you and me…

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You and me!
You came close to me, and I felt your lips on my neck… way up to my earlobe and began to suck on it.
“I really missed you darling.” You whispered into my ear.
“I missed you too baby.”
You are in a sexy black silk nightie that was practically see through I could see every curve of your body.
“Woow you look fucking amazing babe”
You smiled. I put my arm around you and hold you from back close to me planting the kiss over the neck. I cuped your bouncing boobs in my hands the soft roundness of your boobs sending electric sensation to my groin, our kisses become more and more passionate.
“Mmmmm… what a great kisser you babe”
I lifted u on my hand and climbed onto the bed. You moved closer to me. My hands running over the nightgown and giving your breast a gentle squeeze, which elicited a moan from your gorgeous lips. you moved and changed the position and sited on my lap facing towards me and I was rested against headboard of the bed.
I know you loved to be in control. You began kissing me on my neck my shoulders and running hand all over my chest.
I ran my hand up under the nightie, and cupped your both gorgeous breast. Your nipples are hard rock and I began to pinch and pull lightly as you kissed me I squeezed and messaged breast, all while getting you hotter and hotter. I could tell by increasing suction you are putting on my neck ….really good….. really getting turned on.
I moved my hands lower then lightly running over your flat belly all the way to the hips. Where I discovered you are not wearing any panties. I moved my hand under and began to play with clit with thumb and little finger causing you to moan….i noticed you are clean shaved…I gave a evil smile…
“so you are clean shaved babe!”
you leaned back and your nightie is falling apart….my hands are moving over your body in appreciation …..every curve of your body is damn fucking good. I pulled your nightie and threw it over the floor. I see you completely naked you are beautiful and hotter than I could imagine I planted a mouthful of kiss on your breast and took your hard nipple in my mouth one by one
you moaned…your body got stiff in ecstasy…..your eyes are closed you are dreaming…completely lost…!
I continued playing with your clit and you moaned I continued sucking your breast one by one….you took my face in your hand and put your red wet lips over my lips and you kissed me hard and our tongue swirled around one another and then I felt her whole body stiffen and you took a deep breath then orgasm hit like a tidal wave in both of us. You threw yourself over me locked the lips onto my lips and felt the entire body shudder with a orgasm when your euphoria passed you released my lips and moved off of me and began running hand up and down the front of my jeans you run hand down the entire length of zip and squeezing gently my rock hard cock. You smiles and began to unbuckle my jeans. You slipped my jean down. Your hand move over my black deep cut panty…you moved hand so softly so gently it has generated electric sensation…intense sensation of pleasure ..i am breathing heavily. Your fingers moved inside my panty….Ooooh god feeling so good
“Your dick so nice baby” you took in both hand and put your lips over it…my eyes are close….i am in heaven
Soon we were both naked and you are stroking my hard on with your soft hands.
“Mmmmmmmm….so nice babe… you evil smile and slid my cock into incredibly hot mouth and began to suck it at an excruciatingly slow pace. you loved to torture me like that you slid the entire length of into your mouth and then out again and began running tongue up and down the shaft and making circled around the head, before repeating the entire process.
“Oh you are so goooood…don’t stop…don’t stop itsssss…so good…please don’t stop I cried with pleasure…..yesss so nice Aaaahhhh…so good.”
Slowly you began to increases pace and began to jerks my cock in time with your bobbing head. The suction is intense and your tongue was running all sorts of pattern all over my cock…i enjoy seeing cock slowly going inside your mouth then coming out of the mouth… your lips kissing the head… you are licking the juices coming out of my tool.. Just when I couldn’t take any more you pulled mouth off my cock and kissed me hard on my mouth
“Mmmmmmm.not yet baby not yet.” You gave one boob in my mouth to suck…..I kissed you deeply and then moved to your lips and then on down to your voluptuous breast again. I began kissing them squeezing them and then took nipple in my mouth and sucked on it very hard, and ran my tongue over it much in the same fashion you had done with my tool.
“yaaah baby yaaaah…..s…u…c…k hard baby…Oooooohhh suck on my nipple…..oooooh god sooo gooood…back and forth I went on nipple kissing hard. Giving each of your breast a great suck…your ghost twinkle in eyes again…lay back on the bed you directed me to sit on top of you
“I want you to screw my big tits baby I want to feel your big tool sliding between them”
I put my tool in your mouth and you wet it thoroughly…. lubricating enough to slide between your incredible breast with ease. Now I began sliding my tool in and out of your mounds. you raised your head up and began licking the head of my prick as it comes near your mouth.
“Ooooh baby your tits feel so good around my tool”
“yaaah baby screw my big tits, Ooooh….yaaah screw them screw them faster baby faster….faster!”
I began pumping in and out of your breast my tool throbbing and aching my balls about to explode. I closed my eyes…..felt the pleasure running all over my body….I became stiff
“Mmmmmm baby you are gonna make me cum
“Give it to me honey cum all over my tits and let me lick up your jet…cum.”
I began cumming all over your breast hot steamy cum landed over your breast and neck. you immediately slide my dick into mouth sucking me clean and then licked up last drop of my cum
You went back to sucking my cock again and it was coming back to life.
You turned around and got top of me in the 69 position and began to work the magic tongue on my cock once again your pussy right over my mouth I wasted no time in plunging my tongue into sweet Cunnie. I sucked and licked pussy and clit as if it were the sweet chocolate. I grabbed two handful of her sweet derriere and ran my tongue all over gorgeous pussy. You are moaning around the tool my simulation of driving you to try harder to make me cum we are driving each other absolutely wild with passion.
Up and down the length of the tool you ran tongue moaning and crying out as my tounge plunged in and out of hot pussy hole. I began sucking on your clit and I moved my toungue in rapid pattern over your joy buzzer. And your second orgasm is on you became stiff your mouth is tight over my dick I feel the pulse of pussy and stream of sweet juices coming in my mouth…so good I hold you tight. We are motionless for few seconds enjoying the moment to the fullest. You throw your head backwards and cried out consumed with lust and ecstasy.
“Ooooh baby I have to have inside me now baby screw me with your big hard tool!”
I didn’t need to asked twice you pushed me backward and settled yourself on top of me you grabbed my tool in hand slowly eased my throbing cock into incredibly wet cunnie. I felt you totally enveloped me The heat from your body unlike anything. I felt before you began moaning as you rode me steadily increasing pace I tried to increase the pace but the evil smile appeared again you loved to be in control and you would not relinquish it until you alone couldn’t take anymore. slowly you rode my tool as I sucked your nipples and play with them and slapped and grabbed handful of ass. Slowly the pace quickened little by little and I knew I was getting close to being able to have my way.
As your composure slowly detoriated finally you switched the position and got your hand and knees….doggy style
“Give me that t
ool my baby! make love to me and make me cum!…Oooohh yeah pump me”
I h
old the waist with both hand and began to screw hot cunnie as fast and as hard as I could without hurting you. I grabbed the hips and pulled them against mine, you started matching each thrust. We both are crying aloud
“Ahhhh! Ahhhhh! Ooooohhhhh yeah baby! Ooooh yess! just like that! god you are so good! Ahhhh ahhh aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!”
The orgasm sent your juice down my tool, making cunnie more slippery more wet then ever, and I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer.
“I m gonna cum babe!! How you want baby!”
“Ooooh cum inside me!! I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy!! Ahhh!! Oh yess!!”
I couldn’t stand anymore and I shot load after load of cum into hot cunnie I thrust my tool deep into… until my balls had released every last drop.
After I had finished you turned and licked my tool again I lay down next to you and hold you in my arms. You come over me your head rested on my chest. You eyes are closed and I see your face smiling. I place a gentle kiss over your lips and you hold me like that for few seconds.
…………I can see an evil smile on your face again and I am getting hard on again…..

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