What I did on my summer vacation part one

What I did on my summer vacation
part one
BY Rick

I was unable to rent the cabin in the Adirondacks that I had in the past because the owner had sold it . I did find a much nicer place to rent . It was an A frame on the top of a hill . It wasn’t on a lake but it did offer a great deal of privacy and had a great view of the valley below . The nearest neighbor was a dairy farm five miles away . I could walk around nude as much as I wanted . The place had satellite dish that allowed high speed internet connection as well as TV . Cool I thought I could still enjoy the internet while I was far from a city and my work . I rented the place for four weeks . Sue , the strawberry blonde Jewish lady , would be coming up for the last week . I figured I’d be jerking off a lot the first three weeks maybe on my web cam . I brought several books to read and planed to do some writing and maybe driving to fourth lake and get some fishing in . I was planning to do my shopping in Old Forge .
The first night I was surprised at how quite it was . It got a bit chilly and I had a nice log fire in the fireplace and was reading a Jack Higgins book and sipping scotch . I was sitting in the big arm chair more relaxed than I had been in quite a while .
The next morning I got dressed and went into Old Forge to get some supplies that I had forgotten to bring . I also picked up a couple of used paper back Agatha Christie mysteries . I was driving my pick up back to the A frame when another pick up went roaring past me on the narrow road that lead to the cabin . About a mile down the road the truck that had passed me was pulled over with steam billowing from under the hood . There was a figure in coveralls standing in front of the truck opening the hood . I pulled in ahead of the truck and got out to see if I could help .
Can I help ? I asked . The person turned around it was a lady probably in her mid thirties about my height . She was not fat but she sure wasn’t thin . She had Blonde hair and brown eyes . It was tough to tell what her figure was like in the over sized coveralls . I could tell that she had a good sized ass . Her face and hands belonged to someone that had worked hard most of her life .She smiled and her whole face lit up . It’s my brothers truck she said he has mine today . I looked under the hood . Well the top hose has split I said and I’d have it towed . Can I give you a lift to a garage ? Well she said I live up the road about three miles do you think I could drive it that far ? I looked at the truck and said I wouldn’t That engine has a lot of mileage and over heating it would be a bad idea . I suppose your right . Damn my ice cream will melt she said . Don’t worry I said my truck is air conditioned . Thank you she said and stuck out her hand . I’m Amy . I shook her hand and said I’m Rick . She got her things out of her brothers truck and got in mine .
Well Rick she said what are you doing on this road ? It isn’t exactly a high way . I rented the cabin on the hill for the next four weeks I said . The big A frame ? Yes I said . I’ve always wanted to look that place over she said but the guy that owns it gives me the creeps . I laughed he is a bit strange I said with a grin . But I doubt he would bother you I don’t think he like women . She laughed and said that is what I thought to . I’m not sure I said but I wouldn’t bet money on him having any children . She laughed again and said the left turn to the farm is up on the left after the next turn . I turned into the driveway to the farm . It was another mile until we reached the big old farm house . Thank you she said shaking my hand and picking up her packages . If you want to see the place your welcome to come over anytime I said . I gave her my cell phone number and said just call first so I can get dressed . You don’t need a suit and tie to show me around she said with a sly smile . I grinned and said I am often nude when I’m alone I said . She looked me square in the eyes and said that would be fine with me . She closed my truck door and said I’ll be seeing more of you and walked to the house .
I drove back to the cabin and stripped and took a shower . I dried off and went out on the deck and read for a while . I decided to check out the internet connection . I had set up a wireless connection so I could use my lap top wherever I wanted . The connection worked very well I was happy . I chatted with an old girl friend after I had checked my email . Then I cooked a steak on the grill and had a beer. I went inside as it was getting a bit chilly which isn’t unusual in late August in the Adirondacks . I picked up my book and sat in the big chair again . I was sipping on a scotch when I felt a breeze and I turned around to see Amy standing in her coveralls with her hands on her hips . Well she said you weren’t kidding I see. I wasn’t quite sure what to say I was just glad that I wasn’t jerking off ! Would you like a drink I asked ? That would be nice she said do you have any white wine . I do I said and got up and poured her a glass of wine . Make your self comfortable I said as I handed her the glass . Oh that’s a good idea she said and took off her coveralls . She was not wearing any underwear . She had a nice set of tits that hung straight down and a hairy pussy the pussy hair was brown not the blonde of the hair on her head . Her ass was quite large and her calf were also large . Very , very nice I said . She took a sip of her wine and said my ex didn’t think so . Ah well I said he obviously needed glasses . She laughed and said I was promised a tour of the place . I showed her around ending up in the bedroom on the upper loft . I pointed out the huge windows and said just in time to see the sunset . It was quite a spectacular view . Nice she said now what do we do ? I rubbed my hand on my chin and said since we are in the bed room and naked and we are both adults I suggest sex would be a good idea . She rubbed her hand on her chin and I like the sound of that as long as you have condoms up here I left mine in my coveralls down stairs . I said damn I forgot mine in the glove compartment of the truck . Bad boy she said I guess we will just have to confine ourselves to oral sex until we go down stairs . We started to kiss and fondle each other . My cock was hard in a very short time . I was fingering her when she came . She was very vocal and I was glad that nobody was nearby . I started to lick her cunt and suck on her clit and she bucked and groaned and screamed as she came again and again. Don’t stop she shouted she pulled my head deeper and deeper into her crotch her strong legs squeezing my head harder and harder . She finally released my head she was covered in perspiration she was breathing heavily her eyes had a wild look in them . Where did you learn to eat a woman out like that ? I know some bi women and they have taught me well I said . They sure have she said . Now it’s your turn she said and pushed me down and started to suck on my cock . She licked the head and deep throated the whole thing . She sucked and teased my hard cock with her hot tongue . I’m going to cum I said . She just moved her tongue faster and faster around the head of my cock and literally sucked the cum out of me. Not bad for a fat assed old broad she said with a great deal of pride . Awesome I said . Lets go down stairs and chat for a while she said and then we can fuck . We sat naked on the sofa sipping our drinks . What made you come here tonight ? I asked . I liked you from the first second I saw you she said and you wanted to help you didn’t stare at my oversized ass and you were polite . That and the comment about my calling first because you were nude most of the time was just the perfect combination of an invitation and a hint that you were interested in me. Of course the fact that I haven’t had sex in over a year was a factor. I was afraid that you would be offended I said but I didn’t want to have you come up here and see me naked and have you think I was trying to flash you I said . I happen to like larger women an
d a big ass is turn
on for me . She said well lets fuck I have to get home and get some sleep I have to milk some cows early in the morning tomorrow I have to start early my brothers and I take turns getting up early . We started to make out again . I sucked on her clit and she came again . Damn you fuck me she shouted . I put the condom on and started to fuck her doggie style . The fat in her ass rippling as I stroked my cock in and out or her wet cunt . She was very loudly moaning and telling me to stroke either faster or slower depending on what felt better as she came closer to an orgasm . When she did come she screamed like someone had scared her . I came and pulled my cock out and took off the condom . Amy turned around and faced me and said you can see why when I masturbate I have to do it when my brothers are away I’m loud when I cum . I guess you are I said . I have to go she said but if it’s ok with you I’ll be back . You can come by anytime you like I said and gave her a deep long kiss . She smiled and said I’ll try and come around tomorrow afternoon . I’ll make lunch I said . That would be nice she said as she pulled her coveralls on . She stroked my cock one and said it isn’t big but it’s nice . She left . I heard her truck start up and she drove off .
I was happy I took a shower and went back to my book .

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