what i want done to me while being tied up

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I am taken to a secluded location where a man has all the sex toys, items and items to secure me with set up. He then undress me slowly taking in every part of my body. He gentle lays me on the bed, placing two pillow under the middle of my back, he then gentle removes a scarf and takes my arms and lifts them above my head and ties them in place, he then removes two more scarfs, and gentle spreads my legs, he uses one scarf to tie my left leg to left side of bed and does the same with the right, that way i am completely exposed to him, he then takes out the blind fold and blind folds me, that way i am unaware of what he is about to do. He then starts slowly nibbling his way up my legs to my thigh all they while his hands are caressing my body, his fingers gentle slidde across my pussy. He then reaches into his bag and takes out a inflatable butt plug which he inserts slowly into my anus, and slowly inflates, he then removes a dildo and gentle inserts it into my pussy, as i squirm he slowly inflates the plug more, he then processed to slide the dildo in and out of me getting deeeper and deeper, he stops just as im ready to climax, he then removes the plug and inserts an a finger still sticking the dildo in and out of my hot moist pussy, his mouth is sucking hard on my clit causing me hips to humps his mouth. he then removes the dildo and starts inserting fingers slowly as he reaches four fingers in me he starts fucking me hard wiith then and the dildo is being slide further and further into my anus, im am begging him for his hard cock, and he laughs and says im not ready, he removes items from my holes reaches in his back for the ultimate anal spreader which he inserts and spreads, he also attaches rubber tip forceps to my pussy lips so that he has complete exposure to my clit, he then spreads the anal spreader futher as not to cause much pain, with the forceps in place he takes out a garden hose and turns on the water and aims at my clit, nowing that im getting ready to climax he applies more water, im begging me to fuck me and he said not yet, he slowly removes everything turns off water, and inserts a dildo into my ass and slowly inserts his hard cock into my hot pussy as he is ramming his cock into me he is ramming the dildo into my ass, my body is quivering my now and he said that he is ready to let me come but just one more thing, he takes his hard cock and switches places with the dildo he is now ramming his hard cock deep into my ass and the dildo deep into my pussy, he now says htat i can cum and cum i do.

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