Me, My Wife, Carlos, And Jose

After my wife’s wild birthday party Carlos and Jose had invited both of us to dinner at their apartment after work Friday evening.

Bernadette, or Bernie as I called her, got home before I did. She had showered and changed into her sexy little outfit. She wears her school girl green plaid mini skirt, white long sleeve button shirt with school tie. With thigh high black nylon stockings and and little black shoes. It’s the seventies no bra and for special occasions no panties. I grabbed her and gave her kiss. She gave me a hard kiss and said, “Tom, we are supposed to be there at 5:30 p.m.” And I said, “Yes, dear.” Bernie worries about being on time. The apartment might be 15 minutes from our house at the most. It’s a small town.

We arrived a few minutes early and the guys were happy to see us. They shook my hand and kissed Bernie. Carlos and Jose took us on a quick tour of their downstairs apartment. The house was Victorian style but completely updated. It was beautiful. Dinner was almost cooked so we sat at the dining table. Drinks were beer, sangria or pina coladas. We never had pina coladas so that’s what’s we drank. They were good. Too good. They tasted like more. After some sips of drink and brief conversation, the chicken and rice with fruit was delicious. The meal was a family recipe that Carlos made and Jose helped. We ate, talked about things going on at the hospital and laughed about the craziness of life’s happenings. Time seemed to go by so quickly. Dinner was over and Bernie and I volunteered to do the dishes. The guys told me to go watch TV and Bernie said she wanted to help. She dried the dishes between French kisses, them rubbing her nipples with their fingers, and after they discovered no panties they were finger fucking her cunt. The three of them told me it wasn’t safe to drive because of the drinks we consumed. I admit I was feeling no pain and agreed. The guys had a couch with a pullout bed with sheets, blankets and pillows. It would be very comfortable.

Coffee was made. Desert cake from a local bakery and ice cream. Jose and Carlos had a special announcement. They had a formal document drawn up by their minister pledging their eternal and everlasting love for Bernie. They would always be there for her should she need and want them. She cried as she was so moved by their love. They signed it. Bernie signed it as accepting their love. I was asked to sign as a witness and understanding this gesture was symbolic of their love for her. Then they placed a black velvet choker around her neck with a gold heart engraved with letters on both sides. The front read
“Con Nuestro Amor” or “With Our Love”and on the back “De Sus Maridos,” or “From Your Husbands,”Carlos and Jose.” The choker was beautiful and added more sophistication to her beauty. I was very impressed with their love for her. Very moved. After awhile I decided to lay down as it had been a busy week. The booze added to my being tired. They were still talking at the table when I fell asleep.

Bernie went with the guys to Jose’s room and they undressed her and she undressed them. She got down on her knees and sucked and jerked their cocks. All the while she looked up at them with love and respect for these men. Finally Carlos had her stand up and straddle Jose’s cock on the bed. Jose fondled her breasts and licked them. Carlos used KY on his cock, in and around her anus. Bernie had lowered herself on Jose’s cock and Carlos slid his cock into her anus. Both men worked at stimulating her breasts and clit. Carlos had a battery powered vibrator and he and Jose used it to stimulate Bernie. She was making a noise like she was straining. Suddenly the guys felt her muscles tighten their cocks. With a long, low grunt she had waves of orgasms. Suddenly they were cumming and she was cumming and cumming. All 3 of them let out a yell as they orgasmed together.

She went to the bathroom to clean up a little as she had 2 cream pies dripping. For the guys she took a cup and collected what cum she could get. In a toast to them she drank their cum in front them. They were amazed how much she loved them. She came back to bed and she kissed them and layed between them as they kissed her body. They massaged and rubbed her skin gently. She fell asleep but she was awakened before dawn by the guys fingering her pussy and anus. Jose was licking her clit, fingering her pussy, and Carlos was licking her nipples and fondling her breasts. She took their cocks and started to jerk them.

The guys had her get ready doggy style as Jose fucked her ass and Carlos rubbed her clit and nipples. Once again they both orgasmed and made another cream pie. Now it was Carlos’s turn. He had Bernie lay on her stomach. Stretch her arms in front of her and he would lock his hands around her wrists. He layed over her holding his weight on his elbows. He pushed his cock in her pussy for deep penetration. She had never experienced this feeling before. But the feeling with downward pressure and his slow thrusting was fantastic. She would teach her husband Tom to do this. After awhile and Bernie grunting and gasping Carlos and Bernie orgasmed together. What a beautiful night. After some quick cleaning up all 3 fell asleep.

Tom was up at 7:30a.m. He decided to get a shower and as he walked by Jose’s room he saw Bernie, Jose, Carlos naked and snoozing. He thought how love is so beautiful. Tom showered and got dressed. He made coffee. He then decided to go home and catch up on his lawn mowing. He went to the bedroom and Bernie opened her eyes. He whispered he was going home to mow the lawn and for her to call him when she was ready to come home and he would come for her. She said,”Okay. I love you.” Tom said,”I love you too.”

It was 12 noon when Bernie and the guys got up. They took a shower together and the guys washed her and she washed them. Carlos got behind her and fucked her pussy while she sucked Jose’s cock until they both came. She licked cum off the guys and swallowed it. Jose had an extra robe for Bernie. Everybody had to have their coffee. It was Saturday afternoon and Jose sat down in the living room to watch a baseball game on TV from NYC. Bernie and Carlos talked for awhile and Carlos said he hated to see her leave. He told her how much she was in his heart. He had tears in his eyes. She went over to him in his chair and straddled his legs facing him and they kissed and French kissed. She took his erect cock and put it in her pussy. He licked, kissed and sucked her nipples. She moved up and down on his cock until they both orgasmed. She showered again especially for Tom. It was 2:30p.m. when she called Tom.

Tom stopped on the way to pick up a dozen red roses. He arrived at the apartment and went in to get her. She went to him and gave a deep hard kiss.┬áHe shook the guy’s hands. She kissed them both and told them she would see them Monday at work. Tom opened her car door and on her seat was a dozen red roses and a note. The note read: “I love you with all of my heart, Tom.” She cried and said,” I love you too. Let’s go home and I’ll show you.” Tom said, “It’s Saturday. Let’s get a pizza and go home.” Bernie said,”Yes.”

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