WhaT I did on my summer vacation part 3

What I did on my summer vacation Part 3
By Rick

I t was Wednesday of my first week and I woke up and opened one eye and saw the rain pouring down so I just pulled the covers over my head and went back to sleep . I had intended to go fishing but I won’t spend a day in a small boat in the rain . I finally got up at 8 that morning . It was raining even harder . I showered and went down stairs in my slippers and bath robe and started a fire in the huge stone fireplace . I went to the kitchen and made some coffee. The room was warming quickly and I took off my bathrobe and turned on the satellite TV . I wasn’t surprised that there wasn’t anything I wanted to watch . I fired up my laptop and logged on to the internet . I was surprised that no one I knew was on line . I checked my email and nothing interesting there either . I turned off the laptop and picked up my book . Jack Higgins writes great novels and before I knew it I was hungry . I looked at the clock and it was almost noon . It was still raining so I warmed up the lamb stew I had made the day before . I finished my lunch and went back to my book . It was a while later that someone knocked at the door ! Who in the hell can this be ? I asked myself . I put on my robe and went to the door . To my great surprise it was Barbara . Come on in I said . She smiled and asked if she had gotten me out of bed . No I said just reading in the nude and I didn’t expect visitors . What are you doing here ? I asked . I thought you were working today . I was but I finished early and thought I would come here and have dinner and maybe spend the night I can leave early in the morning and still get to work in time . I hope you don’t have any plans .No I said I like your idea . I was planning on having fish tonight but I didn’t go fishing because of the rain . I hope you like lamb stew . That would be great she said it’s a stew or soup kind of day . Would you like something to drink ? I asked . A soda would be nice she said . I showed her the kitchen and then took her on a tour of the A frame . This is nice she said to bad it isn’t on a lake . I agreed with her and said the owner wants a fortune for this place as it is . When I told her what he was asking for the place she said No Way ! I said that’s what he wants . We were heading up the broad log stairs to the loft when she saw the view from the master suite she said this view is awesome but not worth what he wants. I said that’s what I told him but he thinks some sap from New York City or Philadelphia will think it’s a bargain . Maybe Barbara said but I wouldn’t pay half that much . Well , well she said a king sized bed with a second story balcony ! And no curtains I said and took my robe off you can flash the entire county from up here . Barbara laughed and said you pervert ! I’ve been called worst than that I said with a smile . Barbara started to undress and said lets see what it feels like to flash and entire county . She stepped out of her clothes and went out on balcony . Hey this is kind of fun she said and turned around and bent over and mooned the forest below . I laughed and said for such a straight laced lady you can let loose every once in a while . She was laughing like a child . You bring out the pervert in me she said . She sat in one of the chase lounges on the balcony . It was still raining but the roof over hung the balcony by a couple of feet so it was still dry if a bit cool . Oh look at that she said my nipples are hard . I bent over and gave her a long French kiss and pinched her nipples . OH ! She said that feels great ! I’ve been horny all day . We can take care of that I said and started to suck on her nipples and finger her pussy . Barbara started to moan and her cunt was getting quite wet . Yes Rick she said I need some calming down . I grinned and stuck a second finger in her pussy . Oh Shit ! She said I need this and it’s fun to do it outside . I moved down and licked her clit as I fingered her wet pussy . She squirmed and moaned as I got her hotter and hotter . She wrapped her legs around my head and squeezed and suddenly she screamed and shook and squeezed even harder as she came . She was making noises the were almost words but she was shaking and squeezing with her legs for over a minute while I continued to suck hard on her clit . Finally she said please stop , please . I stopped and she released her leg lock on my head . Damn I needed that Rick . I thought that was what you wanted I said with a grin . She reached down and grabbed my hard cock and said slip that in and I’ll be even happier . I got a condom from the bed room and startled the lounge chair and slowly slipped my hard cock in her cunt . Oh that feels so good she said and moved her hips in time with my stroking cock . The condom had a delay cream for me and ribs on the outside for her . She was enjoying herself . I was stroking as slowly as I could and she came several times as I was also rubbing her clit with my finger . Faster she said and I stroked faster and rubbed her clit harder . I was stroking as fast as I could when we both came at the same time . She pulled me deep into her cunt with her legs as we came . She screamed as loudly as she could . OH FUCK ! OH FUCK! I stopped stroking but she held me with her legs for a couple of minutes and shook and gyrated her hips and whimpering. My cock was soft and the condom almost came off when I was finally able to pull my cock out . Thank you Rick she said I really needed that . It was just as good for me I said .
We had sex twice again that night and once in the morning before she left for work . I tried to talk her into staying but she is a dedicated employee and left at 5 A.M. so she would be at work in time . I went back to sleep .It was still raining but I didn’t even notice it .

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