What I did on my summer vacation part 2 the biker

What I did on my summer vacation part 2 the biker bitch
By Rick

My third day at the Adirondack A frame camp was even more interesting than the first . I was looking forward to having Amy come to lunch . I was actually looking forward to banging her again . I was surprised when she called me and asked if she could bring a friend along that was interested in buying the camp . No problem I said I just made chili and there is plenty . Great she said we’ll be there around 2 P.M. .
I poured my self some more coffee and turned on my computer and checked my email and logged off . I picked up a new book and went outside and sat in the sun naked and read . It was about a quarter to two so I put my book down and went in and got dressed . I had just zipped up my jeans when I heard a motorcycle come up the steep road to the camp . I went out and saw a genuine chopper with two people on it , one was Amy in her coveralls .
The chopper pulled to a stop in front of the door . The driver got off and so did Amy . When the driver took the helmet of it was obviously another woman . She was Very , Very large . Her long dark hair reached past her knees . I wondered how she got it in her helmet . She took off her leather jacket and I could see that she had huge tits and a bigger ass . Her shirt said I’m the bitch that fell off !
Rick this is Karen Amy said . Karen held out her hand and we shook hands . Her arms were covered with tattoos . Her brown eyes were set deeply in her head . Karen had several piercings one at the corner of her right eye a stud in her chin and three studs on her tongue . She looked to be about 45 years old . She smiled and said Amy says that you won’t mind if I look the place over . I don’t mind at all I replied . Lets take a tour of the place and then have some chili. That sounds good Amy said I’m getting hungry . I showed both of them the entire place . I don’t know how much land comes with the place I said but the view is nothing short of spectacular . Karen asked if I knew what the owner was asking and I told her what he had told me what he wanted for it . Karen said well my man is getting out of the slammer in a year and I want someplace we won’t be bothered . The place is set up as a year round house unlike a lot of places around here .
I wondered what her man was in the slammer for but didn’t ask . Lets have lunch I said . What would you like to drink ? I asked . A couple of beers for me Karen said . Amy said that she would like a cola . I got the drinks for them and a coffee for me . I took three bowls out and put some wild rice in the bottom of each bowl and the put come chili from the crock pot in each bowl . I placed the bowls on the table on the back deck along with some sourdough bread that I had made that morning . Hey this is good chili Karen said I’ve never had chili with rice and mushrooms before ! It’s how I make it I’m glad you like it I said . That’s quite the chopper you have I said it must have cost a ton of money ! I paid fifty thousand for it she said with great pride had it custom made down state . I almost choked I had paid less than that for my double wide ! Wow I said that’s is a ton of money . Karen grinned and said my dad left me a shit load of money and I’m going to enjoy it . Good idea I said . That dumb assed man of mine had to get drunk and beat up a couple of troopers a two years ago so now I’m looking for a place for him to spend his parole time here in New York . Once he’s done with that shit we are moving to Montana where I own a 1200 acre ranch . Cool I said . Amy changed the subject and asked what I did for a living . I explained about being in Public relations . I could use a PR guy Karen said I’m going to start a bikers retreat in Montana . I gave her my business card and said we have a branch in Montana so if your serious we can help. We finished our chili with small talk about the Adirondacks and how nice and quiet it was at night . everyone wanted seconds on the chili and he brownies went quickly afterwards . Karen said shook my hand and said thanks Rick maybe I’ll come around and take some pictures in a few days and send them to my man . Fine with me I said . Amy said I’ll see you later but I have to work to do on the farm tonight . They left I could hear the chopper for quite a while . I did the dishes and put the remaining chili in the refrigerator . I got a soda and picked up my book and read .
I must have fallen asleep because I woke up with a start at the sound of the chopper coming up the long driveway to the cabin . I looked at my watch it was almost 6 P.M. I had been out for a couple of hours . Karen came to the back deck with a digital camera in her hand and a camcorder over her broad shoulder .
I didn’t think you would mind if came back and took some pictures and video . It’s ok with me I said . She asked if she could go in and take pictures of the inside . I said sure . I got up and went in and got another soda . I was reading when Karen came out with a beer in her and sat and said thanks . No problem I said . Amy said that you walk around nude a lot . I grinned and said I do . Me too she said and pulled off her shirt. She was not wearing a bra her huge tits hung down and I could see that she had pierced nipples . I pointed at her nipples and asked didn’t that hurt ? She pulled up her right tit by the nipple ring . Not much the one in my cunt hood did hurt a bit she said as she stood up and pulled her jeans off . She lifted her left leg up on the table and showed me the ring in her pussy . Sorry but I haven’t shaved it since dumb ass wound up in the slammer . No reason to so I just let it grow wild . The jet black pussy hair had some gray in it . There were tattoos all over her body . Is there a tattoo under there I said pointing to her pussy . Yep she said it says lick before entering . I laughed and she turned around and on he ass it said enter if you dare ! There was a dragon that wrapped around her back and had it’s tongue licking her left nipple . Now you strip she said I hate to be the only naked person around . I said fine but I don’t have any body art . I stripped and Karen said hairy little guy aren’t you . I guess I said . Well , well looks like you like what you see . She said as she grabbed my swelling cock . I do love big women I said . I’m a big woman and I love to fuck and suck she said and she bent over and sucked on my cock so hard that it hurt . Sorry she said I’m out of practice . I said it’s ok nothing broken . I lifted her left tit and sucked on the nipple gently pulling at the nipple ring as I ran my tongue around the nipple . Shit she said I love that . She said twist the other one while you suck on one . She sat back and made funny noises as I played with her huge nipples . They were hard and stuck out a couple of inches the nipple rings shaking as she was moaning . I put my hand down and fingered her pussy . She moaned even louder and said I make a lot of noise when I fuck . Good thing the nearest neighbor is a couple of miles away . YES ! She shouted when I ran my wet finger over her clit . I got down on my knees and licked her clit and gently tugged on her hood ring . FUCK she shouted that feels good . I started to lick her clit and finger fuck her . She squeezed her fat thighs together and said DON’T STOP ! I fingered her cunt harder and faster and sucked harder on her clit . OH ! OH ! SHITTTTTT! She said as she came . Her hips bounced up and down and she squeezed even harder but I didn’t even slow down . She screamed DON’T STOP ! I sucked on her clit and ran my tongue around it as hard as I could and had three fingers in her cunt she came so hard and screamed so loud that I though she would pass out . She suddenly released my head from the vice grip of her thighs and said . Thank you I needed that ! She was panting like a dog . Holy shit that was good she said . I aim to please I said . So do I she said and grabbed me by my waste and picked me up . She licked my hard cock like a dog licking a water dish . she sucked on the head of my cock until I
came and she swallowe
d every last drop . That was awesome I said please put me down . She laughed and said sorry . She picked up her beer and chugged it .
Not bad I thought to myself two different women in two days this cold be one hot spot for cunt even if it is in the middle of nowhere .

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