You wont say no again

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The day is ending, it’s starting to rain,
But today will not end the same.
I put my heart out on the line,
You have rejected me for the last time.
I buy you lunches, flowers, and coffee every day,
But you still con not look over my way.
I am not ugly, or rude or mean in any way.
In fact you have told me I am the sunshine to your cloudy day.
But for some reason your too good for me
Now you are finally going to see.
What I am capable of, the things I can do
I never met any of this to hurt you.
Walking through the parking garage your heels fill it with sound.
You constantly looking franticly around.
I walk up behind you not even making a sound.
You see my reflection in the window and are startled a little bit.
And then I grab you by your wrist.
I twist your arm behind your back
Its funny that you know the person who has attacked.
You go to the gym, so your not scared,
But the one thing you are is unprepared.
I grab your other wrist and twist it tight.
This I am sure is not how you wanted to end your night.
I take the zip tie and secure your hands together
You now realize that this situation is not getting any better.
I push you into your new Mercedes benz,
Tonight our friendship has come to an end.
On the back seat you start to struggle
My hand over your mouth makes your screams muffled.
Your skirt is long and sleek
Just barely long enough to cover your knees.
I lay on top of you, our breaths are shallow and quick
You can feeling the growing strength of my dick.
I unzip my pants and kick off my shoes
Its hard to beleave this is happening to you.
I fasten the seat belt around your wrist.
You try to escape, but I am too quick.
Tied down to the back seat, you have no choice but to comply
You are scared now, as you look deep into my eyes.
I take out a razor blade and cut off your skirt.
And slowly I remove the buttons from your shirt.
A black lace bra and matching thong
I know what I am doing is completely wrong.
Your breast are incredible, their perfect color and size,
And oh the cream that lies between your thighs.
With a flick of my wrist, your bra is now open.
Soon he will stop, is what you are hoping.
I lick on your nipple and bite it gently
Never has something so nice made you feel so empty.
With out cause or reason your body responds to my touch
Maybe you have been wanting this just as much.
Tears now trailing down your cheek,
“How could you be doing this to me?”
your question is answered with another flick of my wrist,
And the cool air races to touch your clit.
I push a finger in, nice and slow
I want you to remember every detail as you eventually drive home.
I kiss your neck, not as gentle as you like
But that’s just a small detail I know of your life.
Yet still you find yourself burning deep
A feeling that would normally have you week in the knee’s.
I press my finger into your wanting cunt.
I know you haven’t gotten laid in over three months.
Your slightly wet to my forceful touch
I hear you moan, but it can’t hurt that much.
The garage closes, all the lights are now off
Then I stand up and get out of the car.
I unfasten your hands and pull your free.
Just when you think its over, I push you to your knees.
I unzip my pants and my cock comes out
Forcefully I put it into your mouth.
I know how turned on you get when you suck cock.
That I will have to pull you off to get you to stop.
You start off slow, trying to fight the desire
But it burns deep, like a raging fire.
The first drip of cum is all you need.
And you start sucking my cock, and make me week in the knees.
I grab you by your hair and pick you up quick
“You think its over you stupid bitch?”
I pick you up by your naked waist
And toss you to your new place.
You land on the hood with a soft ouch,
But that just makes me slap your mouth.
I grab your ankles and slide you to the edge
This is just like what those assholes do to you in bed.
I push your legs back to the windshield
Your about to know what its like to be truly filled.
I take my cock and shove it in fast.
But not into your pussy, instead that hot ass.
It hurt you so much, having it put in so fast.
But now you know how I feel, this will be the last.
I fuck you hard, and violent as can be
You never would have expected this would come from me.
I can feel the cum building in my cock
And your pussy is going to swallow it, weather you want it to or not.
I pull it out and flip you over,
I grab your waist and pull you closer.
I can feel your cum running down your leg,
That alone has made my day.
I slam my cock in, as deep as it can go
My balls start slapping against your clit with an even flow
I squeeze your hips and pull them back,
You dig your nails across the hoods polished black.
I grab your hair and pull your head up
And ask you if you like the way I fuck.
I nod your head, since your too scared to reply.
And then you feel my cum rush deep inside.
It runs out of you and onto the car.
For a moment you forget where we are.
I dress quickly and start your car.
Your headlights shine on your naked skin
Cum is still dripping from deep with in.
Your make up is smeered, and tears still run
Next time you better say yes when I ask you to lunch.
I drive away and leave you there
The next day I act as if I don’t care.
But you say hi and try to be polite.
Hopefully that will never happen again in your life.
Please send comments to good or bad, they all matter. If its not too much to ask make the subject heading your story. Much appreciated.

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