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It went something like this “Look, you fancy me and I fancy you, meet me at the car park at 22.00. She pressed the send button and hoped her dream would come true. She couldnt wait for the day to finish, they both worked the same hours. She guessed that he had read her message, as everytime she walked past him, he would smile at her knowingly.
Was she finally going to get him?
It was now 2145, only fifteen minutes to go she thought. The skipper decided to let them go early as the next shift was in. She dashed into the locker room and got changed making sure she changed into her very best sexy underwear, and then made her way to the car park. he was already there waiting, and obviously didnt have time to change out of his uniform, but she didnt mind.
She walked up to him and said “Well, what happens now” He didnt reply, just pulled her to him and kissed her forcefully on the lips. He proved her right, she knew he would be a good kisser.
She kissed him back, their tongues entwining, then he moved away slightly and looked at her smiling saying “god, do you know how long I have been waiting for this?” Then he kissed her again, his hands running over her top and feeling every curve of her, he squeezed her breasts gently as his mouth moved down to her neck. She moaned quietly as her hands moved over his shirt, and slowly undid the buttons one by one, then her hands ran over his chest and down his back as his hands found the bottom of her top and pulled it up over her head, his hands ran over her stomach and up towards her breasts and he ran his fingers over her bra.
“take it off”, she gasped. He smiled at her and moved his hands round to her back and unfastening her bra slowly, teasing her.
He threw it down on the ground, then his mouth found her breasts, as he sucked and nibbled at one nipple his hand rested on her other breast squeezing it gently. His other hand was making its way down her stomach, and then it found the top of her trousers, he used both hands to undo them and they fell to her ankles, his hand reached into her panties and he felt her wet with excitement. he pushed a finger into her and heard her moan.
She couldnt wait any longer and ran her hands down to his trousers feeling his excitement, she undid his trousers slowly and let them fall to his ankles, she found her way into his boxer shorts and rubbed his hard dick slowly making him moan.
He pushed her down on the ground then, and moved his mouth down her stomach, following a line with his tongue, then he found her pussy and licked her clit flicking it backwards and forwards with his tongue.
She returned the favour and moved her mouth down to his dick, taking it whole into her mouth and moving up and down slowly making him moan, she quickened her movements as he got her more and more excited, he licked her clit and then moved his tongue inside her, she was soaking wet and was very close to orgasm, she could tell he was too, so quickened her pace further, he was moaning loudly now. She felt him tense up as he reached climax, shooting his cum into her mouth. As he came she did to, and he lapped up her juices with his tongue. She didnt let a drop of his cum go and swallowed it in one go, as he watched in amazement.
This really turned him on, and his dick went hard again, this time he wanted to feel inside her so he pulled her round and laid her on her back, he bent down to kiss her and she smiled up at him. She ran her finger nails up and down his back, and this drove him wild with excitement and passion.
“I want to feel me inside you now” he gasped. She responded by guiding his dick into her soaking wet pussy. He pushed his dick into her thrusting backwards and forwards, she grabbed his backside and pushed him harder and harder into her, she wanted to feel him properly, so pushed him off and got on top of him guiding his cock into her. She gyrated backwards and forwards and he grabbed her breasts and pulled the nipples gently, she started to moan and her moans got louder and louder as she neared orgasm, his hands were rubbing her breasts harder now and pulling her nipples with more force, then he sat up to suck them and this pushed her over the edge and she screamed with pleasure as he made her cum again, she put her hands down and started playing with his ball bag, and this got him really excited until he couldnt control it any longer. She felt his cum shoot into her, and as it did she came again. He felt her shudder like he had never felt her shudder all evening, and held her tight kissing her breasts and her neck until she was still. He rolled her over on to her back then and lay on top of her smiling down at her.
“You`re amazing” he said, kissing her gently and moving a stray hair from her face. She smiled at this and said “So are you, what took us so long?”
“Im starving” she said. he nodded in agreement. With this he pulled her to her feet and they dressed each other slowly. They got into his car and drove back to his place. When they got there, he put some music on and went into the kitchen to pour them both a glass of wine, he knew that the episode on the grass in the car park was not going to be the final action they would see tonight, or he was going to make sure of it. He made pasta with tomato sauce,and they sat on the sofa cuddled together to eat. They sat talking for about an hour, and then he couldnt wait any longer, he took her hand and lead her to the bedroom, she smiled at him and followed him in willingly. He looked at her, sliding his hands slowly round her waist and pulling her slowly to him, then they were kissing again, again their tongues entwining, soon they were pulling off each others clothes and he pushed her down on to the bed, he turned her onto her front and entered her from behind, pushing harder and harder into her and grabbing her breasts in each hand and squeezing them hard and flicking the nipples until she was screaming with pleasure. He felt her cum and her juices flowing around his hard cock, and as she shuddered with extreme pleasure he came and shot his cum into her already soaking wet pussy. He withdrew then and turned her over onto her back, pushing her onto the bed, he climbed on top of her, and entered her again, he just couldnt get enough of her. He pushed into her harder and harder, she wrapped her legs round his shoulders and moved her pussy into meet his cock, and they were soon both screaming with pleasure again, and both came together.
This time he pulled away from her and suggested they take a shower together. She nodded in agreement, knowing what that warm water would do to her. As soon as the water hit her skin she wanted him again, so he pinned her up against the shower wall and entered her again thrusting deeper and deeper into her, wrapping her legs around his waist she let him take her one more time, they were soon panting together and came in unison, holding each other tight through their shuddering until both were still. They washed each other then, they climbed out of the shower and dried each other off. He took her hand and led her back to the bedroom, and lifted her onto the bed, climbing in next to her and wrapping their arms around each other they fell asleep both smiling and thinking at long last they had found each other.

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    Sweet, very sweet. Thanks

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