What the hell, they're just Nuts

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This is dedicated to the brave Men that have, through no choice of their own, have had to say “Hasta la vista” to two of the things that sadly enough, make a Man feel like a Man. Their Nuts! I have spent most of my professional life researching this subject…..and I have come to the conclusion that this is not the tragedy society has made it out to be! On the contrary, We must embrace our losses, for its not the Nuts that make the Man,its the Man that makes the Nuts. Look on the bright side Fella’s, they’re 2 less things you have to wash, while showering…..and for those of you that shave (shaved) your nuts,think of the money you’ll save on dispossable razors, right? Also, you’ll never have to worry about those embarrassing moments when you were in a large crowd,and suddenly had to scratch those sweaty things! I feel as a health care professional, and experienced “Nutless” being….I must urge my “Nutless” brothers, to band together and support one another, for until one walks in our “Nutless” shoes…they will not know what its like in our “Nutless” world! We are a rare,but proud kind…..and when its all said and done…..we can now share our wives pants……….I leave this last thought with you, Brothers…..Women aren’t the only one’s who can sport Camel toes…..and “Teabagging” Isn’t all its cracked up to be. In all my research, and interviews with the general public….never once,even in the crudest levels of society, did I ever here a Man with the lowest possible mentality, say “Suck my nuts”….Always remember, YOU STILL HAVE YOUR DICK!………Life goes on Guys!

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