The Zoo Keepers Part 1

“Do you think you’ll have the system ready by the weekend?”

Don Chambers studied Bernie, the small balding manager of the aquarium, carefully hiding his contempt for the man. I could have it ready tonight if I wanted to, but I’m gonna milk this as long as I can. “Sure, but only if I put in some extra hours.”

“Well, maybe you can work the next few nights.”

“Fine,” Don said. “But it’ll cost…”

“I know. I know. But the insurance company wants it so…”

“Consider it done.”

“Oh…and don’t let the employees find out, okay? I don’t want them to think we’re spying on them.”

“You got it,” Don said.


Don sat in a darkened control room around midnight, alternating between watching the most recent Star Wars movie and playing online poker. He was already in a good mood, having won about five hundred dollars, when he heard the security system ping. He glanced at the employee entrance monitor and saw the image of a beautiful green-eyed brunette pop up, under which the words Magnus, Kelly appeared.

“Well, Miss Magnus,” he mumbled. “What brings you to work after midnight?” He followed Kelly’s progress through the building as she moved from area to area and from monitor to monitor. Finally she reached the dolphin pool where she tossed a towel onto the ground and, with barely a shrug or two, she slipped out of her clothing.

“This is interesting,” Don said. He used a joystick to zoom in on Kelly while the joystick in his pants began to stiffen. His curiosity peaking, he put on a set of earphones to listen to Kelly as well as watch her.

Kelly got down and all fours and, not quite shouting, said, “Pedro. Pepe. Come here.”

A few seconds later two dolphins popped their heads out of the water and fishtailed across the pool in front of Kelly. “Hi, fellas,” she said. “Pedro. You first.”

She crawled to a ladder that extended down into the water and, with her back against it, took a few steps down. The dolphin she called Pedro raced up to her and  began fucking her while chattering dolphin squeals and clicks.

“Oh, God,” Kelly moaned. “Yes, Pedro. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”


Don watched the scene unfolding in front of his eyes in shocked silence. After zooming in on Kelly’s body, and after gazing upon her jiggling breasts, he loosened his pants, took out his cock and began stroking it. He stopped, though, when Pedro swam away and the other dolphin took his place. He was just too fascinated by what he saw and heard to even think about masturbating.

Kelly was arching her back to give the dolphin better access to her pussy. She was shouting, “Make it move. Make it fucking move. Oh, yeah. Yeah. That’s it.”

When the dolphin was done with Kelly it swam away as well. Pedro reappeared, apparently ready to go a second time, but Kelly shooed him away. “Once is enough,” she said.

She climbed out of the pool, flopped on her back, dipped her fingers into her pussy, coated them with a white, milky fluid and began to massage her clit. After a minute or so she rolled onto her stomach, got up on her knees, reached behind her back to jam two fingers into her ass and furiously used both of her hands until she practically screamed. Then, seemingly exhausted, she lay down, her back rising and falling as she gasped for air.

Don zoomed in even further, concentrating the camera on her pussy and ass. Seeing a white, viscous fluid oozing down her thighs he mumbled, “I guess dolphins have a lot of cum to give.”

He continued to stare at the monitor in front of him until Kelly stood up, grabbed her towel and clothing and headed toward the women’s locker room. “I’m glad I installed this secret camera in there,” Don said. He smiled as he watched Kelly soap her body and run her hands all over it. “I gotta meet you,” he said. “But how? I can’t let you know…but I have to. In three days the system goes live and you’ll be on tape. I have to think about this.”


The next night Don sat in front of the monitors, his legs jiggling with excitement. “Where are you? Where are you? Come on Kelly. Come on.”

He practically fell out of his chair when he heard the employee entrance monitor ping.  The moment he saw Kelly make her way to the dolphin tank he ran out of the control room and then, as quietly as possible, crept as close to the tank as he could.

When Don got to the pool Kelly was just about to lower her body into the water where the two male dolphins were chattering away. The moment her waist was below the surface one of the dolphins slammed into her, driving as hard as it could into her. Kelly hung onto the ladder with all her might as the dolphin repeatedly pushed up against her.

Don was transfixed by the sheer delight Kelly seemed to be experiencing. Her moans became louder and louder, her eyes squeezed together, her tongue ran over her lips and, in a loud scream, she shouted, “I’m coming.”

No sooner had the first dolphin left her the second arrived and began fucking her just as hard as the first. “Move it for me,” she cried. “Make your cock move inside of me.”

Don thought it unlikely that the dolphin actually understood Kelly but there was something different than the action she had with the first dolphin. Her breath came in short bursts and her exhalations filled the room—huff, huff, huff. When her orgasm seized her she didn’t say a word—she just moaned and trembled.

When the second dolphin swam away the first came back, but Kelly pushed it away, scrambled out of the pool and lay face down on her towel. Don craned his neck to watch the white dolphin jism ooze out of her, jism that she coated her hands with before she began to finger her pussy and ass.  She moaned again, falling face down and giggling.

When, after a few minutes, she stood up, Don tried to blend in with the shadows in the corridor. He studied Kelly as she passed by him, enthralled with how she carried herself. She stood straight, held her head high and, with her breasts flat against her chest and her nipples pointed skyward, strode purposely toward the locker room.

Don waited a bit before following her, focused on her hard, athletic ass.  When he heard the shower turn on, he snuck into the locker room and watched as Kelly soaped her body.  Seeing her up close with the dolphins, on her towel and now in the shower was vastly more exciting than watching her on camera. When Kelly turned off the water he crept out of the locker room and returned to the control room.

“I have to tell her tomorrow,” he said. “The last thing I want is for her to get caught.”


Bernie paced nervously up and down the control room. “Well?”

“I need tonight,” Don said. “It should be ready tomorrow. I’m pretty sure.”

“Okay, then. Good. Thanks. Let’s meet tomorrow evening.”

“Fine.” Damn. How am I gonna let Kelly know?

When Kelly entered the aquarium the next night, Don made up his mind. He would just walk up to her and tell her about the system—after she had fucked the dolphins and fingered herself. He wanted to watch that show one more time.

He arrived at the dolphin pool just as Kelly was lowering herself into the water. Her moans filled the darkened space as the first dolphin furiously fucked her and increased in intensity when the second dolphin moved in. Then, suddenly, she disappeared.


“What the fuck?” Don tried to comprehend what was happening until the dolphin, with Kelly wrapped in his dorsal fins, broke to the surface. Kelly screamed, gasping for air, before she and the dolphin disappeared again.


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