What He Doesn't Know

What He Doesn’t Know
By Cindy

During the last story you read about the power and control my cop has over me. He cuffed me to a fence and spanked my ass for being late to our nightly meeting. He even had a mystery cop fuck me while he watched. When he drove me back to my car I was still horny as hell. We kissed goodbye and I told him to call me later. Here is where it gets interesting;
I was driving back to work and decided that I didn’t get enough cock for the night so I called a friend of Dave’s. I told him to meet me in the park next to my workplace and to be there in 5 minutes or he would miss out. I knew this lack of detail would work on him because every late shift cop is horny and curious about a large breasted beauty like me. “John” pulled his police car into the park and began looking for me. I was sitting on the picnic table near the back of the park where we couldn’t been seen. John got out of his car and walked up to me. He asked me what I was referring to on the phone. I walked to him and said ” how would you like the blow job of your life?” He responded by taking off his gun belt and dropping his pants revealing a semi- erect 7 inches of cop cock! I laid him back on the picnic table and engulfed his cock, I began to slowly work my mouth up and down his shaft. I licked the underside teasingly while I stroked him with my lips. I started slowly and with a firm mouth at first, I then alternated these strokes with and much faster and looser lips on that cock. Dave taught me this technique and he was apparently correct as John became stiffer and stiffer. I love the feel of a super stiff cock sliding in and out of my mouth and have been at this since I was 15! Anyway, I continued to suck this cock alternating my style from slow and tight to fast and loose. John became so hard I thought he might explode! I have never sucked on his cock before and boy was he a treat. I worked him for at least 15 minutes when he finally stood up and threw me onto the table. I hit the table so hard that I thought it would break. John tore down my pants and saw that I had no underwear on. I was still wet and creamy from my last encounter just 30 minutes ago! John took his hard cock and rammed into my pussy. He literally fucked me as hard as he could pump me for about 3 minutes. I was moaning and began to sweat when I felt his cock tense. He grabbed my hair and yanked me from the table stuffing his cock into my throat. He fucked my mouth a couple of strokes and shot a hot wad of cum into my throat. He then pulled out and continued shooting his cum all over my face. He held my hair tightly in his hands as he then stuffed himself back into my mouth and fucked it furiously for a few minutes. Just as John had finished and pulled out of my worn out mouth my cell phone rang. Dave was on the other end. He asked ” what are you doing?” I said ” nothing really, just thinking about my lunch break!”
What he doesn’t know….

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