Work Trip Part One

Kyle was in line waiting to check in his hotel when he heard from behind him, “Hey Kyle.” He looked around and saw Christine walking towards him and he waved. She questioned him, “What are you doing here?”

He answered, “I am here for a couple days for a work conference. What about you?”

She responded, “I am here with my daughter for a cheer competition.”

Kyle got called to check in and he said, “Good to see you.”

Christine responded, “You too; maybe we can meet for drinks while here and catch up. I’ll text you.”

Kyle nodded his head and said, “Sounds good.” He checked in at the hotel desk and went to his room. That evening he was in his room watching tv when he got texts from Christine. She mentioned she was down in the hotel bar with some of the other parents and he should come join them. Kyle went down there and joined the table after purchasing a beer. As he sat down at the table and was introduced he could tell Christine among others were already drunk.

She introduced him and said, “Kyle and I used to work together and he use to hit on me.”

He smiled half halfheartedly and tried to ignore it to the other people. A little while later when a few others got up from table to get drinks Christine said to Kyle, “Remember when you use to ask what color my panties were?” He nodded sheepishly and answered, “Long time ago.” She quipped back, “Ya but I bet you wish you knew what I am wearing now.” He didn’t answer her and she said, “You wish to know but I am not saying,” and he just smirked at her.

The others came back to table and more drinks were consumed before all retreated to their respective rooms. Kyle was at his conference the next morning when he began exchanging texts with Christine out of boredom. She once again pestered him about asking her about her panties and he declined each time she brought it up. That evening he was in his room and she began texting him again and he figured out quickly that she was tipsy and again she brought up panties. He questioned her why don’t you just tell me about them since you clearly want to since you won’t drop it. She wrote back you wish. He responded I don’t care I am not the one that keeps bringing it up. ¬†She wrote back ya ya, well since you asked they are black with lace and that’s all I am going to say. He said ok and nice. Then, he wrote you may say they are black with lace but prove it. She quickly text you wish, never happening. He said ok that’s fine, but I don’t wish or care either way. She quipped back yes you do. Not that I care but what your room number. He gave her his room number and then the texts stopped.

Twenty minutes later there was a knock at his door and he looked out the peephole to see Christine standing there. He opened the door and she stumbled in his room. Once he shut the door she announced, “Here is your fucking proof.”

He turned to see her tugging at her jeans to quickly show her black panties before pulling the waist back up. He said, “Well all I could see is they are black.”

She smartened back, “Well you aren’t seeing them again.”

He just smiled. She said, “No way in hell it’s happening, but if you could see any part of me naked what would you want to see? It’s just a question! I know you want to see my boobs as you always wanted to see them and you would want to know more since I got them done bigger. But, it’s not happening!”

Kyle responded, “Since it’s just a question I would say my honest answer is I would want to see your pussy and waist line tattoo.”

She laughed, “You wish! It’s not happening and you would choose that over my boobs?”

He responded, “Don’t get me wrong, I bet your boobs are nice, but given the question of seeing one thing it would be you bottomless.”

She snapped back, “I knew you would want to see them too, but you aren’t seeing any of me naked!”

He shrugged his shoulders at her and responded, “Well that’s fine cause you don’t see me getting naked for you either.”

She laughed and said, “I don’t care, but you care about not seeing me.”

He shook his head at her and stated, “Not really.”

She grabbed at her breasts on her shirt and smacked her butt on her jeans and stated, “Bullshit! You wish you could fucking see it.” He shrugged shoulders again and she huffed and stormed to the door. At the door she turned back to him and said, “Do you want a better look at the panties?”

He responded, “Sure,” and he sat in a chair.

She walked over to him said, “Don’t touch me. I will let you look quick.” He nodded his head and she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down to her knees.

Kyle admired her panties and smiled and said, “Turn all the way around so I can see all of them.”

Christine turned around and he looked at her butt too before she pulled up her pants and was buttoning them when Kyle playfully slapped her butt. Christine whipped around and said, “You are lucky that I will let that slap go.”

He laughed and said, “Nice tattoos, by the way.”

She laughed and said, “You always wanted to see them.” Then she walked towards the door again before stopping and turning around to say, “I will make you a deal. I will let you see my boobs if you show me your dick.”

Kyle raised his eyebrows and said, “You know, I would rather see your bare ass or pussy, but I am open to that deal.”

She said, “Well you have to get down to your boxers so I know you won’t back out.” Kyle nodded in agreement. She said, “I don’t want you watching me undress, so go in the bedroom and I will tell you when to come out and look.” He nodded in agreement and then walked back to the bedroom and stripped down to his boxers. Then he heard her say, “If you want to see my boobs come out here.” He walked out and saw her standing next to the chairs wearing only her black thong.

Kyle smiled as he admired her from her blonde hair and green eyes quickly down to her DD sized breasts and including her tanning bed colored skin. He gazed for a couple minutes and said, “Nice!”

She had been observing the bulge in his boxers and stated, “Ok, now show me.”

He pulled down his boxers as he continued to look at her tits and he glanced briefly to see her smiling. She muttered, “Holy shit, you have a nice cock.”

He smiled and responded, Thank you. I have deal for you, now. You can touch it if I can touch you.”

She replied, “You wish!” And then, “But that’s fine, but only your hand and real quick.”

He nodded in agreement and walked over to her and touched her breasts with his hand while her hands cupped around his cock. As she touched he began getting hard and she smiled. Before he could say a word she bent down and kissed his cock. This caused him to get even harder and he ran his tongue across her boobs. He was now fully erect and she bent over once again and softly kissed and sucked on the head of his penis.

Kyle quickly grabbed her and bent her over the couch, then pulled down her panties and licked her pussy lips before sliding his rock hard cock in her pussy. She moaned as he pumped her and he thrust harder and harder. She would clinch around his cock as she orgasmed. After several orgasms she shouted, “You can’t cum inside me. I don’t take shit! You can’t do it!”

He said, “I hear you!” and he continued to pump her.

She reached back grabbing his cock and again said, “You can’t cum inside me.”

Kyle said, “I know, got it handled.”

He pulled out of her pussy and gently slid his wet cock into her ass. She let out a whimper¬†but soon moaned in pleasure as he slowly pumped. Several minutes later he felt himself getting close and he gripped her waist tight and came inside her ass as she moaned more. She got up and gathered her clothes and dressed as cum leaked out of her butt. Once dressed she walked to the door and as she opened it said, “Never again and you better swear not to tell a single person.”

He said, “I promise.”

She shut the door behind her and he took a shower and went to bed.

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