The Zoo Keepers Part 2

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Realizing that Kelly was in big trouble, Don raced to the edge of the pool and waited for the dolphin to surface again. When it did he dove in and smacked the dolphin on the snout.

He was pleased that his high school biology class information had come in handy because, as he hoped, the dolphin issued a high-pitched squeal, let go of Kelly and dove back under the water. Don grabbed the sputtering Kelly and swam as hard as he could to the edge of the pool.  It was a struggle but he managed to get the nearly limp Kelly out of the water and onto her towel. Kelly, in between coughing and spitting out water, mumbled, “Who…who are you?”

“Never mind that. Let’s be sure you’re okay.”

“Did…did you see what I…what I…”

“Yes. Shhh. Catch your breath.”

Kelly, with fear written all over her face, turned her head toward Don. “Please don’t tell anyone…oh, God…please don’t…”

“Don’t worry. I won’t.”

Kelly pushed herself to a sitting position and stared at Don. “Why are you here? What…what…”

Don was almost mesmerized by the sight of the beautiful, naked Kelly sitting in front of him. Struggling to maintain his composure, he said, “My name is Don. I’m installing the new video monitoring system. It goes live tomorrow and, well, I wanted to warn you that you couldn’t continue to…you know.”

Kelly buried her head in her hands and began to sob. “Oh, no. How long have you watched…oh my God. You must think I’m a sick, perverted…”

“Those are judgements,” Don said. “I don’t judge. I am curious, though. Come on. Let’s go to the locker room. You can shower and I…I gotta get out of my wet clothes—most of them at least.”

Kelly grabbed Don’s extended hand and stood up. She grabbed her towel and clothing, hung on to Don for balance, and walked with him to the locker room. “You saved my life,” she said. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I…I owe you.”

“No. I only did what anyone would have done.”


“We’re here. I have to strip down to my underwear, I guess. You can shower off. I’ll wait for you and then we can talk.”

Kelly leaned against the lockers and watched Don strip out of his clothing.  When he was finally standing in front of her in only his boxers she said, “You’ve watched what I do. You know my…my routine. I haven’t finished yet. Perhaps you can help me.”

“You mean…”

Kelly turned her back to Don, raised her arms, placed her palms on the lockers and spread her legs a bit. “Yes. Finish me.”

Don eased up behind Kelly and slid four fingers of his left hand into her pussy. When he pulled it out it was slick with her juices and dolphin jism. He reached around her body with his right hand and began to massage her clit while at the same time easing two of his slippery fingers into her ass.  Her moans fueled his lust and, in an almost manic manner, he finger-fucked her as hard and as fast as he could.

Kelly almost screamed when she came. Wasting no time, she spun around, dropped to her knees, yanked Don’s boxers down and took his stiff prick deep into her mouth. She moved her head up and down furiously, letting his cock slam against the back of her throat. After only a minute or so Don groaned, arched his back and unleashed a torrent of cum straight into her belly.

Kelly licked him clean and slowly rose to her feet. “Let’s shower,” she said. “Then we can talk.”

“Not in my wet clothes,” Don said.  “If you’d come to my place and…”

“Sure,” Kelly said. “Give me your address. My GPS will find it.”


Don’s main concern while driving home was that he wouldn’t be stopped by the cops—he’d have a hard time explaining why he was clad only in a pair of wet boxers. Once inside his house he dumped all his clothing into the washing machine, showered again and changed into a pair of chinos and a button-down shirt. Hurrying to make sure he finished all his planned activities he made a quick phone call.

“Dude. Sorry to call so late. Yeah, it’s kind of important. I met this chick, a real animal lover, so I want to borrow…that’s right. I want her to think…okay. Thanks. I’ll pick him up Saturday morning and bring him back Sunday. Yeah. I hope she’s gonna spend the night. Thanks again.”

He finished the call and had just walked out of his bedroom when the doorbell rang. When he opened the door he was surprised to see Kelly wearing a very short sundress. “I thought I’d change,” she said. “I wanted to look nice.”

“You look beautiful,” Don said.

“Thank you,” Kelly said. “I brought a couple bottles of red wine with me. I’m going to need…reinforcement…to talk about my…um…predilection for animals.”

“Have a seat in the living room,” Don said. “I’ll open the wine—both bottles—and bring some glasses.” Don’s heart was pounding as he popped the corks out of the bottles. In her mini-sundress she was easily the most beautiful woman he had even known.

He carried the two bottles and two glasses into the living room, sat next to Kelly, filled her glass and his and smiled.

“I guess you want me to start,” she said.

“Whenever you’re ready.”

Kelly drained her glass of wine, poured another and took a deep breath. “It started when I was twelve,” she said.  “We had neighbors who both worked and who owned a German Shepherd. They didn’t want to keep him outside or cooped up all day inside so they paid me like twenty dollars a week to walk him when I got home from school. Well, he had this habit of pressing his nose right between my thighs when I walked into the house. At first I was embarrassed but then it started to feel good. One day—I can’t even say why—I decided to take off my clothes and sit on the couch. He came up to me and started licking me. It was amazing. I had my first orgasm ever.”

Kelly paused, drank some more wine and the continued. “I decided to take the next step. One day I got down on all fours and…well, he figured out what to do. What I didn’t know was that dogs have this knob or something at the end of their penises that become really big when they’re inside a vagina. I was stunned at how large it felt inside me and how wonderful it felt, particularly when he just kept on shooting jism inside me. I also didn’t know, though, that dogs stay inside the female for like fifteen or twenty minutes after they come. I was terrified that the owners would come home and find us but eventually he slipped out and trotted away. After that I decided to take the next step.”

Don, his hand shaking, finished his wine, filled Kelly’s glass and then his. “The next step?”

“Anal,” Kelly said. “I had to direct his penis, of course, but when that knob expanded in me I had mind-blowing orgasms. Anyway, I was able to have sex every school day for four years. When I was on my period I just let him lick me, of course.”

“Of course,” Don said.

“When the neighbors moved away, I was frantic,” Kelly said. “I begged my mother to let me have birth control so I could have sex with boys but the truth is that they were nothing compared to the dog. Any boy I fucked became possessive, you know? They wanted me exclusively but I was on the hunt for better sex. I’m not into exclusive relationships. They just create problems. Anyway, when I went to college I was able to live with my grandma. She had no clue what was going on around her so I was able to start a dog-sitting business. Most of the time I had to watch little dogs. They were useless but on occasion I got a big dog to have fun with.”

Kelly finished another glass of wine and leaned back, sighing as she did. “Do you think I’m…sick?”

“I don’t judge,” Don said. “In any event what you told me seems…pragmatic. Tell me—do you know any other women who share your, as you call it, predilection?”

“Oh, yeah,” Kelly said. “One was an older woman, around forty or so, whose husband couldn’t get it up. I don’t remember exactly how it happened but she wound up paying me fifty bucks to let one of the dogs I was watching fuck her. I would have let her do it for free ‘cuz she ate my pussy while she waited for the dog to take his dick out but fifty dollars was a lot of money to me back then. Then I have this cousin—oh Jesus—the things she did.”

“You gotta tell me,” Don said.

“Her family is rich,” Kelly said. “They raise horses for polo. We got drunk once and I told her about my…um…hobby and she laughed. She grabbed me by the hand and dragged me into the barn. Watch this, she said. She stroked a stallion until its cock was hard. Christ—it was enormous. Then she stripped off her clothing and sort of backed up until the horse cock was inside her. I mean it was barley inside her because it was so big. When the horse came his semen literally exploded out of her pussy. It gushed out of her pussy and poured down her thighs. I came just watching her.  She then asked me if I wanted to do it.”

“Did you?”

“Yes. The next night and a few times since. It felt like a firehose was going off inside me. God, it was good. Every blast of horse jism seemed to give me another orgasm. That’s when I learned my finishing act, courtesy of my cousin. I was literally drenched with horse jism when she told me to turn my back. She used her fingers on me and, well, you know the rest.”

“Do you still…go to your cousin’s?” Don asked.

“Uh uh. The family moved to Oregon.” Kelly put her glass down, stood up and shimmied out of her dress. “Like I said, you saved my life. So—do you wanna fuck me?”

Don slid Kelly’s dress back up her body and smiled. “Yes,” he said. “But not now. I’d like you to come back Saturday afternoon, around four or so.”

“B…but why not now? Why…”

Don put a finger over Kelly’s lips. “Will you do that for me?”

“Of…of course,” Kelly said. “But no one has ever said no to me and…”

“I’m not saying no,” Don said. “Trust me on that. Oh. Please wear that sundress again. You look great in it.”


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