Weightlifting Occurences

Burlington, NC was a small suburban town. Few people had heard of it and nothing ever happened there. Everything that could be done in the city could be done in one weekend. However, the biggest high school in the area, Williams High School, had its own agenda.
It was my senior year and I was so happy that I was going to get to graduate in December. Little did I know how much one of my classes really was going to affect me and my life.

“Weightlifting is such a fun class,” I told my friends.

I love the fact that I was going to get into shape, but I really love the fact that I had Coach Jason Simmons as a teacher. That fact was not lost on Chanese whom I told this to many times during class. I got away with staring at body parts because of his examples and demonstrations. One fateful day the stares all changed.

“Heather would you mind staying after a few minutes?” Coach Simmons asked me.

“Of course Coach, “I said.

After the bell rang I hung back and waited to see what he wanted. He was very blunt about it.

“I’ve been observing you during class and I think with some extra training you’ll be able to lift more than any girl in my classes. You’re amazingly strong as it is.” he said to me as I blushed. He continued on, “If you can make it I think before school at 7:15 should be good. Is that good with you?” Coach Simmons asked me.

“Of course it is.” I replied with a genuine smile. “See you then.” I finished and walked out of the weight room.

The next morning at 7:15 I walked into the weight room and he started giving me pointers and adjusting body movements. When we started on the squats, each time I finished a repetition he had his hands resting on my waist. I didn’t mind it, but I also didn’t think that it was normal.
For two weeks the same routine continued until one day he decided that both of us would complete a full workout. He had decided to save squats for the last set of the workout. He went through his sets first and after a few minutes finished out. He instructed me to go next and after each rep I could feel his hands grip just a little bit tighter on my waist.
After I finished we both stood there breathing heavily and my hair fell on my face. He reached up to my face and pushed the hair out of my face and tucked it behind my ear. We stepped in closer to each other face to face. His hand had never left my cheek.

He whispered barely audible, “You’re so beautiful.”

A breath escaped my lips that I didn’t know I was holding.

“You’re amazing,” I said barely a second later.

We both smiled at the same time. He leaned down and gently kissed me on the lips. After a few seconds we broke apart and gazed into each other’s eyes.

“Are you sure you want this?” He asked caringly.

“More than anything.” I replied in earnest.

With my spoken words he leaned down again and began kissing me more forcefully. The heat and sweat from the workout along with the heat I was feeling down in my pleasure area was almost too much for me.

“I need you,” I managed to paint out.

“Please.” he said.

He laid me down on the workout bench and got just on top of me. Our faces were mere centimeters from each other.

“More.” I rasp out.

“Gladly.” he says while smiling.

Our faces and tongues become intertwined again. He takes his hands and caresses them up and down my sides causing my shudder. At this he smiles into my lips and continues kissing me. He reaches down to the bottom of my shirt and lifts it up over my head as I do the same to him. My hands explore his chest muscles and abs. I memorize each and every single curve and crevice of his. I run my fingernails up and down his chest and I can feel his reaction to my movements. He lifts me up a bit and unclasps my bra. My breasts spill over and he eyes them in awe.

“They’re so perfect” he says in admiration.

He leans his head down and begins to suck and nip at them. My nipples hardened at the sensation he was giving me. My hands reached down lower and pulled the waistband out a little bit in response to show just how far I wanted to go. He took the sign and reached down and pulled my shorts and panties off as I pulled his shorts and boxers off. With a final act of need and desire he finally sheathed himself fully inside of me. I gasped out in surprise and pleasure. He gripped my thighs and began thrusting out and in slowly.

“You feel so good Heather.” he breathed out as we began kissing again.

Soon we were both moaning in response to each other. Picking up a little bit more speed I could feel the heat growing and my climax building. I could tell he was feeling it just as much as I was. With a few final thrusts he exploded inside of me as I reached my peak.

At the same time we both cried out with “I love you!” as the last waves of pleasure subsided. As soon as we both caught our breath we asked, “You do?”

I answered first, “Over the past month I’ve come to see just how incredible you really are.”

He replied back to me, “I’m glad I wasn’t the only one then.”

As this was said he leaned back down and kissed me possessively as if claiming me. With that we collapsed in a heap of limbs, breathing as if we had just run miles with our skin glistening with sweat.

“Come to dinner with me,” he said.

It was a request of the heart.

“Of course!” I replied.

“Meet me after school in here then.” he says.

“I’ll be here.” I say sweetly.

He looked at the clock on the wall and said to me that it was time for me to go to class. As I walked out of the door he game me a chaste kiss and said that he would see me in second period. Going up the stairs I looked back at his smiling figure.

That day during second period I felt the heat and tension in the air. That day we were starting clings and I was the first one he assisted. Chanese noticed this and questioned me about, but I just looked at her and said I didn’t know anything about it with a smile on my face.
The day couldn’t have gone by slower. As soon as the bell ran at 3:20 PM I hurried down to the weight room and 5 minutes later Coach Simmons walked in and shut the door.

“I missed you.” he said while kissing me.

“I missed you too.” I said back.

We both smiled at the other. Fifteen minutes later we were getting in his truck and heading to his house. Soon we arrived there and he took my hand and led me inside.

“You just sit here and I’ll make dinner,” he said mysteriously.

“You cook too?” I asked in surprise.

“But of course,” he replied with a coy smile.

“Simply amazing.” I muttered to myself in shock.

He smiled at me and made his way into the kitchen and called out to me, “Turn the TV on.”

I turned it on and searched for a channel and decided on the movie playing on USA. Coach Simmons walked back into his living room and watched a bit of the movie with me before more of the food was ready to be fixed. After a couple of hours the food was done and a new movie was on. We watched it while we ate his delicious pasta rigatoni with parmesan oregano sauce and fettuccini Alfredo topping. He turned the lights down low and lit some candles and we enjoyed the dinner with deep conversation about goals, hopes, dreams and lives. That night we felt closer than ever before.

By the time that the dinner and movie were over I didn’t want to go and voiced this aloud to him. “Then don’t. Sta
y the night with me,” he said to me.

“Since its Friday I’ll call my mom and tell her some excuse about sleeping over at my friend Jessie’s house.” I said deviously.

After that quick thin
king I was off the phone and free for that night and the next day. Jason looked in his living room and found “Great Expectations” and put it in the DVD player. We cuddled up on the couch.

“This feels so nice,” I said as I sighed contentedly.

“We’re definitively going to have to do this more often,” he replied to me.

I smiled at this.

Soon the movie was over and he stretched as he stood up and said that it was bedtime while he smiled mischievously. I went into his bedroom with him and changed into my baby blue silk pajamas and climbed into bed with him.

He turned off all the lights but one and whispered in my ear, “I love being with you,” as he kissed my ear then down my neck.

“Likewise” was all that I could mutter as I moaned.

He smiled into my neck and asked “You like?”

I replied heartily, “Gods yes.”

He continued his ministrations as I stroked his chest lightly with my fingertips and fingernails causing him to shudder again.

“You drive me crazy baby” he cried out.

I chuckled sexily at that and then finally I couldn’t take anymore. I pushed him back and I got on top of him and ground myself into him. He growled at the sensation. Words were now lost as he unbuttoned my shirt and threw it off of me and soon my bra followed. He took his hands and lightly played with my nipples making them hard and more sensitive. I reached down and pulled the rest of his clothes off and he slid my shorts and thong off. He reached his fingers down and began playing with my clit and I was sopping wet. I guided my hand to his cock and rubbed it up and down as I placed it at my entrance and rubbed it back and forth.

“I need to be in you now,” he pleaded with me.

I pushed myself down fully on him as we both moaned loudly at the sensation. He took his hands and put them on my waist and directed me as I rode him the only way I knew how. After a few minutes of this I could feel my release around the corner and as I came I screamed Jason’s name. At the intensity of my orgasm Coach Simmons spilled all of his seed within me and cried out my name as I had done him.

As we both calmed down he whispered to me, “I love you Heather.”

I grinned widely and said “I love you too Jason.”

For a few minutes we laid there intertwined and talked. Too tired to get dressed again we stayed like that and drifted off into a dream filled sleep with smiles on our faces.

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