You can never be too wet

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It was about 7pm and I was supposed to be meeting our new client at the firm for dinner. He said that he would meet me in the hotel bar by 6:30PM but, there was no sign of him. I ordered another martini and keep trying to pull the lace camisole that lay under my suit up so my breasts were not fully exposed. That was not the first impression that I wanted to make.

After another sip, I felt a hand slide across my back and toward my ass. The hand was strong and warm and immediately sent chills right through me. A voice whispered in my ear “your tits looks fabulous, keep them out, and when can I see the rest?” Just feeling his breath in my ear made me instantly wet and I could feel my pussy throbbing.

I turned my head to look at the man who’s hand was wrapped tightly around my ass and had managed to get me so wet. He extended his other hand out and introduced himself as our new client. We ordered another drink and went to his room to sign off on the final contracts for his partnership.

When I stepped in the room, he closed the door and asked me to sit on the bed. The force of his voice and way he looked in my eyes penetrated through me. By now, my panties were soaked and with every step he took toward me my pussy throbbed more and more.

“Now, stand up and show me those tits you were trying to hide and I’ll take out my cock that you’ve been thinking about all night” I took off my blouse and watched it slip to the floor. He unbuckled his pants and slipped off his boxers to reveal this enormous cock that was rock hard and ready for me. He stepped closer and said “turn around so I can take off your skirt and see that ass that I have been clutching all night and that I am going to fuck later on”. I turned around feeling his breath on my neck and his hand unzipping my skirt. As the skirt fell, his slid two fingers into my cunt and pulled them in and out again and again. “You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” “yes, I do, please fuck me” I couldn’t believe that I was saying this to a complete stranger. “First I want to see you suck me, get my dick wet just like your pussy”. I moved him on to the bed and knelt before him and took him hard tool in my mouth. I could taste him on my tongue and feel him swelling in my mouth. He said to me “they told me that you were the best for the job, but they didn’t tell me that you could suck a dick like this”. His moans kept getting louder and that only made me even more wet. I could feel my juices sliding down my legs and my pussy was throbbing even more.

“Come up here, I want to fuck you so bad right not”. I climbed on top of him and he laid me on the soft bed and just looked at me for what seemed like hours. He gently pulled me closer to him and wrapped him arms under my legs and slid his burning tool into my pussy.

First his was sliding in and out really slow and making us both ache for more and more. Then he turned up the heat and was slamming his cock deeper and deeper into me. I screamed for more and he gave it to me. I could feel my juices covering his dick and dripping onto the bed. With every thrust of his cock into my pussy I came harder and harder and he moaned louder and louder.

His hips kept slamming into mine when I could feel him fill me up with his cum and he fell on top of me breathless.

He whispered in my ear “you were the best fuck I ever had on a trip, can we met for a business lunch at noon tomorrow?” I smiled and gladly accepted.

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