An Affair That Comes With Twist

She was nervous, yet excited, and of course highly aroused. Her boyfriend was the best sex of her life. But new sex was just so thrilling. The touch of someone new and the excitement he might be capable of. Knowing he would text her any moment to notify her of his arrival, her thoughts were back and forth between him, and her bf, who was very much on her mind. She wondered if he’d be there the entire time, or would she forget about him due to whatever this new guy is capable of. She was aroused by the idea of enjoying him while her bf was on her mind, but butterflies of excitement stirred around inside at the thought of enjoying this guy so much that her bf actually left her mind, if even for a moment.

She did not consider this cheating. Loving her bf and doing this for herself would only make sex even more exciting with her bf, she was doing it for the relationship and the ever lasting excitement it would provide. This guy could rock her body and make her squirm over and over, even make her forget about her bf for long periods of times, but he would not be the one she longed to be with, to laugh with, to hold, to make love to, to fuck and to be fucked by. This was all about lust and had nothing to do with love, other than how much it made her think about and crave her bf.

The text came. It was his first time there, so she met him outside. They had talked online and shared erotic stories and pictures for weeks, and even met for a drink the weekend before. He was a great kisser and it made her wonder all week long if he was as great in bed. His penis looked big in the pictures and felt nice growing against her leg while they made out the weekend before. She even masturbated once during the week while looking at pictures of it and imagining how god he might be with it. Okay…she might have masturbated most of the week like that.

Walking out to him was as nerve wrecking as it was exciting. Of course thoughts of her bf being in her arms later kept her calm, and it also helped that this guy was married and looking for only the same thing as her. It also kinda turned her on to know a guy this good looking (and with a nice penis) was sexually frustrated at home and dying to release that frustration, on her.
He looked nice, smelled nice and she found herself attracted and ready to take him back inside.

Once past the small talk, through the living room and heading into the bedroom, she actually found herself being the aggressive one. Thoughts of her bf made her feel safe, and she used that feeling to her advantage. Kissing this guy and being excited to be seen naked by him was sparking the mood. Feeling him already hard was not hurting. Her bf was all over that mind and that didn’t hurt as well. It actually made her eager to let this guy get her panties off and begin using his tongue to make her wetter than she already was. Cumming during foreplay was not unusual for her but it was indeed confirmation that the sex would be fantastic and cum she did. While imaging her bf and being licked by this sexually frustrated married man, she found herself cumming within the first few moments (which was a little on the unusual side) and it was intense.

So intense, she needed a moment. She took that moment to pull out his cock and appreciate it’s size. Her bf remained on her mind as she took it in her mouth. Knowing she would blow her bf later was arousing to think about while wrapping her mouth around this one. It didn’t take long to find herself no longer needing that moment, and just a few moments into sucking his cock she found herself reaching for the stack of condoms. It was exhilarating to take his hard cock in her man and cover it the condom. Her bf and her didn’t use condoms so it was different.

Her first orgasm came fairly quickly into the session. Again, her bf was all over her mind. About 30 minutes later she found herself cumming again. Again she kept her bf on her mind. It made all 3 of her orgasms last a lifetime. The third one was super intense. He came too and the throbbing of his cock along with thoughts of her bf was an orgasmic moment that made her feel she was not done with this guy yet. She actually forgot about her bf a moment and remained wet at the thought of this guy being welcome to come over and do this to her whenever they could make it happen. This exited her. The sex they just had excited her. Thinking about her bf inside her later that night excited her.

He could tell she was still aroused, and promised he’d give her seconds. They laid there for 10-15 minutes before she could no longer be patient. She took his somewhat limp cock into her mouth. Feeling it grow inside her mouth was all she needed to get wet, not that she already wasn’t. Knowing her bf warned her that seeing her make a guy hard enough to fuck her again, would make him lose it, was all it took to find herself giving this guy the best bj of his life! And it did make her by lose it! He was watching from outside the open window. He was so happy to see her desire to go at it again but at the same time was dying to get rid of him and take his place.

He watched her cover his cock again and begin riding away. All it did besides make him want to cum, was to love her, to touch her, be with her, and fuck her like he never had before. It made him feel like it would be their first time all over again, at least the excitement of a first time, but without the nervousness. He watched as she came again while on top and as they switched position after position before things got so intense that she sounded like a kind of bliss he had only heard while working his hardest to make her feel good. Watching and hearing her cum was an excitement he could never put into words. It made him love her like never before and he knew her appreciation and excitement of it all, only made her feel the same way for him. Seeing her be fucked like an animal and squirm as they both climaxed together was also killing him. Not because he was jealous but because he was ready to do the same.

One last kiss and smiling as he pulled away, she found herself rushing back inside. Instantly her bf met her with a huge bear hug. It felt amazing, more amazing than the killer sex she just had. She wanted to kiss him but knew a shower and some brushing were a must. But again he held her tight and made her feel so amazingly loved.

They showered together, making out and just basically making love without penetration. His touch was so amazing. They stared into one another’s eyes. They finished, dried off, and instantly he got her wet again and in no time they were fucking, making love and fucking again, for the rest of the night.

Finally, they appeared done. Just lying there naked and in each others arms, totally our of breath. After climaxing and being rocked while waiting for him to climax, he went at her so hard and so long that when he did cum, she was on the verge of yet another orgasm herself. But not if he stopped! But he could sense she was so close to another, and somehow he kept pumping away and with the thoughts of everything she’d experienced that night, she exploded with one last orgasm that wiped them both out.
Lying there silently, it appeared they’d simply crash without even washing up. Both too exhausted to move. After all that sex and tons of pillow talk, they were dead silent. Then, he asked her about her thoughts while being fucked by the other guy. She confessed during their final fuck, that it got so intense, that her bf completely left her mind. She forgot he was even watching or existed as tis other guy made her feel too good to think about anything else on the planet, kinda like her bf had just done to her.

The silence ended, they began fucking again and in a relationship that all others would envy, they fucked and loved and smiled the rest of their lives.

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