When I agreed to have sex with another man

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When I agreed with my husband to fuck a stranger.

Curled up next to my husband basking in the afterglow of sex I was thinking how wonderful life is. Our two children were off to college and we were beginning a new and exciting phase in our life. Little did I know just how exciting, or the new twists that our lives would take.

Bill, my husband was gently caressing my body with his soft and sensitive hands while his warm, even breathing flowed down my neck. He asked me if I enjoyed our little afternoon tryst. I said, “of course I did, and it was wonderful.” Then he took me completely by surprise when he asked, “do you think of being with other men when we are having sex?” I turned over and looked at him seeing the slight smile on his face. “sure I do, just like you think of fucking other women while you are doing me.”

This stared a discussion of fantasies. We have had this long ago and it was completely understood by both of us that we were human and we had sexual thoughts and fantasies but never seriously considered carrying them out. Bill said, “would you be offended too much if I told you that while we were fucking I was imagining you being fucked by another man?” I was startled that he would think this but then quickly realized that I too had imagined watching him fuck another woman. I had to ask him the first question that came to my mind. “Do you think you could watch me be with another man?” Bill said that he had thought about that often lately and believed that it would be a real turn-on. I didn’t know how to reply so I let the discussion drop.

Over the next couple of weeks the thought of that discussion came to mind a number of times until the thoughts turned to how we would do it. Would I just lie naked with another man fucking me will Bill watched? Or would we be with another couple and both of us got fucked? A dozen scenarios came to my mind and I began to think that it could be possible.

Saturday night we were driving home from visiting some friends, Laura and Sam. Bill, as was his frequent habit, had his right hand resting on my thigh. He moved his hand to the bottom of my dress and moved it up until it was resting on my crouch. We often did this while riding tin the car and he knew that as soon as we got home I would be ready for some passionate loving. Then he said, “While sitting at our friends house he was imagining Sam doing this to you.” I asked him what else he was thinking of and he said, “Sam pushed you down on the couch, lifted your dress and pulled down your panties. Then he fucked you while Laura and I watched.” I asked if he then imagined fucking Laura and he said “of course.”

Now this new thought brought all kinds of scenes to my mind and while we were fucking I was imaging it was Sam inside me and I could look over and see Bill and Laura doing the same thing. After we were through, I told Bill what I had been thinking and that it had been a real turn on. We kind of laughed off the thought then but it lingered with me for days afterward.

Thursday night was kind of our “Date Night.” It was the day the housekeeper came and cleaned the house and rather than messing up the kitchen Bill would take me out to dinner. While waiting for Bill to get home from work I bathed and started to get dressed. Since our nights out were rather casual I did not need to get really dressed up. I selected a white cotton blouse and my light blue skirt that buttoned up the front. Feeling in a real sexy mood, I decided that I would not wear a bra. The blouse was heavy enough that nothing would show through unless I get really excited and my nipples got hard. But that would probably not happen at dinner and I knew that Bill would like to feel my breasts through the blouse. While getting dressed I had a couple of glasses of wine and started to really feel horny. As an afterthought I took off my panties knowing that when I wore this skirt Bill liked to undo the buttons and rub my pussy so tonight would be a special treat for him.

I was in the kitchen when Bill came home. He walked up behind me and gave me a kiss on the neck while his hand instinctively reached around for my breast. Finding no bra under the blouse, he spent a little longer caressing it and rubbing the nipple. Now that will make me hard, and it did. Then Bill told me that he had brought a business acquaintance who was in town for a couple of days and asked if it was all right for him to go to dinner with us. This was unusual but not objectionable so I said “sure.”

I went into the living room with Bill and met Tony, a short, burly built man in his 30’s. Tony was certainly not bad to look at and instinctively I sized him up as probably a good lover. I asked Tony what he would like to drink and then went to the kitchen to make the drinks. We sat around talking and Tony told us he was married and had two children who were in high school. All the time I was sitting in my easy chair and Bill was in his. Tony was sitting on the couch and I could tell that he was looking at my chest. I wondered in my nipples were showing through and thought that I should excuse myself and go upstairs to put on a bra. My thoughts were interrupted when Bill asked if I would fix us another round of drinks. When I went to the kitchen I glanced in the mirror and sure enough, my nipples were standing proud through the blouse. But I thought, what the hell, let him imagine what he wanted.

When I returned to the living room I found that Bill and Tony had gone to the game room where we had a pool table and a couple of couches. I gave the men their drinks and sat on a couch while they looked at Bill’s hunting pictures on the wall. Then bill came over and sat by me while Tony leaned against the pool table. As we talked Bill casually rested his hand on my leg and was gently rubbing it. I really didn’t notice how high this was moving my skirt up until I started to cross my legs and saw Tony looking directly at my exposed thigh. I started to smooth my skirt and get it back where it belonged when Bill’s hand stopped me. I didn’t know what he was doing but I did not force the issue.

Then Bill unfastened the bottom button on my skirt exposing more of my legs. I looked at Bill and he gave me that crooked grin of his. All of a sudden, I got the picture. Bill wanted Tony to see my legs and probably my pussy. Then he undid the next button. Now there were only three buttons left until I was completely exposed and my mind was filled with confusion. Should I just get up and leave the room or should I sit there and let my husband undress me in front of this strange man. Then Bill spoke softly into my ear. “Are you ready to let me experience my fantasy?” I had to process that thought for a couple of seconds. This was a new and scary experience for me but I had to admit it was beginning to excite me. So to give Bill the signal to proceed, I unfastened the top two buttons on my blouse. This was all he needed and he undid the next button of my skirt. As I sat there I knew that my pussy was not yet exposed but that Tony had a good look at my legs and could certain imagine what was left to be seen.

Bill turned me slightly toward him and finished unbuttoning my blouse. He put his hand on my bare breast and massaged it slowly. Now the nipples were very hard and I knew that my juices were beginning to flow. We had reached the point of no return and I could see the bulge in Tony’s pants beginning to grow. I pulled the blouse front out of my skirt and laid it open exposing my breasts completely. Tom removed his hand from my breast and put it on my thigh opening my skirt wider. Then he unfastened the next to last button on my skirt and when he found my uncovered pussy looked at me with surprise. Now with that look, I knew it was time to get things going. I stood up and moved to the end of the pool table, hoisted my butt onto the edge of the table and undid the last button. Looking Tony in the eye I said
, “what are you waiting for?”

Tony moved
in front of me and put his hands on my breasts. He could tell that they were ready and hard and after fondling, them reached down and moved my skirt apart until he could see my pussy hair. Then he started to unfasten his pants and I lay back on the table, resting on my elbows. His pants fell and he pulled down his boxer shorts until they were around his ankles. His stiff prick jumped out and while it was not as long as Bill’s it was bigger around and I was sure was adequate to satisfy me. I spread my legs and pulled my feet up until my heels were hooked on the edge of the table. Tony moved toward me and for the first time in over twenty years, here was a dick other than my husbands, pointed at my pussy. I have to admit that while I never thought this would happen, I was excited beyond belief and eagerly anticipated having this cock inside me.

Bill got up from the couch and moved beside the table so he could see this incredible sight. He was going to watch another man put his dick in me and fuck me. Tony moved forward and guided his cock between my now wet labia. He rubbed it up and down a couple of times and then with a quick thrust was pushing inside me. Bill said “fuck her hard.” When Tony was firmly inside me I moved my legs around his waist and laid back while his thrusts worked faster and then slower. Bill was in a position to see absolutely everything but did not do anything but watch. I could tell that Tony was getting ready to cum and I did not know what he was going to do with it when Bill said, “load her up. Give her everything you got.” With that Tony exploded and I felt the hard gush of his cream against the walls of my pussy. He slowly pulled his dick out and his cream started to flow out of my pussy hole and down my butt. I released my legs from Tony and laid there for a few minutes to let my body slow down. Bill moved in front of me and spread my legs so he could see Tony’s semen running out of my body.

I got up from the table, gave Bill and Tony a quick kiss and went to the bathroom to clean up. As I sat on the toilet douching Tony’s cum from my cunt I was thinking that while this was fun, I had not been satisfied. I started to get dressed and then thought, what the fuck, I need to get off. So, staying naked I walked into the game room, took both men by the hands, and led them off to the bedroom.

What happened then will be the story of the next installment.

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