Whos complaining?

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I have a neighbor that is just a pleasure to the eyes. I’ll guess about 5″2″ around 115 lbs with a blonde 80’s style “big” hair. Nice breasts about 34b, ass like an upside down heart and wore the clothes to show it all off.
Many times I watched out my window while she was working on her back yard, gardening or cleaning her car or whatever. Many time I found my cock in my hand with out even thinking about it while watching her.
We had the kind of neighbor relationship that when I didn’t have a girlfriend over and she needed something, she would and could just knock on the door as she walked in calling my name. One day I had enough watching and hatched a plan.
I finished washing up and had a large beach towel wrapped around my waist, looking out the window again, I saw her coming across the yard so here I went.
I turned the television up watching music videos and laid down on the floor, opened the towel and started playing with myself. I figured what the hell, she’s walking into my house unannounced.
Keeping sure to not get it to hard I stopped and started waiting, then I heard the door open and my name called, I didn’t respond because the TV was to loud I pretended. I knew she was standing just out of my line of sight but I could see her out of the corner of my eye, her mouth dropped open and I figured she scream I was a pig or just leave. To my surprise she just stood there watching me start and stop stroking my cock. This went on for a few minutes and she scared me when she said, “Is there some sort of problem here?” I can’t seem to get it hard I replied. I almost came right then and there when she said “Mind if I try?” as she kneeled down next to me. I didn’t even have time to reply before she had my semi hard cock in her hand and was stroking it up and down. I didn’t take but a few pulls to be at its full attention. She stroked it for a few more minutes and she must of sensed I was about to come because she put her other hand just over the head as I shot squirt after squirt onto the upside down palm of her hand. She then cupped the both of her hands together and continued sliding the cum covered palms up and down my cock milking me dry. When she was quite sure I was done she took the side of the towel I was lying on and cleaned me up and dried me all off.
She then said “Can I borrow the green lawn sprinkler again?” sure I said, I’ll get it, she said “Don’t bother I know where it is” and left and went back to her yard to work on it.
I got a neat one she even instigated once, right thru the chain link fence while we were chatting. This is all it might ever develop into I suppose.
We never talk about them, they just seem to happen and who’s to complain?
I have had about 10 hand jobs from her over the summer with her never wanting to go any further, so I say “If the pretty neighbor girl likes hand jobs, so do I!”

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