I Want Her Boytoy

My very mature mother-in-law remarried a few years ago.  She surprised everyone with a young African husband.  Since I am one of the few who has accepted this arrangement from the jump, he is close to me.  One day he talked about how he and his friends took showers together.  My interest spiked, and I gently probed to see if this was an African expediency thing, or perhaps… alas, it seems not to be anything gay.  Still, my imagination has now been stirred.  I have seen him shirtless, and in shorts, but he is always careful not to reveal his cock.  Until two months ago.

He did not realize I was there and pulled off his shorts to get into a shower.  I watched him in the mirror, and almost fainted at the sight of his incredible, magnificent, manhood.  While he showered, I slipped into the room, just around the corner, and quietly stroked my own aching manhood as I used the mirror to watch his shadowy figure.  I closed my eyes and dreamed of what we would do.  I imagined he opened the shower door and called me in.  My hands would run over his finely chiseled chest, and down over his soapy buttocks.  Our manhood would stand side by side, as I kissed him softly, but passionately.

Then he would turn me, rub his magnificent member against the crack of my ass, reach around and stroke me as I leaned my ass into him.  His entry into my body would come gently, but firmly, the thickness of his manhood filling me nicely.  I would place my hands on the wall and bend slightly as he held my ass in his dark chocolate hands and began to drive deeper and deeper into me.  The exquisite pain of his long, thick cock would pleasure me like nothing before.

He would ask me if this was what I wanted.  If his cock was big enough, thick enough.  I would groan and beg him to go deeper, harder, hurt me.  I am your bitch, I would cry.  I would release all hold on my own manliness and become his willing whore.  He would grab my long hair and pull my head back.  Deeper and harder than ever before, he would begin to make rapid, vicious thrusts into me, sending blinding flashes of pain up my spine.  He would slap my ass so hard I would cry out, then he would begin a rapid fire series of thrusts into my now aching asshole.  His balls would slap against mine and I wouldn’t care.  I would lose myself in the purity of it all, and suddenly out of nowhere, I would come.

Of course, at this point, I jolted back to reality as my real release flew out and onto my hand.  With a fright I realized he had turned off the water!!  In a slight panic, I quickly made sure I had not left any evidence behind, took one last longing look at him in the mirror, and scurried off into hall and back to my own shower.  Oh what could we do.  Perhaps there is a chance, perhaps he knows my thoughts, perhaps…sigh.  I can hope can’t I!

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