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Hi there. My name is Shelley, and this is my story. I got married right out of high school. My husband is the love of my life. We live on a ranch in Texas, and have alot of livestock (horses, cattle, goats, dogs). One day after shopping for groceries, I walked in the barn looking for my husband. Imagine my surprise to see him and our ranch foreman (Who is very HOT)naked in the hay. Along with Sasha (female dog) and King (male dog). My husband, who I always thought of as kind of “old-fashioned”, had his lips on “Gerry’s” cock, while Gerry licked Kings huge doggie-dick. Sasha was just lying there, on her back with her legs spread. I just stood there for a minute, getting VERY hot and wet. I never thought my hubby would do something like this. It must be Gerry, he is the one who got me started. Now, Gerry, Sasha, King and I meet here every day to play. When my ubby looked up ad saw me standing there, he looked like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I slowly walked over to him, removing my clothes, and said “Don’t worry honey, Gerry and I do this all the time.” He just looked at me kind of funny, and I continued, “He showed me alot of ways to play with the pets. Come over here and watch this.” I knealt on the hay, ass way up in the air, head between Gerry’s spread legs. I started sucking Gerry’s huge cock, and King knew exactly what to do. He came up to my ass and started licking. Up and down, from my clit to my ass. My hubby desided to come alittle closer and I told him to sit next to Gerry. He did and I started sucking them both, all the while King making me wetter and wetter. My hubby tried to say something and I made him shush and told him just to watch. As I was stroking and slucking hubby’s cock. Gerry got up and helped King mount me. He slowly guided that big doggie-dick into my very wet, dripping pussy. My hubby’s eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head! I let him know that I liked it very much, and wanted him to cum in my mouth when King let his go in my pussy. King pounded and pounded, whit Gerry put his face under my soaked pussy, ready for Kings load. As King thrust deeper and deeper, I felt the knot-it hurts a little when it goes in, but it is worth it! Here it comes–Ahhh! King pumps harder and harder, I suck hubby harder and harder, he starts to moan, I feel him stiffen, Gerry licks me and King, Just as hubby explodes into my mouth, filling it with tons of yummy cum, King thrusts one last time–HARD and lets his juice flow into me. Gerry is right there, licking it all up. I tell my hubby to help Gerry lick it all up because there is alot. Stunned, he moves to help. But, he is surprised to see me move just enough, and sink down onto Gerry’s fat cock. I start riding him. Up and down, slowly at forst, then in tight circles, and faster–I tell hubby to let Gerry suck his cock, and he does. He starts biting my nipples and kissing me while Gerry blows him. Riding harder and harder, I start to tighted around Gerry’s shaft, and he stiffens—I get off in time to suck the cum out of his cock. I tell Hubby to help–he willingly moves in to help. We lick all the cum off of Gerry. Dog cum, my cum, and gerry’s cum—Oh how sweet it is!! We get cleaned up, and my husband says, “Honey, why didn’t you tell me?” I say, “I thought you would think I was disgusting. I really like fucking and sucking King. Gerry too! He even made my suck off Thunder(our stallion) once. I liked it!!!” Hubby smiles and says, “Well, I have been a fool. I dreamed about all of this, but never in my wildest dreams expected it to happen!!! I am sure glad we hired Gerry!!!!”
To be continued………

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