Working Holiday – part2

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I reached for Grants cock and guided it into my mouth. His pre-cum was thick and salty and made me crave for more. I started to pump John with my other hand as he started squeezing my tits. I was in heaven. Bryce was still attacking my pussy with his mouth. My breath was ragged. I wanted more. Bryce instinctively inserted two fingers and started pumping. I was moving with him, breathing hard, but still managed to keep Grants dick in my mouth, matching my rhythm with Bryce’s fingers.
I was on the verge and so was Grant, I could feel his balls tighten in preparation for his release. He grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth harder and faster. I could barley keep up, he was so strong. I could feel his huge dick hitting the back of my throat. It was such a thrill. He came and filled my throat with hot cum, pump after pump. It was too much and dribbled down my chin onto my tits.
I was on the verge, I grabbed Bryce’s head and started rubbing my pussy into his face yelling for him to finger fuck me harder. He looked up at me and said there was no way I was getting off that easy.
John bent over my chest and started licking off Grants cum that had dribbled onto my tits. He took my erect nipples in his mouth and began sucking and flicking as I begged Bryce to fuck me.
“How do you like it?”
“At this point I don’t give a shit. Just fuck me. NOW!”
I could barley breathe. I was desperate for release. John sat up from sucking my tits and Bryce dragged me onto the floor and positioned me in doggy.
“Fuck me already. NOW! Just FUCK me!”
Bryce grabbed my arse roughly and positioned himself at my entrance. He tipped the end of his dick into my juices and began coating himself and my arse hole with my wetness. I couldn’t stand it any more! I screamed as he plunged his length into me. He gripped my hips, spread my cheeks and dove deeper, ramming me harder and faster. John reached underneath me to squeeze my tits, still sticky from Grants cum.
I threw my head back and thrust back again and again onto Bryce’s dick. My breath was ragged, John was squeezing my tits so hard now, and my cunt was burning from its beating and my desperate desire for release.
I could feel my stomach and loins heat in anticipation. Bryce slapped my arse and growled as he came, he withdrew and shot his load deep inside me.
I screamed, “Faster! Don’t stop, I’m coming!”
“Not yet bay!” Bryce removed his dick and gripped my hips as his cum dribbled down my thighs.
In one swift move John released his firm grip on my tits as slid underneath me as Bryce guided my throbbing pussy onto John’s rock hard cock. I yelped with surprise. His dick was a lot bigger than Bryce’s and hit the spot perfectly. I began to ride him, again bringing myself to the verge. I looked up at Bryce who was grinning at me, once again pumping his cock as he watched us.
I felt Grant move up behind me before he started to fondle my tits. I gripped John’s dick with my aching cunt and began to ride him faster, I was almost there. I leaned over John and put my hands on the floor to steady myself, my pussy was dripping all over his dick and onto his balls. I felt Grant grab my arse before he started teasing my arse hole with his cock. He dragged my juices from the base of John’s dick up to my rim and back again.
I couldn’t stand it anymore, my tit’s began to throb as I rode John as hard as I could.
In one swift more, Grant plunged his throbbing dick into my arse. The sensations of two cocks only a thin membrane from each other was fucking unbelievable. I couldn’t hold on.
“I’m coming! Fuck me!” I screamed. Grant matched his with mine as I rode John who had a firm grip on my thighs. I opened my legs as far as I could and lay on top of John give both dicks maximum access. My clit was rubbing against the base of Johns dick that was covered in pubes as my tit’s slammed against his chest. I felt him tremble as he came inside me, shooting over and over again.
I looked up at Bryce who was vigorously pumping his throbbing cock, closer to my face. I felt my stomach clench and my pussy tighten and screamed as I came, as my juices and John’s ran onto his balls.
I reached for Bryce’s dick as Grant’s cock trembled and he started to cum into my arse, then pulled out his cock mid-load to coat my cheeks and arse with his cum.
I grabbed Bryce’s cock as he came, opening my mouth for his seed, and closed my eye’s as he shot his load all over my face and mouth. I licked my lips, retrieving what I could off my face before rolling onto the floor in exhaustion.
Grant lay next to me, gripped my face in his strong hands and began licking Bryce’s cum from my cheeks. I felt Bryce climb between my legs as he bent his head and began to suck.
I glanced down at him.
“Just lie back and let us clean you up baby. We have to get you ready for round two!.”

To be continued….

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