the punishment

…he finds that she is submissive enough and that binding her hands would just be an obstacle at this point. so he puts the blindfold over her eyes and she lays to anything that pleases him. first he kisses her mouth and moves down her n


I was sitting alone one warm summer evening painting my toenails and wishing I was having great sex. I live out in the country not far from a small park with walking trails. I decided to take a walk and smoke a joint. Starting off down the road I d

summer nights dream

It was the end of May and my sister in law and I decided to take a short
vacation to Florida where my parents own a rental property. As we stepped
off of the plane we could smell the salt in the air. The drive was tedious
to the condo and w

My first experience with role playing

I would like to tell you the story of my first encounter with role playing
One evening when I was about 17 I was over at my boyfriends house. He was
always very kinky in bed , liked for me to wear a lot of make up and dress
up for him. Well thi

Getting closer to nature

My story starts out when I was 19 I was with a man who was very uninhibited when it came to sex. I was willing to learn but was still very neive.
One night we were driving out in the country when I of course started rubbing his dick. Then I

The First Time With My Best Friend

One day I was sitting in the living room of my sisters
house and I thought to myself, why not have a party. My sister
and her family were on vacation and I was housesitting. So I
called up my best friend Sandy and we went right to it. We

In the Rain

It was a rather warm night in late June and I was sitting in my bedroom trying to decide what I was going to do later that evening. I was doing my nails as the phone rang, trying not to brush anything with my toes I stumbled to it just in time. It