting my tongue in her mouth. I pulled away and started to tell her my name but she touched my lips and said let enjoy this but speak no more words.I agreed as she started stroking my cock! I reached down to play wither her pussy! Man she was dripping wet I put my fingers to my mouth and she tasted Great. I leaned back on the bench and she strattled me. She reached down a guided my throbing cock into her smooth and wet pussy. I could feel her slidding down and grinding on my cock working her hips I watched as her clit would grind against me. I started to suck on her breast, she had thick nimple dark brown I flicked them with my tongue. I could feel her slamming down on me pushing down on my chest as she slammed her pussy hard against me. I felt her clit getting tighter around my shaft. I was starting to cumm myself when she release her orgasim on me soaking me and grinding hard. I thrusted hard up against her and felt me squirting deep in her pussy.I felt her get up and bite me on the ear. I heard her say thank you, I said no thank you and open my eyes to see she had already walking away with the puppy. She looked back and put her pointer finger to her smiling lips winked and walked away.

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