Well, he did ask us to.

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After my wife showed my friend Bob in the workshop one night, he had mentioned that we should teach his girlfriend Andrea how to give good head. I guessed she was a head of cocksucker only. I figured it was time to hatch a plan and get my wife to participate also.
Bob and Andrea were over one weekend and Bob had to run to work to run 1 report on the printer from inventory. He asked me if I wanted to go but I winked at him and said I’d stay here with the ladies if it were ok. I think he caught on cause he said ok I’ll be back in about 2 to about 2-1/2 hours.
I kept pouring the wine for the women and was hoping my wife would go along with my plan and also that Andrea would not be pissed off.
I started the conversation knowing or hoping Angela would pick it up as we usually do if she’s in the mood. They had half a buzz on already from the wine and I asked the girls who gave better head, Andrea or herself Angela, I know Angela is a 10 on a 1-10 scale but I had to start somewhere. Luckily she picked up on it and said to Andrea, ” Where do you place your self on a 1-10 scale? Andrea replied maybe a 4 I guess, I’m not to practiced at it because I don’t think I’m that good. I said there ought to be classes held here, I think my wife’s a 10!
Angela said do you want to see Andrea? I’ll show you some tips. Andrea’s eyes widened as she swigged her wine and her cheeks we’re blushing red as she said ok, but how? My wife said I’m sure my husband would be a willing participant, she was very very correct!
She already had my shorts working their way down my legs as Andrea stared at my semi hard cock aiming across the room from about 4 feet away on the couch. Angela picked it up and gently kissed its head but stopped to say “Andrea how can you learn anything from over there?” Angela got down on her knees in front of me as Andrea got on hers right next to my wife. My wife then licked up on side and up the other, my cock was at full attention now, aiming at the ceiling. Angela said just start slow like this Andrea, she wrapped her mouth around about 2 inches of the cock and slid her mouth up and down a few times. I hated it every time she stopped to talk to Andrea about was she getting it? She said now watch and slid her mouth over my cock again, this time working about 4 inches into her mouth, sliding and gently sucking from half shaft to tip.
Andrea was leaning way in now; about 18″ from my wife’s face sucking my cock, Angela pulled it out and said to Andrea, ” so do you think you get that part?” Andrea said I guess so, when Angela aimed my cock toward her and said show me I think she was flabbergasted, I don’t think she thought we meant to try it. Are you sure she said? What did you think I meant my wife said? Andrea leaned over and kissed my cock head as she wrapped her pretty little hand around my shaft, slowly working it up and down, first she took about 2 inches in backed off and then took about 4 inches in, gently sucking and swirling her tongue around and sliding to the top.
Good my wife said as she grabbed my cock and said now try this. In one swoop she buried my cock to the base with the rest going down her throat, (she’s been there many times) Not a gag reflex to be heard or seen, “Dam Andrea said I could never do that!” I bet you could if you tried and worked slowly Angela said, give it a shot. Andrea grabbed my cock again and parted her lips, she took my cock in until I felt it hit the top or back of her throat, as it did she gagged a bit but was a trooper and tried again. When she got it back in as far as she could Angela told her to relax and pretend she was swallowing it. She did as instructed and relaxed and pushed as I felt her throat seem to open and my cock slide in further and further until I felt her lips against my base. She relaxed and I began to feel muscles I bet she didn’t know she had, she seemed to be enjoying it almost as much as I was. She was now going from head to base slowly each time my cock went in. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer and I told Andrea I was gonna catch a nut soon, she asked Andrea if it was ok to cum in her mouth or rather down her throat? Throat she asked? Sure just take it all back in when he starts to cum and it will shoot down your throat. Angela took my cock to the base and worked her throat muscles while cupping my balls and rubbing them gently, like that she said when she popped it back out. Ok Andrea she replied and went back at it, buried my cock this time in one shot and started rubbing my balls, she knew I was going to cum as she really started what felt like squeezing going on from her throat, I couldn’t hold any more. 1 2 3 4 5 maybe 6 shots went down her throat, I was very happy when she didn’t gag or stop for that matter, she knew enough to suck it until it went flaccid and milked me until all the cum was out of me. Now that wasn’t so bad was it Angela asked, “No as a mater of fact it tasted fine” Andrea replied.
I can’t wait till I tell Bob or rather I think I let his girlfriend and my wife show him what she learned.

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Well, he did ask us to., 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. wet_at_the_touch

    hey i think i can learn from that too. i’ll take notes. write another one

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