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Jason & Karen’s Sex story

It was a beautiful day Jason asked Karen out for romantic candle light dinner and dancing, they are very passionate people they love each other like nobody ever loved in the world before.

When they were getting ready to go out they had a shower together. But the love and passion that they both have for each other took over and they gently dropped to the floor of the hot wet shower and slowly caressed and kissed each other all over as they love to explore every piece of each others body.
Their love making lasted for many hours and when they were exhausted they lay together for a few minutes not wanting the feeling to leave, they finally part and go ready to go out but when Jason looked at his watch he gasped as their table at the restaurant was booked for 7pm and it was now 9pm.
He quickly made some calls to find out the there were no table available. He sat thinking for a minute or two and thought how about a picnic at Mt Cootha overlooking the city with the most beautiful person in the world. He thought of how wonderful and beautiful it would be to go to a very beautiful place with the most perfect person. So they headed off with a picnic packed and a full moon to look forward to.

On the way Jason fondled Karen’s more than ample firm breasts, he found out that she was not wearing a bra. Her nipples were erect with the pleasures of Jason’s touches. Her breasts were 14D a huge tit just sitting in a firm position Jason could not believe his eyes, by the way they sat you would think that she was a teenager. Her breasts are so beautiful and lovely the firmness is a sexy beautiful picture.
Jason leaned over to give Karen a kiss on the lips and he uncovered her left breast in the same movement as he leaned over he slowly motioned for lips to open by gently and softly caressed her lips with his tongue. His fingers gently twitched and caressed her soft firm pink nipple. Her breasts were so succulent it was unbelievable that this woman wanted me Jason thought, (He thought this often, How fantastic Karen is and she wanted me.)

Karen sat there next to Jason while he was caressing her newly firm breasts, they used to only be a 14B but with all the gorgeous attention that Jason gives them they have actually been growing and now they were a firm perky 14D. She love the way they felt whenever he gently touch them or ran his soft tongue around her nipple or softly sucked on them. And his kisses WOW they were soft and caressing and sent tingles through her every time. She sat there with her heart racing, eagerly waiting for his fingers to roam down her tummy and go between her thighs to find her hot wet pussy, anticipating how they would feel gently pushing their way inside of her she felt her pussy start to pulsate and she found herself slowly spreading her legs knowing that Jason couldn’t resist an open invitation like that. She never thought that she would ever find a lover like Jason and the best part was that he truly loved her.

As they made their way to the picnic spot it was dark and no lights were anywhere. (They were totally alone and secluded. This was a fascinating encounter for both of them. As we are very sexually oriented people they found a whole new arousal point. Could they make wild passionate love in public or would they just keep it to oral pleasures for both.
Jason laid the blanket on the ground for them to sit on, Karen sat down and started taking things out of the basket for their romantic dinner by starlight. As Jason went to sit next to her she struggled to reach the bottle of champagne and her legs spread slightly but enough for Jason to see that she was not wearing and knickers and that thought got him going and instead of sitting next to her he got up and walked a short distance away to collect himself, Karen saw him walk away so she softly called out to him “What’s wrong have I done something to upset you sweetheart?” to this Jason replied “No darling you could never do anything to upset me” “So come and sit next to me” she replied, but as he turned around to go back to the blanket he saw that she had taken off all her clothes and she was laying there naked with her silky skin glistening in the moonlight, she was dribbling the champagne over herself “come and lick the champagne off me I want to feel your soft tongue over my body” with that comment he was standing over her, he dropped gently to his knees and looked her up and down, he couldn’t believe his eyes here was the most beautiful creature in the entire world laying naked, covered in chilled champagne that was making her nipples erect and her legs slightly spread with champagne running through her hot pussy lips waiting for me to lick her clean the very thought gave him an erection beyond anything he had ever had before.

He slowly bent down at her toes gently lifted her leg up to his mouth and started to slowly suck on each of her toes tasting every drop of champagne it had a slight hint of pussy as it dibbled down her unbelievable chest past her incredible love passage. As Jason slowly licked up all the juices he slowly dried all her body from her beautiful feet to her sexy ankles watching the champagne pass down her stomach his cock begins to throb(But not hard yet) as he slowly kissed his way up her legs he found some strawberries. He reached over with the other hand and started to caress Karen beautiful breasts. As he made the strawberries caress her soft supple pussy lips he gently pressed one slowly into her wet folds of her tight pussy as she groaned with pleasure then you go down on her wet pussy and eat the strawberry out of her hot wet pussy and as you take the last bite she squirts all over you in waves of body spasms this goes on for about a minute and you just sit there and get soaked with her love juices. Just before she finishes her massive orgasm you mount her and ram your huge hard cock into her soft mound and within minutes your exploding into her, you pullout mid stream and spray your cum all over her and both of you are completely taken over by the power of your orgasms and you keep cuming over and over again but still wanting to feel the inside of her love nest you dive deep into her again and within minutes you filling her up with your love juices and she still moaning for more.

Your love making goes on for quite a few hours before you both collapse into each other arms exhausted and fall asleep.

You wake up the next morning as the sun is coming up and realize that you are both still laying naked in each others arms, you lay there for a few more minutes and then realize that you have top get up before anyone sees you both there.

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