What are we doing? Part II

The affair continues….

Waking up the next day, she is full of thought, but no regret. “Is that bad?” she thought. Her whole life she was the perfect daughter, the loyal friend, the faithful wife. Now, she had crossed a line that was very unfamiliar to her and yet she couldn’t turn away. Her friend and soon to be lover, was like a drug. And for someone like her, this could be a heartache waiting to happen.

He called her up just as he promised. The thrill of hearing the phone and seeing his name was all she needed to put a smile on her face for the day. He wanted to see her. She thought, “yeah, and do what with me?” but in her heart, she already knew. They met at a dark local parking lot away from everyone’s eyes. She was dressed for a night on the town with friends. He got in her car and held her hand. He gently brushed her cheek and laid a deep, soft kiss on her mouth. They shared their wet tongues over each other. His kissing was like every kiss she fantasized about. He knew when to be gentle and when to grab her hair with more demand and take her inhibitions away. She wanted more of him. “If his mouth was this great in a kiss, could you imagine what it would be like on her breasts?” she thought. As if he read her mind, he carefully pushed her blouse to the side and kissed the exposed part of her breast very softly. With his hand, he slid his finger around and found her nipple waiting for him. When he placed his hot, moist mouth around her nipple, she nearly lost it right there! This was too intense. To show his arousal at the situation, he placed her hand on his hard cock that she could clearly feel beneath his jeans.

Feeling the jeans and imagining what he must feel like was racing through her mind. She was definitely entering uncharted territory now. She need not imagine for long for he took out his cock for her to see and touch. It was beautiful! Smooth, perfect size and ready for her attention. She began to massage it with her hands and he took great pleasure in her endeavors. Just as things were heating up, her friends called looking for her and that was the end of their tryst.

The next day, they met briefly for business. It was difficult for her not to show her affection for him around others. She suspected the same rang true for him. They did, however, make arrangements to meet the following night to pick up where they left off.

She met him on the other side of town and after a brief drive they arrived at a dark, quiet park. She placed the car in gear and turned the radio on low. They shared a long, deep kiss. She knew things were going to go farther tonight and although a bit nervous, she was ready. Before they met she changed into her matching pink lace bra and panties. The pink bra is her favorite. It makes her C-cup breasts look magnificent. They are soft, white and with a light-colored nipple that gets slightly darker when aroused. She jokingly says that she has something to show him and pulls her shirt around the bottom of her breasts to give them center stage. She can see that he is quite pleased. He immediately goes after them. First his hands, then his mouth. Fuck, he drives her crazy!

As following his silent command, she feels for the hardness under his jeans. There it is! She pushes his hand away and she undoes his belt and pants. He helps pull them off slightly as there is not much room in a car. She knows what he wants. The desire is there, the courage to do it, is slow coming. But she wants to please him. After a long deep kiss, she placed her lips around the head of his cock. Slowly she slides her way down and back up. She licks the underside and head. Oh, yeah, he’s liking this….his body responds just as she hoped it would. His breathing becomes a little deeper, he clenches his hands by his side and starts stroking her exposed breast. Slow, fast, slow. Deep, shallow, suck. He can’t stand it. He gently pulls her hair to the side so he can see what she is doing to him. She would love to see the look on his face right now, but she is not that courageous. She can’t believe how smooth his cock is. The taste is sweet and although she hasn’t done this in a long time, apparently she is doing something right.

He pulls her off for another deep, probing kiss. He loves to touch her breasts. He kisses her neck, breasts and places his hand between her legs to feel the wetness between them. Before she knows it, he is in her jeans with his fingers. He likes being in control – and she likes him there too. He slides his finger down between her lips and feels the wetness that is there for him. He puts his attention to the pearl at the top. He rolls his finger around it and back down to her vagina, where he begins to explore her with his fingers. Slow, fast, slow. Deep, shallow, tease. It is now more than she can take. At first, she tries to hold back but the sounds coming from her mouth are coming from a place that has been quiet for too long. He is being commanding now, both with his fingers and his voice. He tells her to look at him. He wants to know what she wants him to do. He is trying to bring her out of her comfort zone. She begins to think that if he could, he would take her jeans off and taste her. And as if he was reading her mind, he takes one of his wet fingers and sticks it in his mouth and then hers. Back to the pearl again. He takes great pleasure in making her squirm. At one point, she is moaning and pressing herself over the seat and into the back seat so he can get a better advantage point. When he decides she has had enough, he stops and lays a wet, soft kiss on her lips and brings her close.

She is exhausted. He is in control, as always. Oh, how she would love to take that control away from him once. She would love to seem him squirm and moan. She would love to know that he could not get enough of her. She wants him to want her – not for the thrill of the affair but because of her.

That night, she got home and put the kids to bed. He called her to say good-night. They talked for awhile and then she went to bed and slept like a baby….

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