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Amy and I had been flirting for some time even though both of us are married. She is a very sexy brunette, 5’9, 130 lb with a great body and perfect 34C tits. We work together and decided to have dinner one night when both spouses were out of town. We joked before that she should come dressed looking sexy and ready to make a porno at any time.
When she arrived, I was stunned, and pleased. She was wearing a fitted button down shirt that showed a lot of cleavage and a tight, black mini skirt with black heels. I was instantly happy and could not take my eyes off of her legs.
After a nice sushi dinner and some drinks, the talk moved from relationships to lingerie to sex. She admitted to me that she was not having as much sex as she had hoped and her husband was a two-pump chump. She said sex never lasted more than five minutes and she has to get herself off each time. When I told her that I have the opposite problem, she smiled and told me that was the perfect problem to have. We left the restaurant and she asked to come see the new house I just moved into. I agreed, hopeful but not expecting anything, and she followed me over there.
When we got back, I asked her if she wanted anything. She replied, “just your cock in my mouth” and kissed me passionately on the lips. I wanted this so badly but never had the guts to ask. We made out for a few minutes until i convinced her to join me in the basement. When we got down to the basement, she pushed me onto the couch and got on her knees. She proceeded to give me an amazing blow job, deepthroating me and sucking balls. She even fingered and tongued my asshole but she cold not get me to climax.
I told her, “now it is my turn” and i lay her down. I removed her skirt to see a sexy black thong, rubbing the front. I unbuttoned her shirt and started to suck her perfect tits as i fingered her. I immediately went down on her and ate her pussy. She started screaming in ecstacy as i pleasured her, giving her four orgasms over the 30 minutes that i ate her. Her pussy was completely shaven, which I love, and she came all over my face.
After eating her, i let her relax as i fingered her. One finger became four and she was bucking wildly. She begged for my cock but i would not let her have it, fingering her pussy with almost my whole hand. Two more orgasms and she demanded my cock inside of her.
i got on top of her and slid my cock in. I think her husband has a tiny cock because i am not small but i have 8″ and that s usually enough. She started moaning about how big i was and how hard i was, begging for more. I put her legs above my shoulders and plunged deep into her as she told me she loved it. We proceeded to try several different positions (her on top facing me, her on top facing away, sideways) until i started to ride her from behind and spank her. She loved being spanked and i obliged her, making her perfect ass all red and letting her get it as rough as she wanted. After and hour and a half of sex, we both finally came in the most amazing orgasm of our lives. She was begging for it as hard as i could give it to her and she was rewarded. She broke down into tears after it and said we needed to do this a lot more …. then we had some fun making it happen.

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